Slap Happy achievement in Gotham City Impostors

Slap Happy

Kill 50 enemy players using the panic-slap melee attack.

Slap Happy+1.4
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How to unlock the Slap Happy achievement

  • z 4assed monkeyz 4assed monkey330,190
    11 Feb 2012 10 Feb 2012 06 Jun 2016
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    This achievement is specific to the PSYCH WARFARE game mode.* It is cumulative across all gaming sessions.

    The enemy grabs the battery and carries it to their brainwashing machine, which is a speaker cluster. Once installed it takes the battery 30 seconds to charge the machine. After that, it begins broadcasting propaganda.

    THIS IS THE MOMENT YOU BECOME SLAP-HAPPY, and it lasts for only 25 seconds (or less) per broadcast. All members of the brainwashed team are entranced. Vision is vignetted by a disorienting swirly rainbow, a voice in your head demoralizes you, and your weapons disappear, leaving you only with your own comically flailing arms and legs.

    Chase down an enemy (they're all still armed) and pull cn_RT to melee attack – do it repeatedly to get those slaps in! If successful, after receiving the normal 100 XP for the kill you'll see an additional SLAP KILL bonus for 250 XP, and in the on-screen running kill tally you'll see the slap symbol:
    External image

    At the end of the match you can cn_right to see the score breakdown which shows how many slap kills you landed.

    To track some of your progress toward this achievement, choose Track Record > Feats of Prowess > Game Modes > Psych Warfare > Slap Happy. Unfortunately, the Game Modes category of feats (and all corresponding XP bonuses) cannot be accessed until you reach level 35, but the achievement is unlockable from day one.**

    As for strategy to maximize successful panic-slap kills, let me say this: It would be really cool if the brainwashing team would become passive during the broadcast, serving themselves up for easy panic-slap kills (which I've done because I know I'm not the only one who wants this achievement)... but I've found few players who are charitable about this. (Hint, hint, everyone!)

    Prepare a DEFENSIVE LOADOUT when entering Psych Warfare, focusing only on what will help you during brainwashing broadcasts. Equip Body Armor as your Support Item. The Fun Facts “Horse Healthy" and “Kinda Bulletproof” increase health and bullet resistance, respectively. Other Fun Facts offer DR to specifc types of weapons. And good alternates are "Fleet-Footed” in slot 1 for extra speed, and "Wooden Legs" in slot 2 to counter a team that's good with traps. Conversely, the following Fun Facts are completely useless during Slap-Happy Time and should be avoided: "Possum Player," "Quick Reflexes," "Mad Bomber," "Marksman," and "Cutthroat."

    Perhaps the most important aspect of your loadout is the RAMPAGE, which is earned via death streaks or kill streaks, and activated by using cn_right. The “Angry Hedgehog” (death streak) and “Tough as Nails” (kill streak) rampages award you 75% damage reduction for 15 seconds – invaluable if you time it properly during the trance while near enemies.

    Note that when you are killed during the trance there is no cn_X/cn_Y prompt for respawn – you instanly respawn elsewhere, so quickly get back to slappin'!

    Because the points system in Psych Warfare rewards the brainwashers, those who are focused intently on the achievement should PLAY TO LOSE. Let the enemy get the battery and bring it to their machine; do not interfere with its installation; get yourself killed five times along the way to earn the Angry Hedgehog rampage, then time its use well while entranced. Keep your eye on the minimap because throughout the broadcast, enemy positions are always revealed as red dots. And for the love of cheevos DO NOT (as the game suggests) use RT directly on the brainwashing machine to smash it! Shortening the broadcast might be good game strategy, but it's very bad for maximizing Slap-Happy Time!

    I was most productive on Crime Alley. Being the most compact map it is amazingly navigable with the Spring Boots. My best single session took place here when I was grossly outnumbered 6 to 1; normally I'd be cursing the poor matchmaking system or imbalance created by bailers, but for the purpose of this achievement I was loving it! I got 8 slaps in, and could've done much better had I not accidentally mistimed a rampage. While they were retrieving the battery and hooking it up I was getting myself killed to earn Angry Hedgehog. Then I'd approach enemies who took defensive positions near the machine – like the roof above (or the hole in the gift shop roof on Amusement Mile). I'd activate rampage, drop down then just go slap-happy crazy! Quite a satisfying achievement.

    Good luck!

    Sneaky G Wizard has confirmed that accepting the Promotion will erase your progress towards this achievement, so you want to do Slap Happy BEFORE going for

    Gotham City ImpostorsPrestigiousThe Prestigious achievement in Gotham City Impostors worth 165 pointsAccept your first Promotion.

    *The brainwashed trance state also occurs in the FUMIGATION game mode, but only at the very end upon defeat, and only for one second. It's such negligible Slap-Happy Time that it shouldn't even be considered when going for this achievement. It is possible to get one in that second, but when calculating available trance time where 'x' equals the number of broadcasts in Psych Warfare, 25x > 1.

    **Thanks to MajorAmok for his initial reporting on tracking the Slap Happy feat. If you reach level 35 prior to unlocking the achievement, the feat's progress will only reflect those panic-slap kills that have been scored since reaching level 35. Unless you scored your very first slap kill after reaching level 35, the count here does not reflect your total progress towards the 50.

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    CRO5573YThis achievement is messed up. I got mine on 40 when my xbox was off and I was asleep :-S woke up to see it unlocked. What the hell... Cool!
    Posted by CRO5573Y on 01 Aug 14 at 12:59
    spxyu02Great solution! Just popped it tonight.

    I also used Broon43's advice of going ninja smoke + body armor + mighty body. I tried to pick spots on every map where the offensive team would defend the speaker from, get there early and cloak, and then hopefully get at least 1 slap for free on an unsuspecting player.

    I'd also add that you have to be on equal footing and super close for the slaps to count. Once on Gotham Power I was trying to jump-slap a player who was on a box just above me, and even though he had his back turned and was on the edge nearest to me, no hits registered. On Amusement Mile I dropped through the window on the roof of the gift shop (per the solution, and where I eventually got my 50th slap) and actually landed on top of someone, and was bouncing on their head (we were behind a counter or something). Looking straight down, none of the slaps registered again. Sooo frustrating, so make sure you're even with your opponent.

    Finally, what's the deal with how much "stopping power" the winning team's guns have against you when you're dazed? Even as a mighty, regular machine guns would stop me in my tracks and push me back -- would the grounded perk help with this? Doubt it's better than kinda bulletproof. I still chose mighty over a more agile body type since I'm sure their speediness is mostly negated in the daze anyway, but man, it was hard to flank anyone unless you had them totally by surprise.

    tl;dr - Great solution, stay on equal footing, ninja for surprise slaps, stopping power sucks
    Posted by spxyu02 on 19 Aug 14 at 06:23
    SeoulcrusherI also found ninja smoke being helpful as a gadget along with the defensive loadout. I would often hide in a corner or up top on a building and stay hidden until the brainwashing began. Once it started I was usually able to ambush at least one player.
    Posted by Seoulcrusher on 29 Oct 14 at 03:41
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  • Z0mbieKittehx3Z0mbieKittehx3122,792
    23 Jun 2012 23 Jun 2012 27 Jun 2012
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    Not a solution but just a heads up. So i just got the achievement and i had 25 previous slaps in fumigation. Then i prestiged. i figured i could still get 25 more and boom achievement. WRONG! If you prestige and accept promotion you will need to restart from 0. I unlocked it today the second i hit 50 slaps.

    and also if you do 2 parties of 6 you can find each other and stay in the lobby and boost from there. i find it quicker to do 1 person gets all 50 at a time. may take about 3 hours for all 12 if all goes well.
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord619,262
    09 Apr 2015 12 Apr 2015 03 Apr 2019
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    There is a way in which you can boost this achievement on this game, but the organisation will be the tricky part.


    In order for you to boost this achievement you will need to have at least 12 people including yourself which can help you. This will prevent randoms from joining your lobby. It is advised you create or look for boosting sessions to help you. A match can be started with 6 people in total, but the risk of randoms joining the match will be slightly high.

    If you are the host for the session you will need to organise the parties in a way which suits you the best. I personally put the group in 2 different parties with 6 people each. At the same time you will need to find 2 people (or 1) that are willing to host an in-game party. It is suggested to have one of them in a different party than yourself.

    Once you have the 12 people arranged, the people who are hosting an in-game party need to press the cn_back in the Main Menu of the game and then press cn_A to Start a Private Party. They can then invite everyone in the party by pressing cn_LB or using the cn_guide guide and then going into the XBox Party. If all 6 people are connected to each other it means they can play along. If however someone cannot connect to your party, that player may need to restart the game, XBox or router or worst case scenario, swap teams.

    When everyone is in position and ready, the 2 party leaders need to communicate with each other and get ready to search for a Psych Warfare game. Since they are the host, they will take the remaining people with them wherever they go. Once they have searched and found each other, the 12 people should lock the lobby and prevent randoms from joining.

    Boosting Method

    When the match beings have everyone meet up at the Batteries Location. The teams need to decide who is going first and once decided, the team who is not going for the Slap Happy Kills needs to pick-up the battery and place it in the machine. There are 2 machines on each side of the map and each one can only be activated by one specific team. Everyone then needs to meet up at the machine which is getting activated. When the machine is activated the players on the opposite team will be weaponless and will only have Slappy Hands. You only have 25 seconds to claim kills and you need 50 for the achievement. When the time runs out, the battery takes around 45 seconds to re-appear. Now you need to swap team roles and get a player on the other team to pick-up the battery and put it in their machine, giving the other team a chance in becoming Slap Happy. Rinse and repeat by swapping rotations with the battery for everyone to have a chance in getting the achievement.

    Note: It is recommended one or two people are assigned with the task of picking up the battery and placing it in the machine to prevent confusion.

    Now a way in which we organised it to a point which made our boosting way easier is to get the leader of the party to pick one player in their group and take turns in getting Slap Kills. When the machine is activated and they go for the kills, if that player only does the slapping they can roughly get 5 - 7 Kills or possibly more. When their turn is complete and the other team does the same, the next person in the group can have a go in getting slap happy kills. By doing this method you will increase the chance in getting some people the achievement early and you or other players will have faster rotations in getting the achievement done as soon as possible.

    You roughly have 6 Minutes in a round and it's possible for 2 people on one team to get Slap Happy Kills and 1 player on the other team to get Slap Happy Kills. If you repeat this method in the 2nd round then you should end the game in a draw and put the match in a Sudden Death. This gives one of the teams an extra go rather than ending the match abruptly. A Sudden Death Match though only gives you 3 Minutes instead of 6.

    You cannot check your progress on this achievement until you reach a certain rank in the game (around Level 35). When you do unlock it though your Slap Happy Kills will not be registered. So an example could be that if you had around 20 Slap Happy Kills, unlocked the progress card and you claim 1 Slap Happy Kill, the card will say you've only got 1 Slap Happy Kill, whereas in reality you have 21 Slap Happy Kills. Do not worry about this though because any Slap Happy Kills you obtain in the game count towards this achievement, so you will guarantee to pop this one when the card says you have under 50 Slap Happy Kills.


    Sometimes when you start a new match or you play on a certain map, you or one of the other players on your team may get disconnected from the game, XBox Live or even automatically placed on the XBox Dashboard. If the player has been disconnected to the main menu then you can re-invite them by using the cn_guide. You'll have to do this quick though before randoms join. Having said that though, if you are not the host of the party the game will attempt to re-connect you with your team. This cannot be done if you are disconnected off XBox Live or on the Dashboard.
    If all else fails and a random player manages to join your match then the recommendation is to finish the match as quickly as possible and then get the host to return to the main menu. By doing this they will take all the players that are in the same team as them and then they can re-invite anyone into their game party that's missing.

    Note: If you are the host and you get disconnected from the match and returned to the main menu then your team will get disconnected and returned to the main menu as well. They will however remain in your in game party. If however you are disconnected from XBox Live or returned to the XBox Dashboard then your party will be removed from the match and will be returned to the main menu of the game, without being partnered up with anyone else.

    Tip: Unless you are going for the "Total Victory" achievement, I recommend you Veto and skip the Docks map. This can be done by pressing cn_X on the lobby menu. This is an extremely glitchy map and it's guaranteed a team or a player will suffer connection issues with the game.

    Good Luck!
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