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Accept your first Promotion.

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How to unlock the Prestigious achievement

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    *** Working method

    Play now> challenges> Ace chemicals> pick challenge> exit game (when countdown begins works just fine)> play now> team deathmatch> sign out then sign back in and press a to continue.

    This took about 95 seconds to earn a minimum of 10000-30000 XP depebding on rank in game the higher the rank the more gifted XP.

    ***apparently the below method has been patched I will leave it for reference.

    There is an XP glitch for this game.
    After completing a match in any game type it will show you the mvps after this you will get a loading screen and then it will place you into the lobby at this point simply goto the dashboard and return to the game to see your xp spike 10-20K

    It has been said that it doesnt work properly until you hit level 53

    ***Read this for the remainder of the achievement as xp isn't everything!

    The rest of the guide is just to help you with the other achievements

    Now with that being said work toward your winning on every map for every playlist/gamemode. This can be frustrating as you will end up with 4 out of 5 and in my case I won on each map until finally it decided to give it to me so that can be buggy but eventually it will give it to you.

    For the gadget achievement just equip the targeting goggles to your class you only need to kill 500 tagged enemies and tag 1000 enemies you should average near 50 tags a game and around 15 tagged kills if you are skilled at the game

    my loadout is always nimble. I also run with the shield... The guns that I used where the gatekeeper with the partisan... Extended mags when you do empty out a clip switch guns to finish your kill rather than reloading. Know where the supply points are they will save you if you encounter someone while you are at a supply point move out and in to gain health to give you the advantage. If you take any damage retreat to grab some health

    Now when you find the gun that suits you just go through the list completing the challenges for the different weapon attachments. ALWAYS aim for the head not only will you have to get 500 of these kills but it will almost always guarantee you getting more kills then deaths.

    Your 50 Nemesis kills
    these should come naturally as I got mine at level 60 I am now at 80 with 75 (I also MVP almost every game)

    Focus on playing psych warfare as in this game mode you need to obtain 50 panic slap kills which also requires you to be losing... These will be hard as when the enemy team plants the battery and the counter goes down you get demoralized and will not have any ranged attacks only the melee panic slap. The enemy team always has you on radar making it a real pain in the --- to get close enough to slap the enemy go for the smaller characters as it is more challenging to multiple slap the heavier ones. I also have been pairing up with people inviting the ones with mics to a party telling them they can win if they let me have the panic slaps.

    The 50 gold medals sounds intimidating but really its easy there is an excess of medals so you dont even need to do any of the challenging challenges. Just do all the easy ones for each map and then pick through the intermediate challenges that you want to complete to finish off this achievement.

    Now just force your way through to that 200GS Good Luck

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    Dr Martyspxyu02 solution above does not work for me. But the regular glitch does work.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 04 Dec 18 at 02:09
    FreshAspekSolution still working in 2019.
    Posted by FreshAspek on 08 Jun 19 at 03:52
    THEbigBROWNIEThe working method still works as of September 2021.
    Posted by THEbigBROWNIE on 09 Sep at 02:15
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  • NyariNyari119,395
    02 Mar 2012 08 Feb 2012 24 Apr 2015
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    In the Secret Identity menu there is an option called "Accept promotion".
    This will be locked when u start the game for the first time and will remain locked untill you reach lvl 100.
    At level 100 you can accept your promotion which will net you the achievement
    Once you've accepted you'll automatically become lvl 101 and the menu will be locked again.

    You can accept a promotion every 100 lvls up untill lvl 1001.
    For every promotion you'll get a different grade, and calling card background.
    Lvl 501 and lvl 1001 will also unlock a mascott.
    The amount of experience needed will also reset when accepting a promotion; for example getting from lvl 101 to 102 takes the same amount of XP as getting from lvl 1 to lvl 2 or as getting from lvl 701 tot lvl 702.

    After accepting your first promotion you will also be able to do the Legendary Feats of Prowess

    When you accept a promotion you will lose all your weapons, mods, funfacts, psych profiles, support items, and gadgets.
    You will only keep weapon skins, mascotts, calling cards and costumes.
    Therefore it's better to get the other achievements like "Gearhead" and "Weapons Specialist" before you get this one.

    Feats of Prowess (challenges) will also be reset when accepting a promotion, with the exception of the "Lifetime Feats".
    This means you don't have to get the Nemasaurus achievement before acepting a promotion as the counter will not be reset.
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    Rowdawg88I saw the note about Nemesis kills but wondered if accepting the promotion wipe your wins on the different maps/playlists?
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 19 May 14 at 21:50
    NeverUnluckyIt has not been answered. Does it reset the challenges?
    Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 04 Jul 14 at 12:19
    NyariAs mentioned in the solution it resets EVERYTHING, except calling cards, mascotts and costumes
    Posted by Nyari on 16 Jul 14 at 19:43
  • Z0mbieKittehx3Z0mbieKittehx3122,637
    16 Mar 2012 17 Mar 2012
    19 16 3
    I didn't do It this way but healing with codependant on ace chemical. if you can get a group of people to jump in the chemical vat near fumigation 1. You will get thousands of points quick. Use care package to keep everyone alive and just have them jump in and everyone heal each other. win win for everyone since health goes down like crazy. use mighties with horsehealthy and care package motivate loadout with codependant psyche.
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    Slam Shot SamHas this been patched, or am I just doing it wrong - every time I jump in I insta-die and have no chance to be healed. Playing the PC version, if that makes a difference.
    Posted by Slam Shot Sam on 07 Sep 12 at 23:12
    Z0mbieKittehx3I know nothing of pc :/ sorry.
    Posted by Z0mbieKittehx3 on 07 Sep 12 at 23:20
    K1RKaliciousFor anyone who is trying this, it has been patched. :(
    Posted by K1RKalicious on 16 May 13 at 05:18
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