Weapon Specialist achievement in Gotham City Impostors

Weapon Specialist

Complete all feats related to a particular loadout weapon.

Weapon Specialist0
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How to unlock the Weapon Specialist achievement

  • Z0mbieKittehx3Z0mbieKittehx3122,664
    12 Mar 2012 12 Mar 2012
    18 3 0
    if you can, have a friend motivate you as you use the falcon blade. and block as much as you can and when they reload kill them. your friend gets a high score from motivating you the whole match and you get a lot of xp from deflecting a lot of bullets.

    also i did mine with the jackhammer. but im going for gold with the falcon blade now and i am using this tactic and it is working very well.

    also add the masochist psyche pofile so you can max your xp!!

    if you dont want to use this method then just stick to one gun like i did. i unlocked my achievemet around level 70. well before reaching 100.
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  • SW4NK1NSW4NK1N36,852
    03 Mar 2012 05 Mar 2012
    10 3 2
    I got this achievement using the Shredder. Do all weapon mods first, then throw the reflex sight mod on and go for head shots. This is a very good weapon, 60 bullets and in my opinion has the best accuracy as far as automatic weapons go. If you get caught in a hallway with enemies lining up, done deal.

    With that said, I almost finished the headshot pro feat before the kills feat.

    The Bear-Stalker is also a good choice as posted before, I just didn't care for holding down the trigger to charge the arrows.
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    Crimson DrifterShredder is indeed a good weapon, headshots are easy with Reflex Sight. Only place I sort of had issues was killing armored opponents with the Pentration Ammo. Seems like every match I played only 1 person would have armor, so it took me a little while to knock that Mod out.
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 22 Apr 14 at 20:39
    QuarantaneI got this with the huntsman. 1,216 kills total roughly 41% headshot kills
    Posted by Quarantane on 05 Aug 14 at 03:17
  • DarkSpinDarkSpin125,830
    11 Feb 2012 11 Feb 2012 26 Jun 2013
    11 6 24
    To get this achievement, you have to do all the feats for 1 loadout weapon. To see these for each weapon, you check Track Record, then Feats of Prowess, and then Weapons.

    Whichever weapon you choose to do, then you are going to have to get 1000 kills and 500 head shots with it, so choose one you want to use for a while. The exceptions are the Motivator, the Deep Freezer, the shotguns, or the explosives weapons,

    Most weapons feats are related to their weapon mods (getting kills with extended mags, killing armored enemies with Penetrator Ammo, ect.). Whatever weapon you choose to complete all feats with, you have to unlock all the weapon mods for that weapon.

    I got this achievement with the Bear-Stalker bow since it only has one weapon mod for a feat, but if you don't like that weapon, another easy options would be one of the shotguns because they do not have head shot feats, but instead have close range kill feats. The Deep Freezer freeze gun doesn't have a head shot feat either, but you will have to knife a ton of frozen enemies, so I wouldn't recommend it. The Motivator is another easy choice, but I would only recommend it if you really like being the medic, cause you will be healing for a while before you finish all it's feats. I also do not recommend using any explosives weapon for this achievement, cause good luck getting hundreds of multi-kills with them.

    Also, knife kills do not count towards this achievement.
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    PointySpredFalcon Blade easiest and most fun to do! Lots of hate mail though.
    Posted by PointySpred on 17 Jul 14 at 23:33
    QuarantaneI did this with the huntsman, 1,216 kills to finish everything
    Posted by Quarantane on 03 Aug 14 at 23:00
    VVurxI got this using the Falcon Blade, once you have all the kill feats unlocked (which is fairly easy and very fun imo) use a burly body type with body armor and roller skates and falcon blade and just lurk at the health stations while constantly blocking incoming fire, also make sure to slice up or run away from anybody using rocket launchers! Bit of a grind with you having to play somewhere around 20 to 25 matches but I believe this is the fastest way to get this.
    Posted by VVurx on 23 Sep 14 at 00:34
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