Gearhead achievement in Gotham City Impostors


Complete all feats related to a particular gadget or support item.

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How to unlock the Gearhead achievement

  • Breadly WeaponBreadly Weapon506,228
    10 Feb 2012 10 Feb 2012
    33 2 4
    I think that the Motion Sensor Support Item is the easiest and quickest to complete, it's the one I just finished for the achievement. There are two feats, one for dispensing them, and the other for them detecting enemies. Dispensing is easy, after you throw one, wait for the box to fill then throw another. Throw one as soon as you spawn, then run somewhere else to throw another as soon as you can. I'd recommend playing Fumigation and tossing one at each of the points.

    You need to dispense a total of 500, and have detected 2500 enemies with them, then this achievement will be yours!

    If you're curious, you can tell which enemies you've detected by looking at your radar, normally enemies appear as small red dots, if they've been detected by your sensors they appear as larger red circles. If you really want to aim for this, any time you see some enemies detected by someone using the targeting goggles, go towards them and throw a sensor at them. Rather than get into a firefight right away, run to where your teammates are fighting, toss a sensor, then start shooting the baddies. It really just takes time to get this one, which makes it really pretty easy, and it's actually pretty useful in the objective gametypes, Fumigation and to a lesser extent Psych Warfare, less useful in TDM because the enemies can go wherever they please.

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    Broon43Thanks, I got this Cheev by using the motion sensor. Not only is it easy to max out by continuously dropping them each match, but you will rack up some serious bonus Xp.
    In about 5 hours, I maxed out using this item and moved up from level 30 to 52, approximately.
    Posted by Broon43 on 14 Jul 14 at 23:44
    KanchanaburiI did this with my turbo controller over night. Unlocked the sensor, although it didn't seem to start counting until i reached level 18 and unlocked the support tab. Anyways, turboed the RB and A buttons on team death match and went to sleep. My guy threw sensors for the night and woke up and I had the achievement.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 14 Aug 14 at 22:33
    ShadowShould also include that you must be level 18 before you can do the motion sensor feats
    Posted by Shadow#80380 on 30 Mar 16 at 04:35
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  • Z0mbieKittehx3Z0mbieKittehx3123,250
    09 Mar 2012 10 Mar 2012
    13 3 3
    Use the care package. very easy. get 250,000 healing points and dispense 500. i got this in one day of playing with this support item.
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    NeverUnluckyThis worked the best for me.
    Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 05 Jul 14 at 16:12
    SK DiabolicMotion Sensor went faster, I'm doing both for the XP and that 250k takes quite awhile compared to detected 2500.
    Posted by SK Diabolic on 18 Oct 14 at 14:06
  • greenmonster714greenmonster714164,734
    01 Mar 2012 17 Feb 2012
    11 1 0
    I don't have the achievement unlocked yet but I should have it real soon. It appears there are two other options in the Support Items that are easy to max out.

    Airspace Denier and the Care Package

    I have opted to do the Care Package just for the fact that when I deploy it it not only gives my team health but it also resupplies ammunition. As mentioned about objective games are the best place to use these items. I drop them at every objective so my team can get some health and ammo if they are being fired upon. The Care Package will aid the enemy as well if they get within its range but regardless. It still works well for your team and like the Motion Detector they all three only have two feats to complete before the achievo pops.
  • OzzieDeathOzzieDeath166,200
    07 Jul 2014 08 Jul 2014
    2 2 0
    I've read the other solutions and I used the motion tracker to get the achievement but afterwards when looking for more xp I found a better option. The toxic gas support item is basically you farting and it's great. In one day I got to level five on on both feats. Just used fumigation or psych warfare, fart at an objective and your golden.
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