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Tree Hugger

Survive Trees Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour)

Tree Hugger+2.8
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Achievement Guide for Tree Hugger

  • Maka91Maka911,049,766
    29 Feb 2012 02 Mar 2012
    32 2 0
    During the first section of the Tour, you will be at the Rockies. The last event, is called the "Mount Robson" and they recommend you wear armor for the event, because of the large amount of trees.

    Choose this event, and make sure you are NOT wearing any type of armor. You should have a very low survival probability (4%).

    Just take your time down the hill, making sure to jump over as many logs as possible, without hitting too many obstacles at high speeds. Take your time! Also, you are allowed 3 total rewinds, if you ever take a nasty spill, and they will not prevent you from attaining the achievement.
  • Phase IIPhase II298,084
    29 Feb 2012 29 Feb 2012 02 Mar 2012
    10 2 0
    A Speed run method to complete this achievement is to previously complete it with Zoe and return to the Tree Descent with a Wing Suit. View video below (I did not record this). You may choose any character you want.

    On big jumps, open the wing suit and glide over trees. This will cover great distances without the trouble of going through the trees down below. On small jumps, hop over them by simply pressing (A) and holding back on the stick when you are going too fast through the corners. Slow boards will help ease the difficulty as these events do not require you to reach in a targeted time. (Credit goes to AccidentalFiction)
  • PuritanSoulPuritanSoul731,481
    27 Nov 2014 28 Nov 2014
    2 0 0
    During the first mountain on the Tour, (Rockies) there is a level called "Mount Robson".

    You are strongly recommend to wear armor for the event, but what you want to do is make sure you do not wear any. You know if you are not wearing any as your chance of survival will be 4%.

    To be honest, I am rubbish at this game, but managed to get this first time, by just taking it ridiculously slow. What I did was quite literally keep pulling back with the left thumbstick to slow/stop my rider. So every 50m, when I build up some speed, i just slowed up.

    This will not work all the way, as there are fallen trees you have to jump, but by going so slow you can see them well in advance, and as such, just speed up for that bit, jump the tree with A, then slow up again.

    A boring method I know, but 25G is 25G!! Good luck!!
  • Cookie lMonsterCookie lMonster110,731
    28 Feb 2012 28 Feb 2012
    3 3 3
    You can use the girl you first unlocked or use the pre order character from gamestop "Eddie Wachowski". Either way it is an easy achievement, dont try to do anything fancy...just make it to the end of this Deadly Descent with no Gear/Armor equipped. I recorded when I got the achievement, hope the video helps :).
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