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Impress Warren Vidic

Complete the Animus testing sequence without failing

Impress Warren Vidic0
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Achievement Guide for Impress Warren Vidic

  • TVthePunisherTVthePunisher326,529
    28 Feb 2012 28 Feb 2012 26 Jun 2017
    116 1 28
    In order to unlock this achievement, you must complete Memory 4 without failing once. Failing before "entering the Animus" (falling down the hole in the Animus room) does NOT count against you. (credit to Aldanga for this information)

    Now this is the hardest achievement in this DLC pack, it took me multiple tries but really it's just trial, error and knowing exactly what to do as you make it to the end. Before you know it you'll be playing through and mastering every section without a problem.

    The only two sections I had major issues with, the first involved the yellow lasers that have to be blocked by one of your blocks in order to pass through. When you reach these lasers, the first one just set a block down (make sure your blocks are highlighted yellow or they won't block the beam) on the far left and pass by it, setting down the flat blocks to get your balance. You'll see a huge wall of lasers, what I did was I moved to the right and set two blocks side by side to give me enough walking room through the beams (as your blocks will constantly be moving left here, you'll want to move fast overtop of your walkway otherwise you'll get caught by the beams). These beams are blocked from the bottom of your blocks, keep that in mind.

    The next beam to worry about will give you a small area of space to move to the next area. Start by bringing yourself over to the left and set down a block right against the beam and quickly move yourself to the right and create a path to get you through.

    The second area that gave me a major issue is the very last sequence where you're falling and you have to create blocks and avoid hitting those huge purple shapes. It takes patience as you're constantly being pushed down so you won't have a whole lot of time to position yourself but it's still enough time to make it work. There's three types of shapes here: a wide range one with a cut in the structure allowing you to pass through (it spins constantly), two shapes that constantly move to opposite sides of the screen (giving you two openings at any given time, sort of like a checkerboard) and a set of shapes that take up half the screen and alternate. Everything before the "break zone" is fairly simple to navigate, however the last stretch has you faced with two wide area shapes at the start and a bunch of crap to worry about on the way down. Just patiently tackle this and it will come in time.

    Credit to Hazey Fiasco: If you switch your block to the wedge shape (basically not the flat one) and set it down as you're falling (make sure you're a safe distance below the above obstacle), you'll be able to move up a bit giving you more time to adjust yourself for the next drop. It may be a good idea to alternate your blocks if you're worried about landing on a wedge block and walking up into an obstacle.

    The achievement pops as soon as you land at the bottom of this section, facing the doorway. You don't have to enter the doorway for it to pop.

    Edit: Adding a video of the path I took to getting this achievement, apologies for the quality.

    Edit2: After doing it on the Ezio Collection, I added a new video for that run.
  • UpgradePolecatUpgradePolecat326,301
    02 Mar 2012 02 Mar 2012 02 Mar 2012
    74 1 9
    You must complete memory 4, from falling down into the Animus to the doorway at the bottom of a long pit, all without failing even once. Once you reach that doorway, you simply can't fail anymore, so that's the cut-off point.
    Failing means: hitting the purple / blue-ish blocks, touching yellow or red lasers or simply falling to your demise.
    Failing before you go down the Animus does not count against you.

    Most of the journey is easy, but the last two obstacles are hard compared to the rest. The obstacle that tripped me up most was the one after the wall of yellow lasers, where you have to block a single yellow laser and have ample space to move up. I found that it's much easier to use a triangle block to use as a ramp AND a blocker than messing with a rectangle block.

    The drop at the end isn't TOO hard. I prefer rushing through it to prevent awkward jumps or situations, but know when to slow your descend to reposition yourself.

    Please see my video to see how I did it. Good luck!
  • perceptron3000perceptron3000205,688
    01 Mar 2013 09 Mar 2013 09 Mar 2013
    36 0 6
    This is not a full solution for the achievement, but only for the last part of the Memory 4 with the free fall through the pit.

    I found a reproducable way to do this last section of the level which makes things a bit easier. The last part of the jump from the safe platform I did in the same way as UpgradePolecat, so credit for this goes to him, but I think the way I do the first part of the jump could help people having problems with this achievement.

    Sorry for the bad video quality. I had to film the screen with my mobile, because I don't have a screen capture device.
  • TWiSTeD GaMiNGTWiSTeD GaMiNG84,804
    12 Sep 2012 20 Sep 2012
    19 1 0
    The best way to complete the last part, which is a very long drop is..
    If you look down at the hole you have to fall into it is square in shape there is a little corner that sticks out stand on it inch all the way forward looking down almost falling into hole. There is a opening in the spinning blocks below you when its under you drop , use left thumb stick to control yourself , after a long drop you will see the half way point you can stand on , its in the shape of a + its made of stone cant miss it, You can set a block down quickly to break your fall than hop off and relax, its safe here wipe the sweat off your hands ...ok last drop ,go to edge look down, same thing here when moving blocks below have lined up so a the gap below you is open drop move left thumb stick again to control movement of your fall. dodge moving blocks than quickly before hitting floor lay a block to break your fall hop off on stone floor.. bam 50 point achievement ..
  • zeldafanjtlzeldafanjtl149,582
    25 Oct 2018 25 Oct 2018
    10 1 5
    You can glitch your way out of the map. From there, just navigate to the top of the final room.

    This video shows how to do the glitch. The uploader is playing the PS4 version, but I was able to do it on the 360 version on the latest patch.

  • a holy chainsawa holy chainsaw602,168
    12 Jun 2015 20 Jul 2015
    6 0 0
    It took me quite a bit, but with practice the only bit you have to worry about is dropping through the fans, good luck.

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