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  • Murder of BirdsMurder of Birds75,894
    17 Aug 2013 19 Mar 2012 19 Mar 2012
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    This achievement is earned by completing all of the Introductory Survival matches in Survival mode. For this achievement to be unlocked you must battle against several teams and win in succession.

    (See my "Introductory Stage Savior guide for governed factors)

    The battles that you'll be playing through are as follows: 89 matches

    Naruto's Ninja Way- 5 matches
    People connected to the Tailed Beasts- 7 matches
    Past Hokages- 6 matches
    Visual Jutsu Users- 9 matches
    All-out Jonin Battle- 10 matches
    Five Kage Summit Mayhem- 10 matches
    Akatsuki- 9 matches
    Kabuto's Reanimation- 10 matches
    Skillful Leaf Ninja- 11 matches
    All-out Gekkei Genkai Battle- 12 matches

    GLITCH: (Discovered by my friend Bowmanx4587)
    Go into VS battle under Free Battles. Choose player vs CPU(Singles) and set the time limit to whatever you want (time limit will affect health recovery in survival) and the handicap in your favor. Now play the match and win. After the match select FREE BATTLE SELECT MENU!

    Select Tournament/Survivor and choose singles match. As long as you remain in whatever mode you chose the time limit will be whatever you put it as and the damage will be enormous(in your favor) and you'll blow through all tournaments. If you exit out you'll have to repeat the glitch method again. Any questions on the glitch message Bowmanx4587 or myself on Xbox Live.

    Upon completing all the matches you'll net this 15G achievement!
  • B0WM4NXB0WM4NX373,199
    18 Mar 2012 18 Mar 2012 18 Mar 2012
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    Hey everyone I found a useful glitch for you!

    Go to vs mode player vs cpu. set the handicap to your favor play the match win(not sure if you can lose but just win...) then select the option to go back to the free battle select menu (not the character select screen).

    Select Tournament/survivor and enjoy saving your time grinding easy achievements.
    this works as long as you stay in versus menu mode from what it seems. If you exit you have to redo 1p vs cpu fight over again.

    For all you who can't beat survival (it's extremely hard at times) than here you go!
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