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I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost

Beat a Friend's Rival Ghost in every Range (in Explore)

I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost0
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Achievement Guide for I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost

  • ZavisticZavistic833,481
    04 Mar 2012 04 Mar 2012 04 Mar 2012
    30 0 7
    You need to beat a Friends Ghost in all of the 9 Ranges in the game.

    If you have no friends then you should start to do some Global Events and adding people with around the same scores as you and then attempting to beat their scores or post a forum post on TrueAchievements.

    If you have a friend that is willing to do it you can simply load up a Deadly Descent in each area and kill yourself, then they kill themselves right after your record. Then you go back through and beat their score.

    Here is a checklist if needed:
    New Zealand
  • Cecil KilmerCecil Kilmer971,723
    24 Mar 2012 24 Mar 2012 24 Mar 2012
    24 0 1
    For those of you without any friends that own SSX, or that don't want to add random other people as friends to get this achievement, I recommend creating a free Xbox live account for this achievement. After creating it, send a friend request to your primary account, log in on the primary and accept it, then log back into your new free account.

    You can use your free account to race on all the first track, shortest trick events (just race to the bottom as fast as you can, without doing any tricks). Once you've completed one on each range, exit the game and then log in to your primary account. Head to each range and beat the extremely easy trick score, and then you've unlocked the achievement!

    Any track will work (including Deadly Descent, as suggested above), but using the shortest trick it track doesn't require getting enough money on the free account to unlock the tracks.

    Just make sure you friend the other account (it can't be a local profile only), because it has to show up in your SSX rivals list.
  • BigWorthlessBigWorthless252,033
    03 Mar 2012 03 Mar 2012
    9 0 2
    This is really easy if you have a friend that plays this game. I had a friend do every deadly descent in every range and they failed at the first possible spot in all of them (e.g. jumping off the edge in Patagonia). Then I played and went just slightly further than them on every single on range and got my achievement. They did the same for all the ranges again and we now both have the achievement. Takes slightly less than an hour. Let me know if you need specific tips for how to die early but for the most part it should be self-explanatory.
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