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  • Icy iNsIcy iNs220,679
    08 Mar 2012 08 Mar 2012 19 Mar 2012
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    *EDIT* There's been some confusion as to if these are stackable with the "do it once" achievement and let me clear things up a little: The game gave me both of the achievements at the same time. Hence I can confirm that they ARE stackable. However the game (like many many others) is glitchy and may not give you the achievement first playthough. I cannot help this but these ARE stackable.

    Survivor mode gives you less ammo and resources. The game itself isn't too difficult and I suggest playing on this game type right off the start as the difficulty achievements stack.

    A few helpful tips: In order to survive multiple opponent engagements: Try to make out who has what weapon or armor on. This makes the order of killing them much easier to decide. Try to get a surprise kill while getting bullied and immediately point your gun at any opponent with a gun. Almost all guns in the game on this difficulty have bullets so shooting an enemy is worth the bullet because you'll just get one back.

    When you have the bow. If every enemy has a machete try to use the pistol to back them up and when you have enough distance between you and them switch to your bow. Kill one and then switch back to your gun. Pick up your arrow from the dead body and then rinse repeat.

    The order you should kill people in is as follows:
    - Anyone with a gun
    - Armored machete
    - Big machete
    - Small machete

    - People with guns do a lot of damage to you and make it a lot harder to control a crowd with your weapons. Killing them is the number 1 priority.
    - Armored machete's must be shot in an unarmored part to kill them (still a 1 shot though). they won't stop if you point any weapon at them and will walk towards you until death.
    - Big machete's can be controlled for a very short period of time. They get "ballsy" (will flat out rush you with a machete) when you tell them to back-up too many times or if you don't do anything for a certain period of time. Killing them will make it so that you can control a crowd for a lot longer and conserve precious ammo when dealing with multiple enemies.
    - By simply pointing your gun at a small machete they will stay there and continue backing up. they are easily dispatched through the previously mentioned method with he bow. However they are also easily backed into pits or fires for easy kills.

    Another simple tip to help conserve ammo is when you're down to just 1 enemy and there are no pits or fires around to get the enemy into. Don't waste a bullet. Just walk up to them with you gun out and press X for a struggle kill. Just tap RT until you get the kill. Easy enough.

    Thanks for reading. Have fun and stay ALIVE!
  • IndieBRIndieBR103,681
    15 Mar 2012 15 Mar 2012 16 Mar 2012
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    EDIT: DhukkaGER and other members from another forum have confirmed replaying episodes and still unlocking Survivor on first playthrough. So, my initial guess that replaying episodes was glitching the achievement does not confirm.

    First of all, this achievement is glitchy. It's unlocking in first playthrough for some people and not for others.

    Having that in mind let's move to tips on how to survive this game on Survivor Difficulty.

    The game first states that you will face several lack of resources. I'd say that the only resources you should be worry about are bullets and retries. There are plenty of water bottles and soda cans that will help with your stamina and there is about 16 painkillers and 8 rat meats in the game, that should be enough for you life. If not enough you have an extra wine, meat, food can, and a few extra health packs (by extra I mean ones that are not required by survivors)

    Also have in mind that although bullets are scarse, you can waste some and still manage to beat confortably the game in Survivor, especially if you get the shotgun as I'll explain below.

    I died much often in combat situations than while climbing. So I'll just give hints on combat. One thing that I realized that made things much easier is that survivors are place next to difficult combat situations. So if you go near the combat area, that will trigger a checkpoint. Now go back save the person, get your retry and go for the action. If you die the checkpoint will load and the survivor will be there again granting you the retry you just used. I'll give a more detailed description in which parts of the game you can do this, but first I'll warn that in order to do so I have to mention some places in the game. These mentions are general enough to not spoil anything in the story, but I'm putting an spoiler alert here anyway...


    Combat Tips:

    In the combats before reaching the ship you must always wait for the enemy to come and harass you. It will always be a guy with a gun. No problem here, just don't let they surround you, move backwards if so, locate beforehand any other gun armed threats, align the harasser with the other armed guy, stealth kill harasser and quickly shoot the other armed one. If there is a enemy near the armed guy you just shot you should tell them right away to back off since they might grab the gun from the ground forcing you to use another bullet. When there are multiple enemies left with machetes you priority is to eliminate the big guys first. There is only one exception in which they will attack you right away in the subway. I'll explain it in the last part of this solution to avoid spoilers. In these early combats you are never going to use more than 2 bullets

    Before going to the ship, right after leaving Henry's apartment, there's a survivor that I strongly recommend saving now as he will give you a shotgun. He requires a lot of things but that's a Retry and Shotgun babe! After you give everythin he asks the shotgun will appear on the table next to you and it will be very useful later in the game. He is two buildings below Henry's apartment. He is number #17 in the video below (for some reason the guy that made the video decided to save him at the very end of the game)
    (Thanks ZasterModa123 I've copied the video link from his Ultimate Rescuer solution)

    The first combat you face in the ship is the last combat someone will harassing you first, after this enemies will shoot and run to you on sight. If you are able to sneak on the enemies them use your bow to neutralize the armed guy first, if not shoot the armed guy first as always. If there are too many guys with machete left you can tell them to back off and retrieve you arrow if you already used. Shoot arrow and them quickly switch to gun again. If there's a fire or hole/edge nearby you also can exploit that.

    Still in the ship you will be introduced to a new enemy, one that is armored up. They are no big deal, they are slow and always attack with machete. Either kill them after the armed guys or evade them and leave them for last. (Bow kill)

    Don't rescue survivor #13 (see video above) until you are leaving the ship. there is a tough battle there. Go near the end of the passage, that will trigger the checkpoint and go back and save the survivor granting you a new retry every time you die. For this battle you can align the enemies in the corridor and kill 2 or 3 with the shotgun (do that before the armored reach the corridor.)

    When you enter the hotel. There is a survivor in a room to your right. Instead, take your first left and reach about the stairs where you will hear a dialog. That will trigger the checkpoint. Go back save the girls, get that juicy retry and go for the action.

    Still in the hotel. As you reach the last floor a checkpoint will be triggered. Take right and right again. You'll come to a room with a hole on it and across a guy is harassing a survivor. Kill him with your bow (don't worry you'll retrieve the arrow). Leave the room and you will reach an area with an elevator shaft. As soon as you hear someone talking run back for a guy will spawn behind you. Pull the shotgun align them and kill 2 or 3 with one shot. For the rest keep a distance, shoot and arrow, quickly switch to your weapon, retrieve arrow if necessary, until there is only one guy left. The other combats in this floor you can surprise the first enemy with your bow.

    Still in the hotel, while going for the basement, you'll reach an area with a fire on a corner and a door to your right. An armored guy and a guy with a handgun will come from this door, Equip your handgun, back off and wait for the guy with handgun appear. Kill him first, then the armored one. Now unequip you gun and wait for the enemies to come close by the fire, as soon as they get past from it, equip your gun again and throw them on fire.

    The next and last tough battle in my opinion is when you reach the pier. There will be a lot of guys in this area, and you want to get them one by one. So when you enter, get past the carrousel (grab the health pack near it) kill the guy next to the ramp with your bow. Climb the ramp. Stealth kill the guy next to the edge, then you will follow right and jump down where a survivor is asking for help. Save him granting you that nice checkpoint retry. When you are in this area the enemies will stop looking for you, as they can't see you there. So climb the back and keep calling the enemies attention, when they come, hide next to the survivor, wait for him to turn his back and bow kill. Grab arrow and repeat.


    While in subway, you'll reach a part where there are tracks and some people dead on it. The last three guys are actually a gang playing dead and the guy in the middle will stand and shoot you right away. Aim for him.
  • guycarbguycarb274,418
    02 May 2017 02 May 2017 04 May 2017
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    This is mentioned in the Walkthrough forums by EverStoned77 but I haven't seen it anywhere else so I'm posting here because of how helpful it was for my Survivor play through.

    Anyone who's played a couple episodes of this game knows how scarce resources can be, specifically bullets and especially on Survivor difficulty so when you finally get the bow in Episode Nine - Henry's, the game's combat sequences will get significantly easier because you can retrieve your arrow (as long as you hit someone/somewhere within reach) essentially making it a weapon with unlimited ammo!

    To make this even better, in Episode Eleven - Radio Haventon - Part 2, there is an exploitable glitch (that still works when online as of 04/2017) where you can spawn a 2nd arrow effectively turning all enemy encounters in the second half of the game, especially when confronted with 1 and/or 2 armoured guys, into a walk in the park when you have 2 retrievable arrows:

    Important: When attempting this glitch, it's important that you remain undetected while aiming at and killing the first enemy on the boat around the far corner of the cabin... staying on the catwalk and to the very left of it helps you get a better angle on the guy. This glitch will not work if you have been detected (you'll know if you get detected because 2 enemies will come out of the doorway in the middle of the cabin). Luckily, this is at the very beginning of the episode so if you are detected, just keep reloading the episode until you are successful.

    With this trick/glitch, I managed to successfully get all the game's achievements on 1 play through whilst on Survivor difficulty ending the game with an extra 13 bullets for the pistol and 1 round for the shotty as well as the following resources:

    External image
    Please note: I am not taking credit for this amazing find, just making it more accessible. Video credit goes to YouTube user Nazamfe!
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