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Do You See What I See

Survive Darkness Deadly Descent without equipping a headlamp or pulse goggles (in World Tour)

Do You See What I See+5.0
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Achievement Guide for Do You See What I See

  • Cyano KhaarCyano Khaar277,647
    02 Mar 2012 03 Mar 2012 04 Mar 2012
    53 0 11
    This is Mac's Deadly Descent located in Africa on Kilimanjaro.

    Here's how you can turn one of the harder deadly descent achievements into one of the easiest. Simply crank up the brightness, backlight, gamma, etc. settings on your television so that you can see in the dark. I managed to do it on my 2nd try with this method.

    Also remember that there is no time limit so don't rush. Hold LT at all times just in case so that you'll grind a ridge or rail when you approach it. This will help you from falling off the edge.

    If you give me a negative vote please comment as to why so that I can improve my guide. Thanks!
  • Im Dan ShortIm Dan Short246,757
    04 Mar 2012 05 Mar 2012
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    Sorry if its hard to make out but if you're watching this you know its pitch black in the caves! Watch it full screen.

    Turn your brightness, contrast, backlight and colour UP on your TV.

    Make sure you use a low speed snowboard. Always hold down LT so you grind the edge if you nearly fall off. If you feel you're getting too fast just tap back on the left analog stick

    I recorded this video so you could see what route i went and so that it hopefully might help you.
  • Maka91Maka911,049,766
    04 Mar 2012 05 Mar 2012 05 Mar 2012
    6 2 0
    Near the end of the Tour, you will be in Africa. The last event in this region, is called "Kilimanjaro " and they recommend you use a headlamp of pulse goggles for the event, because of the darkness.

    Choose this event, and make sure you are NOT wearing a headlamp of pulse goggles. You should have a very low survival probability (4%).

    First thing, make sure to adjust the screen brightness on your television to the max setting! Adjust the contrast/colour ratio to something that will help you "see" in the dark. This alone will make everything much easier. Just take your time to get to the bottom. Also, grind as much as possible by holding LT. If you grind the side of the crevice and don't jump you eliminate the chance of yourself falling as the game will basically steer for you. Jump make sure to time your jumps when getting off the side of the pathways. Avoid jumping or boosting without reason. Also, you are allowed 3 total rewinds, if you ever take a nasty spill, and they will not prevent you from attaining the achievement.

    Note: Don't forget to remember your old television settings and change them back when you're done!

    See the video for a better explanation of what to do and where to grind!
  • Marktic MonkeysMarktic Monkeys109,343
    02 Mar 2012 02 Mar 2012
    1 2 0
    Here you have to complete the Deadly Descent on Kilimanjaro with no head light or pulse goggles.

    The best way to do this is simply to take your time and pull back on the stick to make your rider come to a complete stand still. This will help you focus on your surroundings and work out how close you are to any danger. It may take a couple of attempts to complete but it really isn't as hard as it looks and remember to use your rewinds when needed.
  • 0 2 0
    If you do not have alot of patience then you can easily obtain this achievement by adjusting your brightness on your TV/Monitor to full. I know that its not the legit way and some of you guys may like the challenge, but if your an achievement hunter and want to rack up the achievements on SSX then this is the best way to do it without throwing your controller at the screen. I'm trying to get this achievement "legitimately" but my friend decided to follow this step and he did it on his first attempt! and only had to use one of his rewinds.
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