Nemesaurus achievement in Gotham City Impostors


Become a Nemesis 50 times.

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How to unlock the Nemesaurus achievement

  • DJ 0311DJ 0311266,605
    19 Feb 2012 21 Feb 2012 30 Jul 2014
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    The description for this Achievement is pretty straight forward become a nemesis 50 times. To become a nemesis you have to kill another player 5 times in a match without them killing you. You can track your progress in the menus under Track Record>Feats of Prowess>Lifetime>Nemesis Awards Earned.

    Here is a strategy if you are having trouble.
    Make one of your custom load-outs with the following

    Body Type - Mighty
    Weapon - Jackhammer/Either Shotgun
    Mod - Penetrator ammo (Helps with other Mightys wearing armor)
    Secondary - Gatekeeper
    Mod - Either sight (in-case you get into a gun fight at a distance gives you a ranged accurate weapon)
    Gadget - Glider
    Support - Armor
    Fun Fact 1 - Horse Healthy (adds health)
    Fun Fact 2 - Kinda Bulletproof (decreases bullet damage)

    Now as this character use the air vents to fly around the map and use dive-bomb by holding the right trigger while flying. You have a good chance of killing your opponent with the dive-bomb but if you don't you have either a huge machine gun or shotgun to finish them off. Knifing your opponent will also work most of the time.
    *With this strategy watch out for airspace deniers (for obvious reasons) and players wielding hatchets (one shot kill on anyone no matter perks, armor, or body type) being so big you are an easy target for this.

    Another strategy a friend of mine Sawman and I have been using recently is to take turns being a medic for the other. Using the same load-out above but your friend has a motivator and the care-package. On a map like amusement mile go to one of the choke-points, have your friend throw down a care-package and then use the motivator while you and the rest of your team mop up. If you can choose a choke-point next to a heal point already on the map you are practically indestructible.

    *sirbradenwalker had a great idea, having a friend use the targeting goggles the entire match. That way you would be able to find the same character over and over and pick on them. sirbradenwalker managed to get 3 nemesis awards in the first match he tried it. Thanks for the suggestion! If anyone else has good strategies please let me know and I will add them to the solution.

    *PointySpred gave the load-out below which includes some DLC weapons that didn't exist when i wrote the initial solution.
    I found a slightly different load-out that worked a lot better for me, plus I was able to do the weapon challenges with this strategy.
    Body type: Burly
    Weapon: Falcon blade
    Secondary: Gatekeeper
    Mod: Penetrator ammo
    Gadget: Roller skates
    Support: Armor
    Fun Fact 1: Horse healthy
    Fun Fact 2: Kinda bulletproof
    Rampage: Eagle eye

    With my " Burly Ninja" ( I used all my coins to get the ninja and samurai costumes completed). LT is your best friend. You can take a full clip easily while blocking and when they reload you move in for the kill, its too easy. Hilarious to do circles around a health station and watch someone run completely out of ammo then try to run away. When you see everyone at a choke point, immediately take the long way around and flank, use falcon to mop up everyone not watching their six! You don't show on radar. Running around with your blade I'd say about 60% of the time a teammate would start to follow with a motivator, making you unstoppable. Doing this will get the falcon challenges done too. Make each swipe count, don't run in slashing away, keep moving, use the skate ramps for quick escape, learn the maps and choke points. Plus its bad ass when you unlock the gold paint for your blade.

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    P33MannI think you do but i would like confirmation.
    Posted by P33Mann on 21 Jul 14 at 08:17
    DJ 0311To be honest with you I do not remember but that sounds right. Can anyone confirm?
    Posted by DJ 0311 on 21 Jul 14 at 12:17
    QuarantaneTook me about 25 hours play time on this. Wasn't very good till level 30 our so, k/d was like 0.6, now I'm at 1.4 almost. I like to use the motion tracker and glider rig. Burly character with huntsman reflex sight. I get 'most kills with headshots' or 'most headshots, regardless of whether our not it resulted in a kill' and place to 3 about 80% of the time I'd say
    Posted by Quarantane on 29 Jul 14 at 02:53
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  • Macfly77422Macfly77422231,500
    15 Feb 2012 13 Feb 2012 16 Feb 2012
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    You become someone's nemesis when you kill him 5 times in a match without him killing you.
    As a nemesis, you'll earn 100 extra points each time you kill this opponent ( it lasts until he kills you or become someone's else Nemesis).

    You can keep track of your progress in Track Record > Feats of Prowess > Lifetime > Nemesis Awards Earned.
    You need to reach level 4 in that category to get the achievement.

    Edit : Thanks z 4assed monkey for the english version of the path to track progress.
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    Posted by sirbradenwalker on 14 Feb 12 at 23:59
    Macfly77422I'm now 100% sure it's 5 kills. Everybody else left at the start of a game so it was only me against another guy and i had the nemesis bonus after 5 straight kills. I was 5/0.
    Posted by Macfly77422 on 15 Feb 12 at 14:29
    Macfly77422Exactly Gacys Clown
    Posted by Macfly77422 on 01 Mar 13 at 07:42
  • Lumberjay85Lumberjay85191,470
    19 Aug 2014 19 Aug 2014
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    One of the above solutions mentions having a friend use the targeting goggles. I found this much easier using the goggles myself. The goggles allow you to locate anyone on the map. If you are the one using them, you can track your targets movement without actually tagging them. This is beneficial in some cases as it makes it harder for the rest of your team to kill your target before you get to him or her. When you've chosen your victim, try and ignore everyone else and head straight for your target. Since you can track his or her movement, try your best to come from behind whenever possible. Once you get the hang of it, you can start choosing two targets per round.

    When choosing a target, look for players with stand-out features that are easy to track. Possible features include:

    Body type (example: If there is only one mighty)

    Gender (Since there are more male than female characters, there's a good chance there will be only one or two females.)

    Mascots (Keep in mind that mascots usually signify a skilled player)

    Unique Cowell/Hair (Example: The Mohawk Joker hairstyle is easy to track)

    Unique Cape (Players with large capes sometimes stand out)

    Weapon (It is easy to distinguish players using a sword or bow as a primary weapon)

    ALWAYS WATCH FOR IDLE PLAYERS. Players who are inactive are easy kills and since you have the goggles, you should be able to hunt them down before the rest of your team finds him. Keep in mind that these players will time out, so you have to be quick. Using the tracking method I was generally able to get at least one nemesis on most rounds. Occasionally I got two and sometimes none at all. If you don't see anyone that round with stand-out features, go for any player with the default set-up (tough with no customizations). This is sometimes a good indication of an unskilled player. If there is just not enough character diversity, you're going to have to just play it through and try again next round. I played on Team Deathmatch as it lasts longer then any other mode.
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