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Get 70,000 points in any Nightmare Arcade level.

19 November 2019 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Survivor

  • Mental JayMental Jay351,011
    25 Feb 2012 26 Feb 2012 28 Feb 2012
    45 1 9
    I originally got this achievement on Nightmare Caves after many tries with 72k thanks to RK1 Kl0ndyk3's solution, but I tried Nightmare Ghost Town afterwards and got 92k quite easily on the first try with some mistakes so I would recommend this.

    Heres a few useful locations of items, based off of where you start out:
    - There is a flare right in front of you on your left. After you get that, go into the alley beside it and you will find a sawn-off shotgun.
    - The further building on the right is where the ammo box is. Beside it is the flare gun, which I would recommend you pick up next. There is an extra shot nearby. From here, cut through the alley of the ammo box building. You will see a set of stairs. This is where you must hold out, but not yet.
    - The far right corner of the map from where you started holds the hunting rifle. Right behind it is a couple of flares. There is also hunting rifle ammo nearby.

    Now you may have to look around a bit more but it is pretty easy to have 5 flares by now and 2 or 3 shots for your flare gun. Go up the set of stairs on the side of the ammo box building, and use the sawn-off shotgun. It is good against pretty much any enemy, but you must keep close to them. When you run out of ammo for it, you can use your hunting rifle shots. Once you are out of ammo completely, then you must go to the ammo box. Use a flare to get off of the staircase and another flare when you are near the ammo box to grab the ammo. You will probably want to use another to get back to the top of the staircase. But then you should be able to hold it for quite a while. When the huge guys with saws come around, you will want to use your flashlight to remove the darkness, then shoot them with the flaregun to not only cause significant damage, but give you time to kill them. Hopefully you have a nice multiplier at the end that would let you get a big boost in case but as I said, I got 92k first try (~66k before end) so you probably won't need it.

    This does leave you with a couple flares if you need them to fill up your hunting rifle or hold your multiplier at the end. You can also use this to hold them off while you look for a grenadier who is generally visible from up top.

    Grenadiers can sadly still hit you but its tough for them. If you are at the top then it takes pretty much a perfect throw for them. If you can hold midway up the stairs then they tend to hit there and it bounces down to the bottom, so you can go to the top and he will kill his teammates for you (this does count to your score/multiplier)

    Hopefully this helps. Good luck!
  • O BeardedLady OO BeardedLady O384,192
    24 Feb 2012 24 Feb 2012 24 Feb 2012
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    I unlocked this achievement on the Nightmare Caves level. I had about 44,500 before sunrise and the achievement popped AFTER the sun rose and brought my score up to 77000+ so you don't have to have 70000 before sunrise. Just make sure your multiplier stays somewhat high at the very end.

    If you turn right as soon as you start you can grab the Hunting Rifle. (Assuming you have enough manuscript pages. I recommend completing the story first) There is a half a ship like a ramp on the map right near the first healing light source that has a flare and shotgun unlockable when you climb up it. To the right is the nail gun and to the left is the pump action shotgun. There is where you will want to hold position once the Taken have grown to a size where you can't easily pick them off.

    Take a few rounds to just explore and find where the good weapons are located. I suggest making sure you have the Flare Gun with a few rounds and the Hunting Rifle. Once you get the gist of where everything is located you're ready to give it a try.

    I suggest making your way to the boat/ramp area while picking up flares, flash-bangs, flare gun and hunting rifle. Don't go up the boat/ramp until your pistol is out of ammo and you've grabbed the nail gun. Run to about the top of the ramp and slowly pick off the Taken as they are funneled in front of the ramp. When you run out of nails, drop a flare and grab the sawed off next to you. If you completely run out of ammo drop off the back of the ship and make your way to the ammo resupply box and back.

    Don't feel like you have to use the boat/ramp. This was just how I managed to get the achievement. You can still get hit by the Grenadiers so be careful. Don't forget you can use your flare gun and flash-bangs when the Taken are overwhelming at the base of the boat/ramp.

    No set guide for this, just takes practice. So this is really just a couple tips. Happy Hunting!
  • 20 0 5
    **credit goes to "THE BOZOH MAN" on youtube**
    I am writing this out to spare you from the EXCESSIVE swearing LOL

    Ghost Town,
    From spawn, go to the house with the ammo case on it. The stairs are on the opposite side of the home.

    Now that you know that, here is the solution:
    When Nightmare starts off five or so enemies spawn, kill off all but two enemies from the original spawn. If you did this correct no more enemies will spawn until you kill one of the two remaining. Now, run around and get your multiplier up by dodging the two enemies as well as getting all supplies and guns around the map.(your choice of guns)

    When you have your guns you want and the multiplier to 9 make your way to the stairs (location above). Camp on the stairs and when your ammo runs low make a run for the ammo supply with flares and flashbangs. After you have re-stocked, head back to stairs.

    Be aware the grenadier can hurt you bringing your multiplier down. Take him out quick.
  • ponypo2001ponypo2001849,781
    03 Mar 2012 03 Mar 2012 03 Mar 2012
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    Nothing major to add to any of the other solutions but here's a video I took of me getting the achievement using various tips I'd read and a few of my own. This shows that the achievement is extremely obtainable even with losing your multiplier several times.

    Map is Ghost Town and as you can see, the stairs are a Godsend. Video shows where to pick up the hunting rifle, magnum, flare gun and enough flares and flashbangs to see you through. Enjoy.
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