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Find all Pieces achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Find all Pieces

Find all decipher fragments

Find all Pieces+2.3
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How to unlock the Find all Pieces achievement

  • SeaborneAdamSeaborneAdamThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    29 Feb 2012 01 Mar 2012
    243 6 15
    Here is my video guide for this achievement, game play by me and voice over by JimmyShilling please like and subscribe if this helps. also note that if you listen out for the fragments it can help a lot.

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    TWIGHLIGHT Z0HANice video, thanks for clearing this up.
    Posted by TWIGHLIGHT Z0HA on 13 Jan 13 at 17:38
    Desi ShinobiHaven't watched the vid but quick question. Can I just collect the fragment and quit out or do I need to play till end?
    Posted by Desi Shinobi on 03 Jul 18 at 14:21
    A1337HaxorTwo years later, but you can collect the piece, wait for it to save, then quit.
    Posted by A1337Haxor on 07 Sep 20 at 19:25
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  • MANIAN 3DMANIAN 3D3,250,932
    28 Feb 2012 28 Feb 2012 01 Mar 2012
    105 7 8
    Memory 1
    1- in the area with glowing platforms
    Memory 2
    1-when you get to a room with a huge light cross on the wall in front of you, its on the right
    2-after going through the first "black floor"(its the floor that kills you when you fall into it) its in the right corner of the room
    3- In the big room with lots of pillars, on the left up high
    4-In the room where you have to perform a leap of faith, it's above the big assassin symbol, just under the roof.
    Memory 3
    1-Big room with the block-blocking areas, up high
    2-After the room where red walls almost crush you, you'll have to use the jump block to jump through the gap. Instead, use 2 triangle blocks to get higher, and then use the jump block to get to the item located up high on a walkway above you
    3-Right after number 2. Use 2 triangle blocks to get higher, then use the jump block to get to the collectible located up high across the gap
    Memory 4
    1- After the 5th forcefield(?) it's up high on a catwalk.
    2-After the big room with lots of memories on walls, you'll come to a room with lasers. Immediately after entering that room, turn left and look above you. The collectible is floating in the air.
    3-Right after you go through the first yellow lasers is this memory, it's on the left up high.
    4-After dropping down through the hole you made by pressing a button, you'll find yourself in a room with an image of a firefighter on the right wall. In front of you is a passage. Go through it, and the collectible will be on the right, above you.
    Memory 6
    1-When you get to the deadly black floor again, you'll be able left & right, the way to the left is blocked by a forcefield, so go to the right.Don't go up, instead turn around and you'll see the collectible in front of you.
    2-After having a flashback of a portal, you'll enter the room with a hole & lasers in the floor.Go straight and to the right. The collectible is located behind the pillar.
    3-After dropping down the hole, its on the opposite end of the room from the button.
    4-After the hole with yellow lasers, you'll need to press a button guarded by more yellow lasers. The collectible is directly above the button.
    Memory 7
    1- On the river of Styx. Instead of following the path to the left, go right and get the collectible from a platform.
    2-When you get to the "park" section with trees, it's up high on the right wall.
    3-After going up a shaft with flying black blocks, it's floating in mid-air above the black floor.
    4-Soon after the previous one, after going up a shaft with red lasers. When you get to solid ground, it will be on a ledge above you.
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    PuckJunkieI think 3-2 is still tough to follow. There is a section with red walls that is immediately followed by moving lasers, but that isn't where you are talking about. You have to go through more walls and moving lasers. I spent quite a bit of time looking around in a place that matched your description but wasn't where I was supposed to be.

    Likewise, in 4-2; right after the Animus well you are surrounded by walls with memories on them. Lasers follow this. But that area, again, is not what you're talking about. Again, I wasted time in the wrong area.

    And for 4-1: those AREN'T FORCEFIELDS. There are forcefields in this game; an invisible wall that keeps you from moving through the area until you've deactivated it. What you're talking about are particle streams. I blew right past the area with 4-1 in it based on your description because I never came to a forcefield.
    Posted by PuckJunkie on 03 Apr 12 at 18:53
    ThinreaperSo many of these descriptions are absolutely terrible. You should seriously re-write some of these.
    Posted by Thinreaper on 15 Nov 12 at 20:57
    Gunrunner318I found all of them with ease didnt have any problems maybe some people a lack of looking good enough?
    Posted by Gunrunner318 on 24 Nov 19 at 20:54
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