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The Bronze Spender

Collect all Bronze Global Events Badges

The Bronze Spender+2.3
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  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles893,774
    02 Mar 2012 03 Mar 2012 22 Sep 2014
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    There are eleven bronze badges to collect:

    A NOTE ABOUT BRACKET PLACEMENTS: I don't know if it's just been me, but it's never counted my medals unless the event has ended while I haven't been playing the game. If someone can confirm that getting the medal while the game is running counts towards this, I would appreciate it.

    - Finish in Diamond Bracket 1 time in a Global Event (awarded after While You Were Away earnings). Find a peak and a run with very few riders taking part. While you could choose a track you're rather familiar with, I had excellent luck on Cerro Pollone in Patagonia. If you're lucky enough to be the only person in the event, you'll automatically get Diamond.
    - Finish in Platinum Bracket 1 time in a Global Event (awarded after While You Were Away earnings). This is similar to Diamond in that you could pick a track you know really well, or if you find a peak with one time, place second comparatively to get an easy Platinum.
    - Finish in Gold Bracket 1 time in a Global Event (awarded after While You Were Away earnings).
    - Finish in Silver Bracket 1 time in a Global Event (awarded after While You Were Away earnings).
    - Compete in a Race Event.
    - Compete in a Trick Event.
    - Compete in a Survive Event.
    - Compete in a Custom Event. Select Custom Event on any run, set it to be free to join and friends only, this should pop up before you even compete in the event.
    - Play in a Global Event with 1,000 or more Riders. At the Global Events RiderNet Wall, one of the stock options is "The most players competing in a free Global Event is on _____." Simply play that event when it has more than 1,000 people.
    - Join an Event with a 10,000 credit Drop Cost. Any event worth more than 10,000 will qualify, but Broken Tooth: Race It on Extinguisher Tower in the Rockies has a 10,000 Drop Cost.
    - In Global Events, earn more than 25,000 SSX Credits lifetime. Even free events pay out, this accumulates faster than you might expect. However, you do need the online pass in order to bank your earnings.
  • That505GuyThat505Guy253,847 253,847 GamerScore
    21 Apr 2012 22 Apr 2012 26 Apr 2012
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    This Guide Covers All Medals required for this achievement Look for the !!! label for easy navigation to the different solutions CTRL+F for an even easier navigation :D Good luck to everyone

    !!!Solution to Grandmaster/Platinum!/Solid Gold/Dime
    If your having troubles beasting the slopes then you could easily boost all the medals with friends. So you have 4 people to boost with (all must be on friends list of event creator)
    ***Person going for diamond bracket must goto Global Events>Browse Globe>Pick a region(Rockies)>Pick a slope(Whitehorn Mountain)>Choose a custom event +(JT2:Custom event)>Create Event>
    Event Type - Race/Trick, also adds to your Custom medals trick medal and race medals depending on what you pick.
    Time left - 10-20 minutes
    Event Drop Cost - Free
    See Ghost Leader - Yes
    Payout - Standard Bracket
    Event open to - Friends only
    Max Gear Level - Any
    Wingsuit Allowed - Yes
    Rewind Enabled - Yes
    >Now finish with a good time>User going for Platinum Place just below Diamond>User Going For Gold place just below Platinum>User Going for Silver Place below Gold
    +After 10 runs dashboard (Xbox home) and restart SSX (to see medal progression) You don't get the medal until the event finishes+

    IMPORTANT - when the timer runs out on an event the bracket is sealed even if a user is in the race on the map.
    (Medal type - Amount of friends required)
    Diamond -1
    Platinum - 2
    Gold - 3
    Silver - 4

    !!!Solution to Somthing to Prove/All I want is tricky/Adrenaline Rush/User Knows Best
    For these you can set up a custom event and work towards the 50 race or trick events simultaneously. For the survive events you can find a custom event that includes survive but you can also receive them from the EA placed Global events.
    (To speed things up you can just start up the match and DNF, quit out instantly)
    I'm also pretty sure you can just create the event then when you get to the character select you could just back out and that counts towards it.
    You cannot do the same event twice you must wait till the time runs out on a custom event.

    !!!Solution to Too Expensive
    Simply just join a event that costs 1,000,000 Credits

    !!!Solution to 50,000 members participating in the same event
    (This solution would have to wait till they host a xbox free weekend)

    Seeing as 15,000 people are in the biggest event on average
    That leaves 35,000
    If 1000 people make 35 silver accounts and raced them DNF/DNP works then we could "Boost this Achievement"

    (amount of people) = (Amount of silver accounts each person would need)
    100 = 350
    500 = 70
    1000 = 35
    2000 = 18
    3000 = 12
    4000 = 9
    5000 = 7

    How about making some silver accounts for SSX?
    This needs to be done before the online starts to die even further...
    Call it what ever you want but this could be reachable with enough people dedicated.

    According to "Dead Like Me" over at X360A there will be 35,000 to 40,000 EA bots running through every weekly or bi-weekly event.

    Maybe we could get TA to send a message to every member who has played the game and/or make a TA gaming event to encourage players to play. Other websites would pick up on this and blam wildfire! 50,000 players in one event! :D

    !!!Solution to Own the Planet
    Also if you dont have an online pass you can goto a friends house and start up the game and earn those medals in a jiffy :D or purchase the online pass for 800 MSP
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