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The Gold Miner

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How to unlock the The Gold Miner achievement

  • The Manic MooseThe Manic Moose1,003,254
    08 Mar 2012 08 Mar 2012 08 Mar 2012
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    The following are the requirements for Gold Explore Badge (all must be collected for the achievement:

    I'm Done - Earn a Gold medal for every drop in one range.

    I would advise Alaska to be the place to do it - Gold can be achieved on most drops pretty easily. It is advised you wait and do this badge when you have a higher level player so you can use better mods such as speed boost for race events and trick multiplier for trick events.

    For the trick events where you have the avalanche view, try to keep the combo going (by manualing with b or x on flat) + (varying the tricks in the air) the whole way down the mountain and you will eventually get the required amount *there are two* - this is frustrating so keep at it!

    Inheritance - Earn a total of 150,000 SSX credits from ghost wins.

    Everytime someone loses to your record on a range, you will win an amount of credits - just make sure you have a good range of friends who have the game and set as many records as possible to increase the likliness of getting it quickly.

    Supernatural Snowboarder - Your records have withstood 50 challenges from Friends.

    This is similar to the last badge but is the number of times you must withstand them beating you rather than credits earned.

    Lonely at the Top - Beat 50 friends records.

    Again, make sure you have plenty of friends on your list and this will eventually come - this can be easily boosted by getting someone to set a poor record and then you beating it.

    Hoarder - Place 15 Geotags that never get collected.

    If you place a geotag in a hard to reach place and no one finds it for 24 +hours, this counts as 1. Try hiding them in cliff drops where someone is unlikely to stumble across unless by accident. As soon as you hit level 7 with a character, you can hold 2 geotags per run, speeding up the process.

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    TrombonafideOk, Tranierx is 100% right. Use flips only.

    After trying this method, I more than doubled the required Gold scores on the last two Alaska maps I needed, one of which was the Deadly Descent trick. Chain with ground tricks (nose press/tail press) and vary your tricks with flips. One try 17,000,000 on Pan and 9,000,000 on the Deadly Descent.
    Posted by Trombonafide on 26 May 18 at 21:25
    EscadiasOne more thing : Unfortunately, getting all golds (respectively silver and bronze) on the free dlc adding the Japan range doesn't unlock the badges. Since it is a one mountain range and only 6 moderately easy races, it would have been the best choice.
    Posted by Escadias on 23 May at 14:03
    DubstepEdgelord+1 to gobey's comment about having something hold down RT for the Avalanche Trick events. I wasn't sure that I was good enough for them until I did that trick and completely smashed the scores by over 2 mil. Alaska was my pick btw.
    Posted by DubstepEdgelord on 23 Sep at 20:02
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  • Dr MartyDr Marty856,935
    25 Jul 2018 24 Jul 2018 31 Aug 2021
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    This solution is for the hardest part of the "Gold Miner" achievement, which is the "I'm Done" challenge:

    I have boosted tons of credits with a dummy account (*see below for how*), which I then used to buy hundreds of geotags, which in turn boosted me to level 15! (I boosted Alex [for race events], Psymon and Mac [for trick events]). I bought the absolute best gear and have loads of money for as many mods as I wish. This makes everything so much easier, just short of fool-proof.
    In total I must have spent 200 million credits on the gear, the ranking-up charges (past level 10) and the mods.

    *The way you can get unlimited credits is as follows:
    1. You need 2 accounts! (easy if you're playing on Xbox One, because of gold sharing)
    2. Use either one of your accounts (primary or dummy) and go to "Global".
    3. Create an online event (not the 1-2-3 events though!). Patagonia has slopes with very convenient cliffs.
    4. Set it up as:
    --- survival
    --- 10min
    --- select highest entrance fee that both your accounts can afford
    --- leave the prize money distribution at its default. (this way one of your accounts will get his entrance fee back in full and the winning account gets around 160% of his entrance fee as a prize.) I know the math is weird, but that's how much money you'll get
    5. Use one of the accounts and jump off the first cliff you can find. Use the other account and barely beat that distance, then also jump off a cliff. It doesn't matter which account you win with first, since you will be alternating the winner every race
    6. Wait until the event is over in 10min and collect your prize money.
    7. Now you switch the account that wins the next race. This way, both accounts will receive the 160% prize money every other round and the money for both accounts will increase.
    8. Since both accounts will have more money over time, that allows you to select higher entrance fees and will therefore result in higher prize money. Thus, your money will increase almost exponentially and soon you will have prizes around 100 million and more each race.

    Hope this helps and anyone is still in need of a solution for this ancient game.
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    Captain Chao5I really must get my ass into gear and complete this achievement. It's been sat there for years :)
    Posted by Captain Chao5 on 27 Sep 19 at 14:54
  • kid viciouskid vicious292,650
    14 Apr 2012 13 Apr 2012
    19 10 6
    If you have a turbo controller i found a quick way to level up a character to max and get these two medals without even playing:

    Inheritance - Earn a total of 150,000 SSX credits from ghost wins.
    Supernatural Snowboarder - Your records have withstood 50 challenges from Friends.

    - play the SURVIVE IT drop on the range Kara-Quik* in Siberia with your MAIN ACCOUNT and survive for 50m or more.

    - log in with your SECONDARY ACCOUNT (that should be friends with the main account) and play that same drop. Turbo the 'A' (jump) button and you will hop your way down the hole at about 42m.

    you will gain 1200 exp per RESTART (that the turbo controller is doing for you after every fail). this makes ranking up your characters effortless if you say, have to go to work. It also will earn your main account a TON OF SSX CREDITS. I got 9 million+ credits in about 4 hours and Eddie went from level 1 to level 9.

    ofcourse not everyone has a turbo controller and for those individuals this guide does not apply.
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    grex9101Excellent, thanks for the help!

    Free gold weekend coming up 8th March. Yeeeehah!
    Posted by grex9101 on 03 Mar 13 at 16:07
    BwF SmokeBudnSFActually you just need a silver account and only one controller but it needs to be a turbo controller. Great solution, it really helped me out.
    Posted by BwF SmokeBudnSF on 12 Aug 13 at 16:13
    eHeadachesfucking ace guide mate, you are a fucking hero I was didnt fancy doing the grind on the other account myself. Hori baby yeah.
    Posted by eHeadaches on 19 Aug 13 at 00:11
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