Shower of Gold achievement in Gotham City Impostors

Shower of Gold

Earn 50 gold medals in Challenge mode.

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How to unlock the Shower of Gold achievement

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    Challenge mode is (essentially) the single player version of Gotham City Imposters. In challenge mode, you are required to use five of the many gadgets found in the games multiplayer mode to travel between various way points, while taking out a few targets with well aimed shots along the way.

    There are a total of 90 challenges in the game (originally 75, but the free DLC has added an additional set), 15 for each of the game's multiplayer levels. Of these 15, 5 of which are devoted to each of the game's three difficulty levels. In order to earn the "Shower of Gold" achievement, you must complete 50 of these challenges (which can by done by completing only a majority of the basic and intermediate challenges).

    ~ Basic ~
    These are the easiest and shortest of the challenges. Using the piece of equipment provided, you must progress through a series of three way points as fast as you can. Because there are only three points to travel to, there is very little room for error. Try not to become frustrated and take it easy to make sure you condition yourself until the gold medal is yours.

    ~ Intermediate ~
    Greatly picking up in difficulty, the intermediate difficulty sees the addition of targets you must shoot along the path of normal way points. These challenges will take a significantly longer amount of time to complete as there are three sets of targets and way points that you must proceed through. From this point onward, the paths aren't completely obvious so it is recommended that you spend a bit of time learning the best possible route. I've added videos to the bottom of this solution to show the routes that I created while going for this achievement. Refer to those if you are having trouble.

    ~ Expert ~
    These are toughies. Averaging around a one minute challenge for each one, expert mainly has you shooting targets, with a few way points thrown in for good measure. There are five waves of targets and way points, and they are commonly spread out to the point where learning a route is absolutely necessary. While these aren't needed for the achievement, they can be substituted in the event that you are having lots of trouble with one of the easier leveled challenges. One extra note to add is that there is a bonus target located somewhere on the map (they can change to up to three different spots during the run through). Shooting these targets stops the clock for five seconds, giving you plenty of time in the event that you make a mistake. Working these into your route can guarantee you a gold. While I have not provided runs of these challenge in my videos, I would be more than happy to film a few for players still having trouble with this achievement.

    That's about all there is to it. Just remember to be patient and give yourself a few hours to complete the whole range of these. I've fallen in love with these challenge to the point where I am going for the number one spot on the leaderboards. Just stay patient and use the routes that I've created in the videos below. If the videos aren't doing it for you, please feel free to comment on the solution, or message me on this site or on X-Box Live. I'll do the best I can to get you your achievement.

    As of right now, I am ranked ~10 on the leaderboard, so the methods you see in the following videos are the routes that I used to get me where I am. I hope these can be of use. If not, please get in touch with me, and I will see if I can assist you further.

    Here is my list of challenge times for those looking to compare with mine. Please message me if you have a better time, so I can continue to shoot for the first place spot!

    |---| Ace Chemical Times |---|

    Basic Grapple - 00:07.08
    Basic Glider - 00:11.87
    Basic Skate - 00:11.39
    Basic Spring - 00:11.58
    Basic Insoles - 00:12.50

    Intermediate Grapple - 00:17.90
    Intermediate Glider - 00:24.60
    Intermediate Skate - 00:30.89
    Intermediate Spring - 00:26.60
    Intermediate Insoles - 00:26.55

    Expert Grapple - 00:41.14
    Expert Glider - 00:49.08
    Expert Skate - 00:47.94
    Expert Spring - 00:30.81
    Expert Insoles - 00:33.34

    |---| The Docks Times |---|

    Basic Grapple - 00:06.91
    Basic Glider - 00:10.11
    Basic Skate - 00:09.21
    Basic Spring - 00:06.65
    Basic Insoles - 00:09.41

    Intermediate Grapple - 00:27.62
    Intermediate Glider - 00:28.60
    Intermediate Skate - 00:19.67
    Intermediate Spring - 00:26.93
    Intermediate Insoles - 00:27.65

    Expert Grapple - 00:39.93
    Expert Glider - 00:50.17
    Expert Skate - 00:33.13
    Expert Spring - 00:45.32
    Expert Insoles - 00:40.46

    |---| 25th Floor Times |---|

    Basic Grapple - 00:08.01
    Basic Glider - 00:10.99
    Basic Skate - 00:07.51
    Basic Spring - 00:05.68
    Basic Insoles - 00:10.18

    Intermediate Grapple - 00:19.64
    Intermediate Glider - 00:24.25
    Intermediate Skate - 00.22.51
    Intermediate Spring - 00.21.81
    Intermediate Insoles - 00:25.64

    Expert Grapple - 00:32.67
    Expert Glider - 99:99.99
    Expert Skate - 99:99.99
    Expert Spring - 99:99.99
    Expert Insoles - 99:99.99

    |---| Crime Alley Times |---|

    Basic Grapple - 00:06.50
    Basic Glider - 00:12.48
    Basic Skate - 00:19.31
    Basic Spring - 00:08.77
    Basic Insoles - 00:15.64

    Intermediate Grapple - 00:30.31
    Intermediate Glider - 00:32.61
    Intermediate Skate - 00:29.85
    Intermediate Spring - 00:27.01
    Intermediate Insoles - 00:29.53

    Expert Grapple - 00:53.30
    Expert Glider - 00:57.75
    Expert Skate - 00:41.86
    Expert Spring - 00:38.70
    Expert Insoles - 00:56.87

    |---| Amusement Mile Times |---|

    Basic Grapple - 00:07.25
    Basic Glider - 00:12.35
    Basic Skate - 00:11.42
    Basic Spring - 00:07.34
    Basic Insoles - 00:12.05

    Intermediate Grapple - 00:25.93
    Intermediate Glider - 00:26.61
    Intermediate Skate - 00:33.73
    Intermediate Spring - 00:29.57
    Intermediate Insoles - 00:31.89

    Expert Grapple - 00:37.72
    Expert Glider - 00:46.57
    Expert Skate - 00:49.64
    Expert Spring - 00:41.15
    Expert Insoles - 00:41.69

    |---| Gotham Power Times |---|

    Basic Grapple - 00:09.20
    Basic Glider - 00:09.36
    Basic Skate - 00:12.43
    Basic Spring - 00:07.61
    Basic Insoles - 00:13.60

    Intermediate Grapple - 00:24.82
    Intermediate Glider - 00:28.48
    Intermediate Skate - 00:25.90
    Intermediate Spring - 00:24.38
    Intermediate Insoles - 00:24.01

    Expert Grapple - 00:46.57
    Expert Glider - 00:43.15
    Expert Skate - 00:31.73
    Expert Spring - 00:39.32
    Expert Insoles - 00:41.39

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    Kuraimaru13Nice guide here, helped me quite a bit, Nowhere near as hard as i thought it was going to be. Thumbs up from me.
    Posted by Kuraimaru13 on 16 Jul 14 at 18:47
    irobotbubblePerfect guide
    Posted by irobotbubble on 18 Aug 14 at 18:35
    soccer4cmocouldnt have done it without the vids
    Posted by soccer4cmo on 20 Aug 14 at 00:50
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  • SpikedPitSpikedPit39,939
    07 Sep 2014 07 Sep 2014
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    Just adding to the previous solution here.
    On all the 8 maps there are 41 basic challenges to do. These are by far the easiest types of challenge and none should cause you too much trouble. Once you finish these you should move onto the intermediates.

    Personally I completed all of the glider intermediate challenges first as I found them to be by far the easiest. They may take quite a few tries to complete but are nothing too tricky. Once again, there are 8 of these, so the 8 plus the 41 basics takes your total to 49.

    For the last challenge it is all really down to personal choice, but I would recommend doing the rollerskate challenge on the docks as i found it pretty simple.

    That takes your total to 50 and achievement unlocked. I easily did this within an evening and I was pretty bad as well.
    If you leave a negative vote, please say why, this is my first guide so some constructive criticism would be handy.
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