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Poetry in Motion

Get a six-minute survivor streak and over 100,000 points in an Arcade level.

Poetry in Motion0
19 November 2019 - 8 guides

Achievement Guide for Poetry in Motion

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    There is a place in Oil Field Nightmare Arcade Level
    where you can jump on a rock at the side of the map, i would recommend taking flare gun cross bow and a magnum with few flares. It is VERY easy to get on top of it and the taken cannot hit you.

    --It may take a few tries before you get good at jumping on it, but its not hard at all--

    Next step is to kill off the enemies until you see a taken witch throws those bombs [DO NOT KILL HIM] he usually stays in good distance - then just sit tight and wait for your achievement to pop.

    What happens is all the enemies keep stacking up in front of you and the guy keeps killing them with bombs, note that you get streak bonus + points when he kills them and more he kills more you get!

    Note that this will only work in Nightmare Arcade Level

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  • ponypo2001ponypo2001849,977
    04 Mar 2012 07 Mar 2012
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    This is my take on the Poetry in Motion achievement. I tried many many times before finally getting a nice strategy down. Using various tactics from other guides helped to form my plan of attack.

    Map is Oil Fields. As you will see in the video, I pick up enough flares, flashbangs and flare gun ammo to make surviving the later stages very easy. While doing this, I build a x6 multiplier. Why no x9? Simple. It wastes too much time.

    You see, in my testing, I found that killing the taken too fast means you end up overwhelmed in the last 2 minutes, making keeping your streak much harder. However, in building a x9 multiplier, you make your time tight with which to get the score. It is very possible but at the loss of picking up the survival items.

    I use the light source on the map as a shield to my right thus meaning I only need to defend the front and left side. Very rarely a taken will spawn where you stand but you should be able to spot him quickly and flash him with your torch. If you think for even one second you're going to take damage, use a flare. We have plenty so don't be afraid to use them.

    If everything has timed right, you'll have a massive wave of enemies in the last few seconds so all you need to do is pop those flares, throw those flashbangs and use your flare gun till the sun rises and you will get a mass of points whilst making the survival much more bearable.

    Hopefully the video gives you some tips and helps show where the most important items are. Enjoy.
  • Krimson BreeZeKrimson BreeZe114,797
    21 Dec 2013 22 Dec 2013 22 Dec 2013
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    Just uploading an HD version of o IBaDxPiLoTI o 's exploit on the nightmare map oil field which can net you a very high score and the achievements Poetry in Motion 20(GS) and Survivor 30(GS) very easily, Please note as seen in the vid you can still randomly be hit but as i said that's random and please make sure your all the way on the rock and as for the grenadier who comes please keep him to the center if possible by blinding him with your flashlight after every grenade or two really depends on what he is doing.
  • RayvenMorriganaRayvenMorrigana1,212,991
    10 Sep 2012 16 Oct 2012
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    The strategy I used was to load up the first Ghost Town level (the normal one, not the nightmare one). At the start I grabbed the crossbow (under the wooden structure with the noose, near the red resupply box) then I just ran around and dodged a little bit to get my multiplier up, I think I got it to x6, but it could be done with a lower one. Then I stood near the resupply box with my back to the safe light, that way the enemies can only come from one direction! You must be careful though because if you walk into the safe light it will turn off for a while and then the enemies can come from both sides :(

    But remember to look out for the grenade guy! I only had 2 spawn, but I might have just been lucky. The grenade guy usually comes from two places:

    1: if you turn your back to the resupply box and look a little bit to the left there's a gap between the houses that leads to an open area, sometimes he spawns here

    2: if you turn your back to the resupply box and look a little bit to the right you will see the last building in the row of houses accross from you, most of the time he spawned here for me.

    People say if you listen you can hear the grenades being thrown and that makes it alot easier, I don't know, I was listening to music the whole time, lol! And the great thing about this method too is the crossbow is a one hit kill on everything except bird men and splitters, your pistol is pretty good too, and you're right next to the ammo box! My last piece of advice is make the Splitters split as many times as possible to get the most points from them! Using this method I got it on my third try without getting hit even once! I hope this works for you, good luck and feel free to tell me if anything was unclear in my explanation :)
  • AngeluzsXAngeluzsX115,133
    24 Feb 2012 25 Feb 2012
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    Maybe achievement is glitched for some players, but I personally confirm that end bonus counts towards the achievement. I had ~95000 before dawn and another ~7000 after. I got the achievement right after the end of the round.

    This video describes the way to get 100k fast and easy. Best pattern I've seen yet:
  • Lyre220Lyre220586,265
    28 Sep 2012 28 Sep 2012 29 Sep 2012
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    I found an easy method to get this achievement.
    First select Ghost Town, when the game starts, look at your right, there is a small dead end. There is where you camp for score later. But first you need hunting rifle.
    The hunting rifle is in the n-w, so go grab it at first. Kill 2 takens in first wave, then go back and camp. You can also grab a flashbang in w-s and a flash gun in the middle between center and w-s as back-up.
    The hunting rifle's reload time and fire rate both slow, but one shot one kill for most takens, and the ammo box is just next to you. Some takens respawn far from you and walk very slow, so if you find no emeny to kill, walk out carefully, check there position and kill them.

    My second try, ends with multipiler x9 and 135450 points, rank 107 in leaderboard.
  • daevvdaevv102,086
    27 Feb 2012 27 Feb 2012 27 Feb 2012
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    Using the Oil Field map, Kill one of the first 2 Taken, keep dodging the second till you build your multiplier to 9. While dodging collect some flares and flash bangs, the flare gun, Magnum (top of the map from starting behind a silo), Combat Shotgun (bottom of map from starting).

    When your multiplier is close to 9 and you have enough supplies kill the second taken and head to the bottom corner of the map (to the right while facing the Combat Shotgun case). Hold up here using the building and light as cover and kill the waves as fast as you can with the Magnum. Using the Combat Shotgun on the big chainsaw guys, Raven Taken, and splitters. Kill the grenade throwing guy as fast as possible! Do not be stingy on using your flares and flash bangs either! If you think a Taken is close pop a flare! If a group is getting close toss a flash bang!

    When your getting close to the last guy in a wave and low on ammo start heading towards the resupply. That way you'll be close to the resupply when you kill the last guy and have a few seconds to get it before the next wave.

    At the 4:00 mark start using the flare gun when they are grouped together. I got 100k and the achievement before sunrise.

    Good Luck!
  • Che ExerChe Exer50,529
    29 Feb 2012 29 Feb 2012 06 Mar 2012
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    The solutions already given are quiete good: Learn the maps and where you can find the weapons you need. The really hard thing is no getting hit. Here's a solution where you are save from most hits.

    Important: You have to get above 100.000 points while your streak lasts. If it lasts at sunrise, you can also get the achievement with the end bonus.

    Use Trailer Park as RK1 Kl0ndyk3 suggested. When I say north it's the direction from your spawnpoint to the center of the map.

    When you start, open the ammo box with the magnum right in front of you, shoot the two guys with your normal pistol and then change to magnum. Grab the carbon rifle in the corner. Now go northwest to the table with the 4 flare gun shots (when looking from spawn point into the center of the map its on the left side). From there on head north to wooden plateau and grab the flares. You should be at wave 4 by now, so watch out for the grenade guy! Go to the ammo box in the center and grab all goodies on the way. Don't forget the flare gun (when standing at the ammo box, it's across the open place). You can completly dismiss the east side of the map.

    Now for the rest of the waves stand in front of the ammo box. If you are not to near by the edges, no melee attack from the sides can hit you. Shoot everyone who tries to get to you from the stairs.

    When the wave with the two splitters comes, they are usually far away when you killed the rest of the enemies. Don't wait for them, search and kill them, you'll need the time! (One of them usually comes from behind the building). As Wottstar83 pointed out, speed isn't only important for that wave. Always kill everyone as fast as possible to keep your multiplier high and maybe use the suggested dodge tactic at the beginning.

    Two waves after the Splitters, the birdman comes. In the same wave there also is a grenadier. As soon as the birdman is there, use a flare (gun) or grenade and search for the grenadier! Take him out and you should be fine.

    In the last minute use all your flare shots to kill as many enemies as possible to get the score as high as you can. Optimum is to get a new wave just secons bevor sunrise.

    The grenadiers are the only hard ones here, so you have to now in which waves they come! As for the splitters and the birdman, do as the others suggested and shoot them without boosting the flashlight.

    That should get you a 10min streak and more than enough points.

    *please don't just vote down, at least give a hint what you think is wrong*
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