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Gunsmith achievement in Mass Effect 3


Upgrade any weapon to level 10.

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How to unlock the Gunsmith achievement

  • Sly StrategistSly Strategist
    12 Mar 2012 06 Mar 2012 08 Mar 2012
    This Achievement is Gunsmith worth 25 gs.

    Mass Effect 3GunsmithThe Gunsmith achievement in Mass Effect 3 worth 44 pointsUpgrade any weapon to level 10.

    For this achievement you need to level one of your weapons up to level 10. When first going through Mass Effect 3, whether you imported a character or not, you can only upgrade a weapon to level 5. To keep upgrading the weapon, you need to import your saved Mass Effect 3 character that has completed the game already. The game will then allow you to upgrade your weapons to level 10.

    To upgrade a weapon head down to the Shuttle Bay and look for the Upgrade Terminal. You can also look for the Upgrade benches throughout the levels. Remember, in your first playthrough, you can only upgrade a weapon 5 times.

    Thanks to Deception975, You can achieve this without ever playing Single Player. When playing in Coop, you can use the Credits you earn to purchase boxes. Yes they are random, but if you get the same weapon 10 times over, you will pop this achievement. In this method, you do not have to beat the Single Player campaign.

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    Iron Man TStarkhow do i import a ME3 player?........This is the first Mass Effect game i have played!?!?
    Posted by Iron Man TStark On 24 May 12 at 15:38
    TheAnonymityIn order to import an ME3 character, you need to beat the game once already. Then select new game >> import.
    Posted by TheAnonymity On 04 Dec 19 at 01:48
    I was stuck at level 7 on my 2nd playtrough.
    No matter what weapon i tried. It appears that you need to find the weapon a second Time in order to reach level 10.

    So 2nd playtrough with same character + find the weapon a 2nd Time ( advice : any easy one from the start ) + upgrade to level 10.
    Posted on 19 Dec 21 at 02:08
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    04 Jun 2012 05 Jun 2012 05 Jun 2012
    Here is how I did it, and this is for Single Player: Quickest method???
    (For some reason I could not level up the M3 Predator past level 7)

    During your first playthrough level up the M-8 Avenger to level 5.

    Obviously you have to beat the game, import your ME3 character, go through the beginning (You will acquire the M-8 Avenger during the Prologue), after about 30 minutes of game-play, you will be back on the Normandy, go to the Armory, and finish leveling up the M-8 Avenger to 10.

    Note: When importing your ME3 character, you will have all the funds available that you had when you beat the game.
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    psybOltOnGood solution, though it is closer to 1 hour gameplay. Earth, Mars, Citadel, dream sequence.
    I think it is still faster than MP.
    Posted by psybOltOn On 06 Nov 16 at 20:26
  • ZalshaZalsha
    13 Aug 2012 13 Aug 2012 13 Aug 2012
    There is another way if you don't feel like going out of your way in the Single Player Campaign. Just keep playing the multiplayer, fun as it is, it shouldn't be too hard. And if you keep buying the 5000 point Recruit Pack you will usually get one of the beginner weapons. Just keep buying these while enjoying the multiplayer. This may not be the quickest way, but it is always fun to do it amongst the multiplayer.
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    ZalshaFirst thing I got to 10 was the Mantis sniper rifle. That thing just kept appearing in those packs.
    Posted by Zalsha On 13 Aug 12 at 18:15
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