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Ok so this isn't so much a guide as it can help with titles and ninja info cards. just to add to what grimm and x1ooobirds says here's the names and how to get all the teams


(Y) – Younger Version of Characters

PTS – Post Time Skip

1,2,3 – is for the order of Naruto & Sasuke versions

K – Kazekage

H- Hokage

Teams Names

Team Kakashi: Naruto (1,2,3) Sakura Kakashi
Team Seven: Naruto (1,2,3) Sakura Sasuke (1,2,3)
Nostalgic Team Kakashi: Naruto (Y) Sasuke (Y) Sakura (Y) Kakashi
New Team Kakashi:Yamato Sakura Sai Naruto (1,2,3)
Team Guy: Guy Neji Ten Ten Lee
Team Guy (Y): (Y) Neji (Y) Lee (Y) Ten Ten
Team Kurenai: Hinata Kiba Shino Kurenai
Team Kurenai (Y): Hinata (Y) Kiba (Y) Shino (Y) Kurenai
Hot Blooded Master and Student: Guy Lee, Lee (Y)
Ino-Shika-Cho: Ino Shikamaru Choji (Y)
Inherited will: Asuma Shikamaru
Bonds of Love: Asuma Kurenai
Leaf Peers: Hinata Neji Shino Kiba Sai Sasuke (1,2,3) Naruto (1,2,3)
Leaf Genin: Naruto (Y, 1,2,3) Sakura (Y) Sasuke (Y) Hinata (Y) Kiba (Y) Shino (Y) Ino (Y) Shikamaru (Genin, Y) Choji (Y) Lee (Y) Neji (Y) Ten Ten (Y)
Leaf Chunin: Hinata Shino Kiba Shikimaru (Chunin, PTS) Ino Choji Sakura Lee Ten Ten
The Hyuga Clan: Neji Hinata
The Hyuga Clan (Y): Neji (Y) Hinata (Y)
Byuakugan Users:Hinata (Y,PTS) Neji (Y,PTS) Ao
Secret Lovers: Naruto (1,2,3) Hinata
Secret Lovers (Y): Naruto (Y) Hinata (Y)
Those who know Loneliness: Gaara Naruto
Those who know Loneliness (Y): Gaara (Y, K) Naruto (Y)
Kazekage's group:Gaara Temari Kankuro
Sand Siblings: Gaara (Y) Temari (Y) Kankuro (Y)
Best Friends: Naruto (1,2) Sasuke (2,3)
Best Friends (Y): Naruto (Y) Sasuke (Y)
Sasuke Rescue Mission: Naruto (Y) Neji (Y) Kiba (Y) Choji (Y) Shikamaru(vest) (Y)
The Sound Ninja Five: Kimimaro + Support (Jirobo Kidomaru Tayuya Sakon & Ukon)
Camp Friends: Jugo Kimimaro
Curse Mark: Sasuke (Y,3) Kimmimaro Jugo Anko Jirobo Kidomaru Tayuya Sakon & Ukon
Reanimations Vessel:Kimimaro Sasuke (Y)
Mist Assassins: Haku Zabuza
Blade masters: Zabuza Suigetsu
Mist Ninja Swordsman: Zabuza Suigetsu Kisame Chojuro
Hidden Mist Natives: Haku Suigetsu Kisame Zabuza Mizukage Ao Chojuro
Team 7 captains: Yamato Kakashi
Leaf Jonin: Yamato Kakashi Guy Asuma Neji Minato Shizune
Leaf Higher-Ups: Yamato Kakashi Guy Asuma Neji Minato Shizune Danzo Tsunade Jiraya 1st Hokage 2nd Hokage 3rd Hokage 4th Hokage
Eternal Rivals: Kakashi Guy
Leaf Sensei: Kakashi Guy Asuma Kurenai
Leaf's Light and Shadow: Danzo 3rd Hokage
Grandmother and Grandchild: Chiyo Sasori
Puppet Masters: Chiyo Sasori Kankuro
AB combo: Killer B Raikage
Old Friends: Tsunade Jiraiya
The Legendary Sannin: Tsunade Jiraiya Orochimaru
Utterly Gutsy Master and Student: Jiraiya Naruto (Y,1)
Sages: Jiraiya Sage Naruto
Make out Comrades: Jiraiya Kakashi
Hidden Rain Master and Student: Jiraiya Pain Konan
Team Hiruzen: 3rd Hokage Tsunade Orochimaru Jiraiya
Apprenticeship Aspiration: Tsunade Sakura (Y)
Tsunade and Pupil: Tsunade Shizune Sakura
Rivals in Love: Ino (Y) Sakura (Y)
Hokage and Aid: Tsunade Shizune
Adamantine Power: Tsunade 1st Hokage
Senju Siblings: 1st Hokage 2nd Hokage
Past Hokages:1st Hokage 2nd Hokage 3rd Hokage 4th Hokage Tsunade Danzo
Boys on the Battlefield: Minato Kakashi (Y) Obito
Worthy past opponents: Kakashi (Y) Obito
Parent and Child: Minato (H,J) Naruto (1,2,3)
Duo of Fate: Minato Masked Man
Fastest in History: Minato Raikage
Sharigan: Danzo Masked Man Obito Sasuke (Y,1,2,3) Itachi Kakashi (J) (Obito+Itachi+Sasuke (Y,1,2,3) = Uchiha Clan)
Uchiha Clan: Obito Itachi Sasuke (Y,1,2,3)
Junior and Senior: Tobi Deidara
The Truth of the Uchiha: Sasuke (1,2) Tobi
Taka: Sasuke (1,2) Suigetsu Juugo Karin
Hebi: Sasuke (3) Suigetsu Juugo Karin
Like cats and Dogs: Suigetsu Karin
Snake and Tactition: Orochimaru Kabuto
Those steeped in Darkness: Orochimaru Kabuto Sasuke (3)
Snake Cell: Kabuto (S) Orochimaru Sasuke (3)
Artists: Deidara Sasori
Immortal Duo: Hidan Kakuzu
Akatsuki: Tobi Deidara Sasori Hidan Kakuzu Itachi Kisame Konan Pain
God and Angel: Pain Konan
Dangerous Characters: Kisame Itachi
Siblings: Itachi Sasuke (Y,3)
Brotherly Love: Itachi Sasuke (1,2)
Five Kage Summit: Danzo Raikage Tsuchikage Mizukage
New Hokage's Group: Danzo Fu Torune
Cursed Ties: Orochimaru Anko
Orochimaru's Band: Orochimaru Kabuto Kimmimaro Jugo Anko Jirobo Kidomaru Tayuya Sakon & Ukon
Tsuchikage's group: Tsuchikage Akatsutchi Kurotsuchi
Mizukages group: Mizukage Chojuro Ao
Raikages group: Raikage C Darui
Children of Prophecy: Pain Sage Naruto
Jiraiya's Apprentices: Pain Konan Minato Naruto (1,2,3)
Chunnin Exam Supervisors: Shikimaru Temari
Hidden Rock Natives: Tsuchikage Akatsutchi Kurotsuchi Deidara
Sublime Art: Deidara Itachi
Ones with wind Nature: Naruto (1,2,3) Asuma
Generations: Naruto (Y) Naruto (1,2)
The Two, Grown Up: Sage Naruto Taka Sasuke
Shadow Women: Mizukage Tsunade
Mature Women: Mizukage Tsunade Konan Shizune Anko Kurenai
All Boys: Sasuke (1,2,3) Sai
Taka and Hebi: Orochimaru Sasuke (3)
Monster Strength: Sakura Tsunade
Powerful Team: Sakura Chiyo
My Son's Enemy: Kakashi Chiyo
Odd Beast and Scourge: Guy Kisame
Eternal Friends: Shikamaru Choji
Eternal Friends (Y): Shikamaru(Y) Choji (Y)
Yamanaka Clan:Ino Fu
Aburame Clan: Shino Torune
Sarutobi Clan: Asuma 3rd Hokage
Mutual Respect: Jiraiya Minato
Reliable Allies: Kiba (Y) Kankuro (Y)
Inherited Necklace: 1st Hokage Tsunade Naruto (Y,1)
From Anbu Black-Ops: Kakashi Yamato Itachi
Aiming for Sasuke: Karin Sakura Ino
Hidden Cloud Ninja: Raikage Killer B C Darui
Foundation Members: Sai Danzo Fu Torune
Genes of the 1st Hokage:1st Hokage Danzo Yamato
Love Triangle:Sasuke (Y) Sakura (Y) Ino (Y)
Legendary Guts: Minato Jiraiya Naruto (Y,123)
Jinchuriki: Gaara (Y,K,PTS) Naruto (Y,1,2,3) Killer B
Mangekyo Sharingan: Itachi Kakashi Sasuke (1,2)
Whiskered Warriors: Asuma Killer B Raikage 3rd Hokage Tsuchikage
Spectacle Ninja: Karin Kabuto (S) Killer B Shino (Y,PTS) Chojuro
New Jutsu Development Team: Yamato Kakashi Naruto (1)
Sweet Tooth Duo: Temari Anko
Eat or be Eaten: Kisame Killer B
Chubby: Jirobo Choji (Y,PTS) Akatsutchi

here's the source i don't take credit for making this
credit goes to window323 and pokemonaddy
hope this helps :)
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TA Score for this game: 1,574
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Here are 3 parts to what you can do to unlock the Ninja info cards. A lot of these are online based. Such as Battle Points and winning online tournaments. But some are as easy as playing as characters 3 to 10 times as the team leader, which MUST be done in Free Battle. Not sure if Single Battle works for that, so play Team Battle and keep the handicap for yourself and the enemy difficulty low, so the matches should be a maximum of 20 seconds. Hope this helps you all. There are 3 parts and I don't take credit for creating the charts, only for finding them.
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