Top Of The Pile achievement in Conflict: Denied Ops

Top Of The Pile

Finish first in a Deathmatch Ranked Match with 16 players.

Top Of The Pile0
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How to unlock the Top Of The Pile achievement

  • MissFuchsiaFireMissFuchsiaFireThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    10 Dec 2010 12 Dec 2010
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    The descriptions already tells you everything that you need to know, but it should be noted that the hardest part about this achievement is simply getting 16 players together at one time. It is very unlikely that you will even find a single player online at any given time, so this will need to be boosted.

    If you can manage to get 16 players together just make sure you choose a Ranked match and Deathmatch. If you host it you can set the kill limit to 5 so the game will go by very quickly. The achievement will only unlock for the person who comes in first at the end of the game.

    Important: Due to issues with the server you will want to make sure that only the person who is winning moves during the match, otherwise there could be a terrible lag that causes the game to crash.

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    beets101Great solution be sure not to move as i can cause TIME OUT which will not give you achievement.
    Posted by beets101 on 30 Jun 12 at 21:11
    troyoyUsually you will need a few extra people as a few probably wont be able to connect no matter what they do. Especially if they are from other countries or you are trying to get the JP or DE version of this cheeve. If you need one more person for any of the 3 versions I will try to help if possible. I still have all 3 versions and all 3 diff 360`s hooked up.
    Posted by troyoy on 02 Apr 20 at 21:29
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  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord650,598
    30 Aug 2013 17 Dec 2013 02 Apr 2019
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    By far, this is the hardest online achievement to do in the game.

    To successfully get this achievement, you must have 16 players in the game, and you must win the match to get the achievement. Because not many people own this game in particular, your only chance in getting this achievement is by boosting it. You will likely need to create or search for a session to help you out.

    Setting Up The Session

    This game is very un-popular and not many people on TA even own it, so if you are going to create a session for this game, you'll want to give it enough notification. Create the session at least 2 - 3 weeks before the offical date when you want to start it. The reason is because you will give any players who want to join enough time, in case they need to take time off work, or pick-up another copy of the game (this is common). There is no guarantee though that the session will go ahead though, because you may not get 16 players/bodies total within the session.

    Dummy Account

    If you've got a 2nd XBox with some Gold, I strongly recommend you get another copy of the game to help you get this achievement. It will save you a player, some time and effort. When I did the session, a handful of us brought in dummies, and we just barely made the limit.

    Installing The Game To Your Hard-Drive

    If your copy of the game is a disc, then it's highly recommended before the session date that you install the game to your hard-drive. The game takes 4.8GB which is around 10 - 15 minutes to install. Some people have discovered that the online connections for this game might be affected by some people not having the game installed on the hard-drive.

    Setting Up The Game

    So you've got 16 players and your ready to go. First of all congrats! Thats one challenging step done with for now. You'll need to have at least 2 XBox Live Parties with 8 players on each side (this should make your 16). Choose a player who will host the other party, and keep on chatting with him/her via Chat Invites to ensure you have 8 players in each party.

    Boosting Method

    Alright, now for the fun part. Get one of you who has the strongest connection to create a Ranked Deathmatch. Once the match has created, everyone goes and searches for the match.
    Whoever is the host of the lobby needs to change the settings and must make sure the kill limit is only 5, because the game traditionally wants you to get 30 kills as default. To change the settings, the host will have an extra feature saying "Change Settings" which can be accessed by pressing the cn_A button.
    The best map to choose to boost on is Whaling Station (Small), since it's the easiest map to get around on.

    Now once all 16 players have filled the lobby, then "everyone" has to change their status to Ready (including Dummies). This will allow the host to start the game. To change your status to ready, press the cn_start Button. There must be 16 players in the lobby otherwise no one can get the achievement.


    Now here is the part where your session could become a time-waster. If a player in the lobby has a weak connection or is having connection issues with other players, they will be unable to join the match, and they will get kicked to the main menu. This means that you would have one less player in your match. The achievement will not unlock unless all 16 players have successfully got into the game. Put it simply. If you haven't got 16 players in the match, your not getting the achievement. And it would be best to Quit The Match and re-host another one, or get someone to finish the match as quickly as possible. Be-aware that if you are killing players when there are less than 16, you may unlock other online achievements.

    If you are the player who is having trouble getting into the match with the other players, you may need to reset your router, return to the dashboard, and re-boot the game, restart your console, or turn off some items in the household.

    Additionally if you are the player who is having trouble connecting to the rest of the players in the lobby, it will not be a one-off as it will always happen, unless you do something about your connections, router or console. Also if you were the one getting kicked, and you decide to host a game and get all 16 players in the lobby, chances are that when the match starts, everyone will be kicked, and if that's the case, then you'll always be kicked from everyones created games.

    Overall the best recommendation is finding the best host among the 16 players. The best person to host would be if they have a very good connection, and are not controlling an extra dummy account. Dummies will reduce the connection by the smallest amount.

    Now if the game is forgiving, and you manage to get your match with all 16 players, then you'll need to take turns in winning the match. Only get 1 of you to run around and get all of the kills. If everyone starts running around like Hyena's, then the game could lag around and disconnect everyone. Once the player who is going for the achievement wins the match, the achievement should unlock at the summary screen. Get the same host to set up the lobby and rinse and repeat for the remaining players in the session.

    Note: On some occasions, when the match is complete the game may have a freeze moment and the player who is going for the achievement may not get it. If this happens, simply re-host another match and repeat the same method for that person to try again.


    1. Create or join a session way in advance. At least 2 - 3 weeks earlier for a chance to get enough players.

    2. Pick-up a 2nd copy or more, if you have dummy accounts.

    3. Ensure you have a strong internet connection, and reset the router ready for the session.

    4. Install the game to the hard-drive if you've got room. Takes 4.8GB

    5. Have 2 parties of 8 players = 16 for the session.

    6. Make sure the host has changed the settings for the smallest amount of kills, and pick the smallest map (Whaling Station).

    7. Make sure everyone Ready's Up in the lobby for the match to start when 16 players arrive. Ensure it's a Deathmatch.

    8. Check to see if 16 players are in the game. Press and hold the back button to see if 16 are in the results.

    9. Decide who wins the match and let them get the kills.

    10. Get the same host to set up the lobby, rinse and repeat until everyone gets the achievement.

    Finally, Good Luck in getting this achievement! It is a tough one, but hopefully my advice will give you some ideas of what you'll witness.
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    irobotbubblePerfect solution my friend toast cheers with cider
    Posted by irobotbubble on 04 Mar 14 at 19:06
    Chimera Tail 88+1 Just for the mention of installing. 16 players and we all had problems connecting. Installed the game and tah dah! No issues.
    Posted by Chimera Tail 88 on 24 Feb 15 at 01:24
    20 Apr 2013 23 May 2013 23 May 2013
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    This one is a bitch,first you need everybody too re-boot their routers and modems for at least 30 seconds it won't work with a quick on off before you boost 16 player session i hope this helps.
    i got first hand experience with co-op plus the 16 player.
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    troyoyUsually you will need a few extra people as a few probably wont be able to connect no matter what.
    Posted by troyoy on 02 Apr 20 at 21:27
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