Breaking The Law achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (WP)

Breaking The Law

Take down 100 Cops

Breaking The Law0
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How to unlock the Breaking The Law achievement

  • keungkeung1,085,658
    03 Feb 2012 03 Feb 2012 06 Feb 2012
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    I tried doing Red Light Runner with the Koeningsegg for this, and I usually took out about 4 cop cars each round, then I deliberately failed the mission, either by letting time run out or not reaching the points target. I counted 117 cop cars, but no achievement unlocked. This has led me to believe that you MUST finish races in order for them to count. If you can prove me otherwise, please let me know!

    I ended up using Escape Artist in the tier 1 with the Koeningsegg. I was able to take out 3 cars and escape with enough time left to hit 1 or 2 stars. What I found to work best is to brake alot when the cop car appears. He will always try to adjust to your speed, so if you brake, he'll immediately brake as well. Just brake down to 20-30mph, and keep hitting the brakes and releasing them at a steady rhythm until you're just behind the cop car.

    When you're close enough, release the brakes and accelerate up to the side of him, then slam into him. Brake again, so that you don't fully overtake him, then slam into him again. Repeat this process until you take him out. If you go too far, you can either brake and let him pass you or you could just put your car in reverse and go far enough to get behind him again. In some situations, if you're at a 90 degree angle in comparision to the cop car, you can just slam into him, reverse, slam into him, reverse, etc.

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    evilgenius76Just like to say thank you for this, otherwise I might have just been playing it for ages & ages!
    Posted by evilgenius76 on 01 Aug 14 at 10:54
    Ant695I don't think you have to finish the race for this to count because when it popped for me I didn't finish the race I got timed out.
    Posted by Ant695 on 24 Oct 14 at 20:48
    Rusty Nail zhI personally found Red Light Runner with the Bugatti the best to get this achievement. I aleays had +/- 1min and could take down 3 or 4 cops. To confirm, you HAVE to finish races as Keung said. All achievements only unlock on the race end screen.
    Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 03 Mar 18 at 15:52
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  • JujuJuju274,210
    09 Sep 2017 09 Sep 2017 09 Sep 2017
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    Strategy: So I found that the easiest way to get this is with the Koeningsegg on Red Light Runner. You start by taking out the first three cops. If you do it correctly, you should reach the sixth speedtrap around the same time you took down your third cop. When you reach it, or once you take down the third cop, turn around and race back as fast as you can. As soon as the fourth cop shows up, turn back again and go get him.
    If you do this, you'll safely take down four cars in a single race. If you're skillful and/or lucky, you may take down a fifth and even a sixth one. My personal record here was six, at least.
    Anyway, when you beat your fourth cop, you should still have time to safely reach the end of the race.

    Vehicular Combat: To take down cops, Just race up to their sides and slam them. Slamming cop cars on the back does very little damage, but the T-bone on the side is sort of a weak spot. Depending on speed, I could even one-hit k.o. the cops some times.

    Other tips:
    - When you brake, cops brake too (it feels like you're braking their cars, actually). However, since your car is faster than theirs, you can easily catch up by braking a little, then letting your car go a little more.
    - Don't forget that you still have to win the race for your takedowns to count. And to win, you must still pass some speed traps fast enough to score. That's why I suggest you go back after the third takedown instead of slowly crawling up to your opponents.
    -I can confirm that the achievement unlocks once you finish the race, not when you reach your 100th takedown. Screenshot and everything.
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