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Did It for the Dowry

Start the Princess multiball on Epic Quest by hitting the locker wheel 3 times! (Single player only)

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  • DefEdgeDefEdge673,143
    16 Feb 2012 17 Feb 2012 21 Feb 2012
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    Ok, this is considered the easiest of the achievements in this table. Your main goal is to, of course, start the princess multiball. There are a few ways to go about this, all result in the same thing.

    First off, the idea is to fight and defeat a monster. There are 12 monsters not including the boss for getting all 12 fought. These monsters are found in 3 locations: the forest, the mill, and the cave. I will go through each method separately.

    For the forest, you need to hit the bumpers about 15 times, then drop it into the spinning catch hole. This isn't very hard to do, and the spinning catch hole tracks the ball down. To the right of the mill ramp, you'll see the flashing Forest ramp that takes the ball into the forest. Once you have hit 15 times and gotten into the hole, you will pick a target. You have 4 choices, or you can skip. You can also replay any targets you have beaten already, and it will tell you what you've fought.

    For the Mill, it's a bit more complicated and you don't get a whole lot of selection time. First, you need to go up the middle where the water wheel is. When you catch the ball onto it, it will take the ball up to a flipper. Time your hit with the flipper (left trigger controls this one) to send it to the right on a rail into the Mill. Here you have 4 holes that are controlled by side kickers. Pick your target and it will fall into the hole, selecting your choice maybe. Sometimes it won't hit that hole, but it is pretty controllable. If you miss you will exit the mill and skip, so you have a choice here.

    Last, you have the cave that is on the far right under the mill. You need to get into this cave 2-3 times to be able to pick a target like in the forest. This is probably the hardest one to get into, but it is needed to get the 12 monsters beaten. This hole also helps you get loot in case you can't get into the rotating catch hole near the forest.

    Once you have selected your opponent, you go into fight mode. You want to run your opponent's life gauge out before he runs yours out. On the digital display you have a timer as well as your health and damage with weapon, and your opponent's health and damage with weapon. To attack, you either need to send it up the sword ramp on the right, or the blue smash target on the left. You can also send it into the forest bumpers to get more time before your foe attacks, or send it to the far right and far left orbits to dodge. You can also send it up the shield ramp and then the sword ramp afterward to do a counter attack. Once you run your foe out of health, you get 2 things that you can collect other than the xp. You get access to the Loot holes which will let you select from your current item and the new item, these come in various colors. You also have access to the princess roulette wheel. This is what is needed for princess multiball.

    To get into the roulette wheel, you must send the ball up the shield ramp. Under that ramp it will tell you if you are to meet the princess. As a nice touch, on the bumpers above the flippers is a treasure chest and a castle. The chest will be open if you need to collect loot, and the princess will be popped out if you need to meet her. Once in the roulette wheel chance, it will count down a timer to spin up the wheel, then tell you to hit the flipper to let the ball drop onto it. There are several nice things on this wheel, but they are only used in the multiball mode. For instance, there are a couple of jackpot lanes to open, a couple of super jackpot lanes, some extra balls, some added balls, and then there is one that says multiball.

    I don't know for sure if you can get the achievement from the instant multiball, but I think you can (YOU CAN, confirmed by xPsychoticxRage, thanks). Otherwise, you need to lock 3 balls into the roulette wheel to access multiball the intended way to get the most bonus lanes open. Once you have locked your 3 balls, or landed in the instant multiball space, you unlock your achievement.

    Happy hunting!
  • Capta1n0bvious3Capta1n0bvious3361,946
    08 Aug 2014 19 Aug 2014 19 Aug 2014
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    The other solution is pretty good, however there is more info I wanted to add plus show a video how to do it.
    First you only need to defeat 1 monster to get this if you do it right.

    To Defeat a monster, there are many different places to start the fights.

    1) the easiest place to start a fight is to send the ball around the outside ramps a few times. This will award you with a random award. Many times this will be a monster fight, although not always. This will be a random monster, you can't pick.

    2) the next easiest way to start a fight is to send the ball up the forest ramp and hit the bumpers 15 times. You can pick the Bandit, Evil Tree,Ogre or the Wolf. You can pick by hitting the flippers and select by pulling the right stick back like launching the ball.

    3) Then you can also start a fight by sending the ball to the mill. You can do this by launching the ball at the start of a ball to the top left flipper and hitting it to the mill. You can also hit the ball to the water wheel. This will lift the ball to the same part where you again need to hit the ball with the upper left flipper into the mill.
    Either way you do this, you must still use the plungers to hit the ball into 1 of the 4 holes. These 4 correspond to 4 different monsters. Top hole is the rat, next down is the ghost, then Skeleton and the bottom hole is the Vampire.

    4) Another way to start a fight is to hit the ball into the cave sinkhole. This is the hole just above the right flipper. You must hit it at the end of the left flipper to get this one. It's not easy. On top of that, you must get it in there 2 times to start a fight. Once you get it in there a second time, you can choose from 4 monsters, Spider, Goblin, Troll, or Imp.

    To defeat a monster, you have a few options. First note both yours and the monsters health bars just below the flippers. To attack you can hit either the Sword ramp ( the one with the sword on it) or the Smash target. You have 10 seconds to attack the monster before he attacks you.
    You can also hit the shield ramp to block the next attack for a 10 second reprieve. If you attack with the sword the monster will not attack for another 10 seconds. If you hit the smash target, this doesn't stop the 10 second countdown for the monsters attack.
    The best way to win these battles is to first hit the shield ramp, and immediately hit the sword ramp. This results in a parry and counterattack for high damage. I usually try to follow this up with a shot at the smash target. This will cause a critical hit and massive damage.
    If you've been hit a few times you can heal by hitting the ball into the cave sinkhole.
    You can also delay the monster attacking by hitting the ball into the bumpers on top where you start a forest battle. Each hit will add another second. I've gotten as high as 25 seconds. This is actually a good place to start to get more time before the monsters attack.

    Anyway once you defeat a monster, hit the ball up the shield ramp. This will send the ball to the roulette wheel. If you manage to drop the ball into the multiball section like I did in the video you'll pop this right away. If you miss, you'll have to defeat another monster and try again. If you miss again, defeat 1 more monster and it won't matter where you land the ball in the wheel, it will start multiball.
    So, how did I get it the first time? See your experience bar? It's the long red bar at the bottom of the table. If you release the ball when the multiball section is even with the left end of that bar it will drop into the multiball section. Watch the video. Release the ball be pulling either flipper.
    For more info on this table, be sure to visit the official site here:
    It's a PDF file.
    For more info on any other table, go here:
    Good luck
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