Leader Of The Pack achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (WP)

Leader Of The Pack

Get 3 Stars on all events in Tier 4

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How to unlock the Leader Of The Pack achievement

  • keungkeung1,204,578
    03 Feb 2012 03 Feb 2012 26 Apr 2012
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    I believe most people will have a hard time with Terminal Velocity and The Duel. The other races in this tier aren't too hard, while Terminal Velocity is hard, and The Duel is significantly harder than it's Cop counterpart.

    For Terminal Velocity I used the Bugatti Veyron, although it should be doable with the Koeningsegg as well. What you want to do here is, instead of racing normally, you want to build up ALOT of speed before going through check points. For the first checkpoint, once I gained control of the car, I immediately did a 180 and went the wrong way for a bit. Then, when I reached a water tower on the left, I did another 180 and went back. When you see the shack on the right hand side, wait until you pass the end of the fence and use nitro. You should be able to pass the first checkpoint with at least 350kph/215mph. I did the same thing for check point #4, as well. There should be enough room to do this trick once more in a race, but I only had to do it those two times.

    For The Duel I used the Koeningsegg, due to it's slightly better handling. Oh my, this is an annoying race. The key here is chaining all events, apart from anything that could slow you down such as drifting and nudging, to build overdrive as fast as possible. For example, at the start of the race there's usually 2 cars. One going in your direction, and one going the opposite direction. What I did was when nitro was available, I immediately used it. Because the "clean" event pops up around this time, I was immediately able to chain it up with nitro. If the two cars are present, I tried chaining 2 near misses at the same time. At that point I had a 4x combo going. The jammer wasn't too far off, so I was usually able to use it for a 5x combo. Overdrive should be just around the corner. Then I waited till the nitro bar was full, and at the first straight section, I used nitro, then overdrive, and when overdrive runs out, I had a tiny bit of nitro built up that I used immediately.

    It's a little hard to explain where to use nitro and overdrive, but the best case scenarios are at straight sections. You shouldn't use neither nitro nor overdrive in curved sections, because you'll lose too much speed.

    Also, don't worry too much about using oil slick. It's a nice bonus to be able to chain using oil slick, but usually you will not be able to hit the cop car, and trying to align yourself up with the cop car can be quite distracting. Jammer, on the other hand, is perfect to chain with, because it's almost impossible to miss with it. Even if you go at max speed, the cop car will always be faster.

    After developing this technique I was able to clock in at 1:20.37, the next time I tried I clocked in at 1:19.80. It requires much patience and practice, but if you keep yourself from crashing, while chaining and using full nitro->overdrive->nitro on sections that are as straight as possible, you should be able to get 3 stars eventually.

    If you need me to clear something up, do tell. Good luck!

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    Rusty Nail zhGreat tip on Terminal Velocity with backing up for the first checkpoint.
    Did "The Duel" with the Bugatti on my 5th try or so with about 1.2sec left.
    Posted by Rusty Nail zh On 03 Mar 18 at 10:24
    Bastian ReaderGreat guide for both missions.
    Posted by Bastian Reader On 22 Mar 20 at 03:38
    Q u 4 lK eGreat solution! Struggled with the Koenigsegg, and got a 2:16:51 with the Veyron in about 3 tries. Was pretty close to death, but a couple of the cop's rams from behind can actually help if your speed has tailed off a bit.
    Posted by Q u 4 lK e On 22 Apr 21 at 14:21
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  • RLB HypnoticRLB Hypnotic946,585
    31 May 2012 31 May 2012
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    I'm writing this guide as an alternative to keung360's excellent guide on how to beat "The Duel". I also used the Koenignsegg CCX.

    When the race starts I positioned myself in the middle right lane and did not use NITRO. I know that it is possible to use it here but I realized I was still going around the first curve at the same speed regardless. Try to chain the cars here if possible, but it is more important to draw the cop into the left hand lane by leaning to the left until he switches. During the second turn you should almost have relativeley full NITRO. Hit it and pass the cop with a small nudge or sometimes without even touching him at all. (depends on traffic locations) Hit JAMMER then OIL SLICK back to back and as soon as they are available. This pushes your chain gauge up and you should be close to using your first OVERDRIVE. Hit it immediately.

    This brings you to the first straightaway. You should still be at a high speed from the OD, so as soon as you are facing straight, hit the NITRO. This should push you well past 200 mph. After the S turn at the end, you should have enough NITRO to push forward again. This is the pattern I used for the entire course:

    NITRO every straightaway regardless of how much you have, and hit OD as soon as it is available. The real trick for me was the beginning. I just couldn't do it fast enough until I started saving my NITRO and then I started getting a lot of times in the 18's and 19's, and eventually a 20.09 without a perfect last push at the end. This achievement is very frustrating, but most importantly, just don't give up. Good luck everybody!
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    RLB HypnoticGreat! I hope the guide helped. I was super frustrated on this cheevo as well
    Posted by RLB Hypnotic On 14 Nov 12 at 22:21
    Kugareyour solution is perfect und it should be the top solution. thank you soo much!

    I can confirm: the begining is probably the most important part, because if you use your nitro too early you have trouble to pass the cop. If he slow you down you should restart the race. After saving my nitro i had more time to look for a gap and pass him without touching him.

    after many restarts you should know the track, the other car positons for near misses and how to earn a near miss without crashing. Near misses are helpful, but not worth a crash... only go for near misses if you make sure you don't crash. I had trouble to earn 2 near misses right at the begining as example, so most of time i only got 1 near miss, but that's no big deal.

    In my successfull run i passed the cop and the cop was most of the time behind me. My time: 02:18:64

    Another useful way to save a little bit time: If you see the shortcut to the left (don't take it) and continue driving to the waterfall (in the background), you must have around 50 seconds left to be able to beat the time... it was "my" checkpoint to see how good the run is... most of the time i reached the waterfall with 45seconds on my clock and i was always 4-6 seconds too short.
    Posted by Kugare On 30 Aug 14 at 06:55
    RLB HypnoticI'm glad that my guide helped and you have some good points. It's been a long time, but I believe that once I passed the cop at the first turn, I stayed in front from there on out, and I don't even remember the shortcut so I am sure I did not use it.
    Posted by RLB Hypnotic On 30 Aug 14 at 21:09
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