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The Gold Spender achievement in SSX

The Gold Spender

Collect all Gold Global Events Badges

The Gold Spender+0.8
05 August 2020 - 3 guidesOnline Game ModeCommunity

How to unlock the The Gold Spender achievement

  • Shand Alk3Shand Alk3481,294
    06 Mar 2012 06 Mar 2012 13 Feb 2013
    50 3 39
    The badges for the achievement are:
    Finish 10 events in Diamond Bracket
    Finish 10 events in Platinum Bracket
    Finish 10 events in Gold Bracket
    Finish 10 events in Silver Bracket
    Compete in 50 Race Events
    Compete in 50 Trick Events
    Compete in 50 Survive Events
    Compete in 50 Custom Events
    Compete in an event with 50,000+ players
    Join an event with a 1,000,000 credit drop (Must be done after getting badges for 10,000 and 100,000)
    Earn 1,000,000 credits through Global Events overall

    For Diamond Bracket wins simply create a custom event that is 10 minutes long, race/trick/survive in it, then you will get diamond. The progress for the badge doesnt count until the event is over and you have dashboarded and came back into the game.

    As for Platinum-Silver Brackets you need to earn these legitimately through Global Events already in place. You can just join events and do your best and see what you get. The more people there are, the less that times/points will be spread apart from each bracket. My advice is to do survive events that are close to ending and die right after you earn the badge you want. For example: If Bronze is at 100m and silver is at 200m, get to 201m and die to earn silver. (Assuming nobody joins after that)

    For competing in Race/Trick/Survive/Custom events I suggest playing a lot of events for your Bracket Badges. You can, though, boost these by creating custom events that are only 10 minutes long. The progress will count as soon as you create the event. There is no need to start it up, or even choose a character. Just go to Custom Event and create a Race or Trick and as soon as you see the character selection screen it will have counted so you can just back out. Survives can be created but only on tracks that have a survive event at all. You can have 3 custom events up and running at a time, which is why you make each one 10 minutes, so you dont have to wait too long.

    For competing in an event with 50,000+ players, I regret to inform you that if you don't have it already then you probably can not get it. In the first week of launch there was an event that was a week long that managed to accumlate only 58,000 or so players before the event ended. Since this event is no longer running (and there appears to be no event like it that could accumulate that many people) it would appear that you can't get this badge if you don't have it. There is talk of getting the badge lowered/redone (considering on the PS3 the event never made it 50,000 before it ended) so I will keep this updated if that is the case.

    For joining an event with a 1,000,000 credit drop you need to join the event AFTER you already have the badges for joining an event with 10,000 and the badge for 100,000. Basically what im saying is you need to get them in order otherwise you will waste the million credits. As of right now there is an event in the Himalayas that has a 1,000,000 credit drop Survive Event. It seems to be reaccuring and has a week long time limit.

    For earning 1,000,000 credits in Global Events accumulatively you will probably get this over time. The higher the drop cost is, the more money you receive if you do well. If you really don't have this by the time you join the 1,000,000 credit drop event then doing even slightly well will earn you over 1,000,000, but i'm sure you will have it long before then.

    Update: Joining any Global Event will get you the 50,000+ players since EA has unlocked this badge!

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    VfV SaviorI got this achievement without the online pass, so no need for that to get 1000 G. TA should remove the online pass symbol from this achievement :)
    Posted by VfV Savior on 13 Dec 12 at 10:16
    woodbear50,000+ players
    You will get it when join to any global event. Because EA unlocked it, and dont matter how many players compete in that event.
    Posted by woodbear on 13 Feb 13 at 09:25
    A Dreadful ShotIt’s probably important to note that you’ll only receive credit towards 10 bracket placements at a time. This means when you leave and return to the game it only gives you your last 10 brackets. I learned this the hard way by boosting all 40 in one go, then quitting the game and returning to find out I had only received the 10 Diamond brackets. Just wanted to save some people the hassle, it was extremely frustrating. So make sure you leave the game after every 10.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 09 Feb 18 at 21:05
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  • Kazuma SpitfireKazuma Spitfire559,767
    07 Mar 2012 03 Mar 2012
    14 5 6
    If you are having trouble with the one badge "Finish in a Diamond Bracket". One trick I used was to make a custom event set for 10 min (so you are not waiting around), play it and then you will automatically be put in diamond, wait for it to finish and receive your credits. Do this ten times and then dashboard and restart your game because the badge is awarded after the "while you were away screen". This also helps to complete the custom events badge.
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    Barad 007Yeah this, works annoying though how are we supposed to get platinum/gold/silver/bronze it's all just as hard.
    Posted by Barad 007 on 06 Mar 12 at 13:09
    Calex dEUSFound platinum the biggest pain to get, got a friend help in custom events, I set low score he beats it = guaranteed platinum. Gold ans Silver will come easy if you enter enough events.
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 07 Mar 12 at 00:23
    BigWorthlessyou can make 3 custom events at once.
    Posted by BigWorthless on 13 Mar 12 at 16:40
  • PalesiusPalesius1,455,843
    13 Dec 2016 20 Dec 2016
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    You can do all of these yourself and get yourself a ridiculous amount of money and all/any of your characters up to level 15 (with access to all the fine equipment that allows).

    You need either a XB1 (and create 3 silver accounts in addition to your main account) or a 360 and either 3 additional gold accounts or some 48 hour codes. This will be slightly faster if you have access to 2 360s or both a 360 and a XB1, as you won't need to swap accounts quite as much.

    To get all the global badges you need to:
    Finish 10 events in each bracket (Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond)
    "Compete" in 50 events of each time (Race/Trick/Survive)
    "Compete" in 50 Custom Events
    Compete in an event with 50,000+ players (this one you get automatically now)
    Join events with a 10k,100k, and 1mil credit drop
    Earn 1,000,000 credits through Global Events overall

    To run through the diamond,platinum,gold, and silver (need 10 of each). Do a 10 min long survival run in patagonia->cerro torre. There are 3 survive events on this peak, so you can utilize all 3 if needed, since you can only have one event active at a time per account per peak (and a max of 3 per account overall).

    For silver you need to have 4 accounts in the race and yours needs to be last. After you create the event (with whichever account), just make sure all 4 join and post a score (sometimes the servers are a little glitchy, I found that sometimes restarting the xbox or dashboarding would help when it just refused to upload the scores). Buy a
    cheap wingsuit and clear the 1st drop with the other accounts and let your main fall in (so they lose).

    For gold, exact same thing, but you only need 3 accounts. For platinum, same thing again, but 2 accounts. And finally for diamond it can just be you (but you may want to wait as you will finish those while getting rich).

    Get Rich Quick
    Next, lets get filthy rich (and take care of the 1,000,000 credit drop along the way). You will be running lots of survival drops with your main account and one other. Set it to the maximum drop cost that both accounts can afford, and 10 minute event timer. Win with whichever has the least money (fly them over the 1st crevasse) and then let whoever has more money fall into the 1st crevasse and die. You will need to wait for the event to end to get your money back (so this might be a good time to grind out some race/trick events, see below). Once you do, the loser will have broken even, and the winner will have gotten 175% of the drop cost back. After 15 rounds of this (30 total events, if you started with about 50k) you should be able to do events with a drop cost of 100 million (the maximum). At this point, to make money faster you will need to have multiple events running at the same time (you can have 6 going at the same time between the two accounts).

    Race/Trick Events
    You still need to do 50 race and 50 trick events. You don't need to actually finish them. If you create the event on your account you don't even need to start it. If you create it on one of the other accounts you are using, you need to start it, but can quit out as soon as it loads. With 4 accounts, you shouldn't need to do any waiting around, by the time you have run through 12 events,

    Live the High (level) Life
    What can you do with all this money? Would you like to be level 15 and make the single player and explore badges much easier? How do you turn your no-so-hard-earned cash into levels? Geotags! Every time you place a geotag you get a chunk of experience. The higher level the geotag, the greater the experience. It probably isn't worth bothering placing the plain geotags, instead, hold out for rare, epic, or legendary, as they are worth much more experience.
    You have a couple of options to get these choice tags.
    *You can check the store (which shows 4 items at a time), buy what you want, then go to another drop (which resets the items) and repeat.
    *You can just buy all the generic ones to bring out addition items and then sell the ones you don't want to use.
    *It will also show some new items if you go back to the screen where you select your character's loadout and then go back to the store, but only if you have made some purchases (it seems like one item will be replaced for each one you purchased, and it will be different from what replaced it before you exited the buy screen and came back).

    What worked best for me was a hybrid of these. I would usually switch to another drop, buy any rare or better tags, then buy commons until I had bought 4, back out and go right back in and repeat (it's a lot quicker to just back out to the gear selection screen than to back out all the way and switch drops). After doing that for a minute or two I would sell all the commons off. Don't go too crazy stocking up, as the geotags get better as you level up your character, so there is no point getting dozens and dozens of level 8 geotags when you will be level 10 in a few minutes and can get better ones then.

    Once you have your stash. start a drop (it doesn't really matter with) in explore mode (i found this to be less prone to freezing than global event mode). hold the LB as you fall from the plane and place a geotag as soon as it lets you. If you are high enough level to have multiple tags, let go of LB for a moment and then hold it again an place another one, repeat until you are out of tags (you need to go a little bit further each time or it won't let you place them). Once you are done placing them, quit, re-equip new tags, and do it again. You can get up to level 15 relatively quickly and have access to ridiculously better gear. FYI, the geotags are shared among characters, so that means once you get one up to level 15, all of your characters can use the lvl 15 tags and level up very very quickly. NB: if you level up by quitting out this way, it will not register as your characters having reached level 6 (for the one badge). To get it to register, you simply need to complete one drop with them. (Which can be as quick as falling in the very 1st pit on a survival run in explore mode.)

    You also get XP for picking up geotags (and need to collect 200 snowflakes/geotags for a badge). So you can break out your 2nd account again and do exactly the same thing on exactly the same drop. You can only see/get one geotag from a given player per run, so you can drop 50 or so on your 2nd account, then switch back to your main and pick them up while you are dropping your own and leveling up.

    One final random note, playing through the game this way, the very last things I needed were actually boost time (you need to spend 2 hours in boost) and racing 200kms total. A relatively painless way to grind these semi-idle is to go to Explore -> Alaska -> Foraker -> Invincible -> Race It. Get tricky ASAP, then you can rubber band down RT and the right thumbstick either left or right (or X or B, but the buttons can be hard to rubberband down). Your racer will generally be able to spend the next 90 seconds boosting all the way down the hill to the finish. Each run will get you maybe about 45 seconds worth of credit for boosting and a bit over 1km of racing. Rinse and repeat.
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    Pra1s3Th3SunEasily one of the most useful guides on the site! I was worried about finishing this game since hardly anyone seems to be playing anymore, but gave this a shot and got a bunch of gold medals in no time. Had a session tonight but with this method I'll get all my global golds tomorrow. Thank you for this! smile
    Posted by Pra1s3Th3Sun on 03 May 17 at 22:23
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