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The Silver Boarder

Collect all Silver Tricky Badges

The Silver Boarder+2.9
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  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles893,738
    01 Mar 2012 02 Mar 2012 22 Sep 2014
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    There are four silver badges to collect:
    - Keep Tricky alive for 60 seconds. Keep your combo going, long rails are good for this. You have infinite boost, use it to turn small hills into small tricks. Pieces of flare also count as tricks, so if you can hit these at the same time, it'll keep your combo going.
    - Accumulate 30 minutes spent in Tricky. See the above for how to stay in Tricky, this will come with repeated runs.
    - Perform a Signature Trick with 6 unique characters. While in Super Tricky mode (when the Tricky symbol is glowing orange) do any trick while holding cn_LTcn_RT. If you don't want to unlock everyone through World Tour, you can pay credits in Explore. I'd recommend unlocking Elise and Alex through World Tour while buying some 10,000 credit characters like Kaori.
    - Perform every Super trick. This can be a pain, as there's no list that says which tricks you have or haven't landed. As a helpful note, if the badge progress says 93%, you're only missing one. These have to be done in Tricky, but not Super Tricky, else it will count as a Super Uber trick for the Gold medal. As another note, keep in mind that if you land a 180 spin, the trick controls will be reversed.

    For each trick, I have the right stick combination first, the button combination seconds. There are twelve aerial super tricks that simply have the word Uber in front of each trick, and six grinds. Thanks to FoxA83 for pointing out that grinds count!
    Hold cn_up/cn_Y - Rocket
    Hold cn_left/cn_X - Indy
    Hold cn_right/cn_B - Melon
    Hold cn_down/cn_A - Truckdriver

    cn_upcn_upleftcn_left/cn_Y-cn_X - Stiffy
    cn_upcn_uprightcn_right/cn_Y-cn_B - Flying Squirrel

    cn_leftcn_upleftcn_up/cn_X-cn_Y - Crail
    cn_leftcn_right/cn_X-cn_B - Stalefish
    cn_leftcn_downleftcn_down/cn_X-cn_A - Tailgrab

    cn_rightcn_uprightcn_up/cn_B-cn_Y - Nose Grab
    cn_rightcn_left/cn_B-cn_X - Mute
    cn_rightcn_downrightcn_down/cn_B-cn_A - Seatbelt

    Hold cn_left/cn_X - Heel to the Chief Boardslide
    Hold cn_up/cn_Y - Darkerslide Boardslide
    Hold cn_right/cn_B - Jewel Twist Boardslide
    cn_leftcn_left/cn_Xcn_X - Darkslide Boardslide
    cn_upcn_up/cn_Ycn_Y - Brow Down Boardslide
    cn_rightcn_right/cn_Bcn_B - Late Addition Boardslide
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