Curse of the Developer achievement in Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Curse of the Developer

Reach Level 80 with ALL characters.

Curse of the Developer0
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How to unlock the Curse of the Developer achievement

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    Can either be a bitch or pretty simple this one. Easiest way to do this is to grab a friend, level 80 or higher and join his hard or extreme game. Either keep at long range and fire in arrows at the enemy or run in and out fast before you die, hitting as many as possible. Then just leave your friend to finsh them up and share the exp. :)

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    Piers R3dfi3ldCan anybody help me with this achievement? Please!
    Posted by Piers R3dfi3ld on 07 Sep 13 at 12:51
    DarkKnightKefkaIm gonna throw this out there i have fully modded characters on extreme. I can lvl characters at endgame in minutes.
    Posted by DarkKnightKefka on 23 Oct 18 at 09:44
    Andrew C TTVLong shot but if there is anyone willing to boost me through this that would be great. Please message me directly on xbox to my gamertag if you can help please. Thanks.
    Posted by Andrew C TTV on 06 Feb 21 at 19:25
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    If you are like me, then you are playing this game after it is rather old. I didn't have any friends to allow me to gain experience off their character, and when I made boosting sessions, no one responded. So I found an alternate way to mooch all of my characters up to level 80, and this will allow you to reach level 120 with one of your characters as well.

    What you need to do is beat the game twice with one of your characters to unlock extreme difficulty. Now when you load up the game, choose that character start a game on extreme. Once you have your game saved with that character on extreme difficulty, you can view the available multiplayer lobbies, and it will only show you the ones that are on extreme difficulty. At the time of me unlocking the achievement, there were almost always a few lobbies where people were playing through the game on extreme. Also most of the time, these people had modded weapons that allowed them to kill everything easily.

    So here is what you do. You join an available lobby with your character that has extreme difficulty unlocked, then leave. The people that were in that game will show up on your recent players list. If they are not appearing offline or away etc, then you can join their session in progress. When you do so, it will take you to the character selection screen. Now when you are here, you can choose one of your low leveled characters and bring them into the lobby. If the people don't mind (most didn't for me), then you can just hit the enemies once and allow the others to finish them off, and you will level up very quickly. You will have to start a new file with a character before you can use them in a multiplayer game, so don't try to join a session in progress then create a new character.

    Hope you find this helpful! Let me know if there is anything that could be improved upon.
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    olde fortran 77It's been a while, but this is how I did it. Joining a game online was not as easy or reliable as most online games, but this does work. I don't understand why anyone voted it down, unless perhaps they thought it was unfair in some way.
    You might pick up some good weapons, but you can't count on that. Also, because the online levels and statistics are so off the charts, I remember occasionally picking up sums of gold that overflowed my money counter. I had a negative amount of gold! Sure enough, you can't buy anything with a negative amount of gold so I had to go back online and find another enormous sum of gold to overflow it back to positive.
    Also, the game frame rate stutters a lot online, but it's not really a problem.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 02 Jan 13 at 14:37
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