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The Bronze Miner

Collect all Bronze Explore Badges

The Bronze Miner0
11 November 2019 - 1 guide

Achievement Guide for The Bronze Miner

  • StevannoStevanno787,348
    04 Jun 2012 04 Jun 2012
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    First off, I'd like to point out that the achievement flag for "Extra Content Required" has been incorrectly attached to this achievement. I can verify this by having this achievement without the Pass.

    The Bronze Explore requirements are straightforward and simple, and only require a few simple tips to those having difficulties getting them.

    All of these are unlocked in Explore Mode.

    Bronze Man: Earn a bronze medal for every drop in one range.

    You have to compete in every Race, Trick & Survive run on a mountain in a range to earn this badge, the bronze medal targets are easy to achieve in every range.

    Spectre Spending: Earn 1500 SSX Credits from Ghost wins.

    This one can be simple. Set a time on an event in Explore and have a friend fail to beat your time. Every time they don't beat your ghost, you earn credits. Without an online pass, you won't receive the credits however they STILL COUNT towards the progress to this.

    I Don't Believe In Ghosts: Your records have withstood 1 challenge from your Friends.

    Same as above, if they can't beat your ghost, then you have this medal earned.

    Friendly Competition: Beat 1 Friends record.

    Look for a relatively low score in the events, preferably bronze which will be easy to beat. Enter the event and then do it. You will see the friends ghost when you compete in races so finish ahead of that. Trick events will show the scores on the right side of the screen and you'll move up every time you pass the benchmark score. Survive events will show a small green 'X' with their gamertag and distance as you get near and pass it so when one of those has been accomplished, you'll earn the medal.

    Unattainable: Place 1 Geotag that never gets collected (earning you the max)

    This one is tricky. My advice is to start a run, gain some Tricky for boost and then rush off to the side and board up on the side of a mountain wall, rewind when you start going down and place the geotag at a high point along the wall. This way the tag will be obscure to most racers and very likely to survive.

    For a Geotag to survive, it must not be collected within 24 hours of it being placed, so if you're worried about it then mark time what time you placed it at and check the game the next day.

    A reminder that all of these badges will unlock in-game the moment they are achieved, and in the menus you can always click on 'Select' to visit the RiderNet and view your progress towards the medals.

    Good luck!
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