Unwavering achievement in Mass Effect 3


Finish all multiplayer maps on Gold or all single-player missions on Insanity.

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How to unlock the Unwavering achievement

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    The achievment is self-explanatory for completing all MP maps on Gold. There are 6 maps, simply survive all 10 waves (and extract) on all of the on Gold difficulty.

    In order to get this in SP, you need to complete all unique missions on Insanity (best done when doing your Insanity run). These are the missions where you land on a planet/space station, do something and leave. The random fetch quests for Citadel people do not count.

    As per the in-game achievement tracker, there are 27 such missions. As far as I know they are as follows:

    All Priority missions (story related and unmissable). 13/27.
    - Earth
    - Mars
    - Palaven (Menae)
    - Sur'Kesh
    - Tuchanka
    - Citadel (Cerberus)
    - Geth Dreadnought
    - Rannoch
    - Thessia
    - Sanctuary
    - Cerberus Headquarters
    - Earth Return
    - Citadel Finale

    All other planetary missions. For safety, do these BEFORE doing the Priority mission. 17/27.
    - Tuchanka: Turian Platoon
    - Tuchanka: Bomb
    - Rannoch: Rescue Admiral Koris
    - Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons

    All N7 Missions (6 of them). 23/27.
    - N7: Cerberus Lab
    - N7: Cerberus Attack
    - N7: Cerberus Abductions
    - N7: Cerberus Fighter Base
    - N7: Fuel Reactors
    - N7: Communication Hub

    Miscallaneous. 27/27.
    - Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation
    - Attican Traverse: The Rachni
    - Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery
    - Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists

    Eden Prime (from the From Ashes DLC) is not required for this achievement.

    Note that both Grissom Academy and Tuchanka: Bomb are missable if you do not do them within three missions of receiving them. Do them ASAP. Thanks to Pyro1099 and Kennyannydenny in the comments for the intel on these.

    In addition, you can obtain these across saves (you could, for example, miss Grissom Academy, reload a previous save and do the mission for the achievement progression to register). Thanks to Tony Starc in the comments for the confirmation of this fact.

    As far as I am aware, these are the missions that must be completed on Insanity. You can keep track via the Achievements tracker on the Main Menu (there will a bar with #/27 completed).

    If I missed anything, left anything out please let me know in the comments. Good Luck!

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    You cannot obtain this achievement by choosing the dlc ending. You have to choose one of the original 3 otherwise you have to replay the end parts.

    I chose the dlc ending and it remained 26/27 and no insanity achievement. Had to redo it.
    Posted by Yemeth on 29 Aug 13 at 19:34
    Angels Kill Too^ The Tuchanka Platoon where you have to rescue the Turian Lt mission did not appear as completed in my journal after I finished it so don't freak out if you don't see it completed. (check after every mission under extras in the main menu and keep checking after each mission if you're worried)

    Also MAKE SURE you save priority missions for last, mop up the side missions then tackle the priority ones. I'M ON MY THIRD play through because of this {missed the Rannoch Geth Fighter squadrons, I did the priority instead by accident} -_- )

    and as far as choosing an ending just WALK STRAIGHT after all that catalyst boring ass dialogue. I could care less about the endings.
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 18 Jan 16 at 01:08
    SolaceConquestTuchanka Turian Platoon becomes Tuchanka bomb. Is why it doesnt show up as completed.
    Posted by SolaceConquest on 12 May 20 at 23:21
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  • Exia Of WarExia Of War112,280
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    Unwavering Achievement Guide – Multiplayer

    3/26/2012 Version 0.4: Added Firebase White map. Added Descriptions of other Maps

    Table of Contents
    A1 - Foreword
    A2 - Enemy Selection
    A3 - Team Composition
    A4 - Gold Tips
    B1 - Versus Geth
    B2 - Versus Cerberus
    B3 - Versus Reapers
    B4 - Objectives Strategy
    C1 - Firebase Giant
    C2 - Firebase White
    C3 - Firebase Reactor
    C4 - Firebase Dagger
    C5 - Firebase Glacier
    C6 - Firebase Ghost

    A1 Foreword:

    Single player or multiplayer? There is no 'better' way to obtain Unwavering, obviously if you're more keen with competitive play, then the multiplayer way might be better for you. If you are more attuned to playing single player, and are a tactful commander, than it might be easy to just play everything on Insanity. The choice will be obvious the moment you start your first multiplayer match.

    Why Multiplayer? If you have a good team on multiplayer, you can bust through this on average, 30 minutes per map, for a total of 3 hours for this Achievement. Albeit you are unlikely to get Unwavering in 3 hours when just starting multiplayer. Yet through the course of levelling up your MP characters to be able to beat Gold, you should be able to hit these Achievements as well.

    Mass Effect 3GunsmithThe Gunsmith achievement in Mass Effect 3 worth 43 pointsUpgrade any weapon to level 10.

    Mass Effect 3DefenderThe Defender achievement in Mass Effect 3 worth 41 pointsAttain the highest level of readiness in each theater of war.

    Mass Effect 3Peak ConditionThe Peak Condition achievement in Mass Effect 3 worth 37 pointsReach level 20 in multiplayer or level 60 in single-player.

    Mass Effect 3Battle ScarredThe Battle Scarred achievement in Mass Effect 3 worth 37 pointsPromote a multiplayer character to the Galaxy at War or import an ME3 character.

    Mass Effect 3VeteranThe Veteran achievement in Mass Effect 3 worth 49 pointsKill 5,000 enemies.

    Why Gold? Obvious reason being it’s the achievement requirement, but it’s more to it than that. Simply attempting the maps on Gold regardless if you feel like your team is good or not, is still worth it. The amount of credits you get in Gold is somewhat ludicrous. Wave 3 objectives give off 10-12k credits, which is already 2/3rd of what you get on beating all of the objectives on Bronze. Wave 6 gives off 15-20k, while Wave 10 gives off 40-45k, for a grand total of 75k+, which is more than enough for the elusive Spectre Pack which gives a bountiful amount of goodness.

    A2 Enemy Selection:

    Enemies selection is somewhat important, depending on your team composition. Regardless, what it boils down to is tactics and teamwork.

    Why Geth? Among the three different army options, Geth are somewhat lax. They do not have any units that auto-kill you (Cerberus’ Phantom/Atlas, Reapers’ Banshee/Brute), and with the right class (Quarian Infiltrator), they are quite easy to tackle. Their boss unit, the Prime, is much easier to handle than the Atlas or the Banshee. However without a Quarian Infiltrator, they are struggle. Even with the current metagame and the Sabotage buff, Geth are still beatable with a QI aslong as you have the right strategy. My main grief with the Geth are the Geth Hunters, which can be a pain in enclosed maps with their cloak and shotguns.

    Why Cerberus? One species and it's power can turn Cerberus from a pain into a cakewalk. The Asari's stasis bubble can freeze every unit that Cerberus has, except the Atlas and Turrets. One of the biggest pains for many teams are the Phantoms, but a quick stasis can put them in their place.

    Why not the Reapers? Not a single playable species and their trio of powers have any advantage over the reapers. Sabotage is useless. Stasis doesn't affect Banshees, Brutes or Ravagers, making it useless. Banshee's charge towards you in biotic fashion, Brutes charge at you at high speeds, and Ravagers' 2-3 shot combo can kill you if you aren't mobile enough. It's not worth the medi-gel.

    A3 Team Composition/Strategy:


    Generally you want a team composed of characters ranging from Level 15-20, but for those interested in trying to build up your characters to be able to beat Gold, I give the following look.

    Asari Vanguard
    Role: Support
    Against: (Cerberus: Good) (Geth: Okay) (Reapers: Mediocre)
    Ideal Recharge Speed: +100%-200%
    Weapon : Shotguns or Pistols
    Powers Tree:
    Biotic Charge (6) -> Radius -> Power Synergy -> Barrier
    Stasis (6) -> Duration -> Recharge Speed -> Stasis Bubble
    Lift Grenade (3)
    Asari Justicar (6) -> Damage & Capacity -> Power Damage -> Pistols
    Fitness (5) -> Durability -> Shield Recharge
    Notes: Unfortunately Gold brings the worst out of the other Vanguard species. other than the Asari. Biotic Charge becomes a useless power at this difficulty. One does not certainly want to be using Biotic Charge into a group of enemies, even the weakest of grunts. (Yes, I've seen cases where some Human Vanguards are capable of soloing portions of waves on Gold difficulty, but this is a team game). Thus Biotic Charge is used more of a defensive power in this build, as upgrading it to Rank 6 and choosing Barrier allows you to escape the trickiest of situations. If your barriers are gone, simply use BC to regain them, and then run away to find a more tactical position. Stasis is a self-explanatory power and the bread and butter of the Asari. One needs to be utilizing Stasis at every second possible. Thus you should carrying only one weapon to reduce your recharge speed. Shotguns for small maps, and pistols for the bigger maps. Not a fan of Grenades as they tend to do much to nothing. However, having a few are good in case of anything.

    Asari Adept

    Human Infiltrator
    Role: Carry/Heavy
    Against: (Cerberus: Good) (Geth: Good) (Reapers: Good)
    Ideal Recharge Speed: 0%
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle (Preferably Widow/Black Widow)
    Powers Tree:
    Tactical Cloak (6) -> Damage -> Recharged Speed -> Sniper Damage
    Cryo Blast (6) -> Duration -> Cryo Explosion -> Frozen Vulnerability
    Sticky Grenade (0)
    Alliance Training (6) -> Weapon Damage -> Headshots -> Weapon Damage
    Fitness (6) -> Durability -> Shield Recharge -> Fitness Expert
    Notes; The Human Infiltrator's job is to keep dealing damage. Equipped with the Black Widow, Widow, or another sniper rifle with atleast Level X, and then modded with the Extended Barrel, you should be able to one-shot kill any unit with 100% health. Ideally you want to be cloaking, and then firing your shots to deal huge damage, courtesy from your Sniper Damage, and Headshots bonuses. When it comes to units such as the Atlas, Prime, Brute or Banshees, the Cloak->Fire strategy can rip through chunks of their health and shields/barrier. Know where your ammo crates are and when the situation calls for it, cloak to revive downed teammates.

    Quarian Infiltrator


    Weapons can be diverse, but as long as your supports have the lowest cooldowns as possible for their powers, and aslong as you have one teammate with a heavy weapon (Widow, Claymore, Black Widow, etc), then you should be fine. Weapons with high fire rates, accompanied with ammo bonuses, are excellent to take down shields and barriers. Overload, Energy Drain and Warp can do the same as well.

    Your team should be sticking together no matter what. Every time I played on Gold, my team, not led by myself but by other individuals, would just end up in the general area. We’d beat the map cleanly. My illustrated, yet poorly artistic maps for each individual area will help give a sense of where your team should be. Going solo/lone wolf is generally a bad idea unless you know your Infiltrators are ready to jump in and save your butt.

    Gold difficulty isn’t something to be taken lightly. Your team should be willing to put in Equipment (Ammo/Weapon/Armor Bonuses), and your team should have the maximum supplies possible (Missile Launchers, Clip Packs, Medi-Gel, Survival Pack) for optimal results.

    A4 Gold Tips:
    Melee is useless
    Unlike Bronze and Silver where you can troll around spamming charged melee attacks all day err day, it does absolutely nothing on Gold. It's alot like other FPSs, if you're going in for the melee kill, then it gives your opponent time to shoot you down doing so. Only use it as a finisher when your enemies health is low.

    One weapon to rule them all
    Stick to a single weapon, it reduces your cooldown time by only having one. Know where your ammo crates are and refill it when need be.

    Grabs are win
    Grabs can take down every unit in the Geth army except for the Primes, and any unit in the Cerberus army except Guardians, Turrets, Banshees and Atlasus. Thus, it's an effective way to easily to one-off enemies that have shields/armor.

    B1 Versus Geth:

    Strategy: Geth Hunters and Pyros are the biggest problem you'll likely face. Try to keep as much distance as possible and finish them off when you can.


    With no shields or armor, Geth Troopers are the easiest things to take down. However much like anything on Gold, don't underestimate them!

    Rocket Trooper
    Health=Regular, enforced with Shields
    If you're trying to sabotage geth, this unit is the number one priority. It can take out it's brethren at long range, and that means it's not focusing on you.at long range either.

    Health=Armor, enforced with Shields
    Useless at long range, punishing up close. Make sure you take this sucker out when you can. Only sabotage Pyros when they are near other Geth as they will burn them down. Otherwise, take them out with conventional means.

    Health=Regular, enforced with Shields
    These guys are a huge pain. Either it's a bug or my sabotage is useless, but it doesn't affect them when they are cloaked? Make sure you know where they are on the map, or else by the time you do know where they are, it's on top of your corpse that needs to be revived.

    Health=Armor, enforced with Shields
    Stay in cover. The Primes can 3-shot you and it's not very pretty. They release Turrets and Drones that fire on you and regen their shields, respectively. Either way, there are many ways to take out Primes, either by sabotaging surrounding Geth to fire on it (Rocket Troopers/Pyros most importantly), by sabotaging the Prime and then firing on it, or letting your sniper fire headshots at it as it's a slow moving unit.

    B2 Versus Cerberus:

    Strategy: Cerberus is an army you can generally finish off by staying in cover. They love to talk so that should give you a heads up of whether or not they are flanking/around you. Make sure you have your sights on whatever your Asari is using stasis on, and if you are the blue femme, then spam that power all day long.


    Assault Trooper
    The Cerberus bread and butter. And their defenses are like butter. Headshot dead, move along.

    Health=Regular, enforced with Shields
    Throwing Grenades like this is Call of Duty, the Centurions will love to annoy you with their smoke and rapid firing rifle. Just make sure your team at least has Overload, Energy Drain, Stasis or a strong sniper to rip those shields apart and then you're set against them.

    Health=Regular, enforced with Shields
    These girls love to take down your shields in one shot but their killing blow ability is laughable. Despite that their agility is remarkable and they'll dodge your sniper rifle bullets like they're Usain Bolt. Thus I advise to leave them to last.

    This unit is a joke. Sniper rifle headshot, dead. Stasis, dead. Pull, dead.

    Health=Regular, enforced with Shields
    Much like Guardians, make sure you take down their shields, and then punish them. Engineers, while they do dispense turrets, shouldn't be the priority to take out as they are somewhat harmless.

    Health=Armor, enforced with Shields
    Nothing much to be said other than to stay in cover, and let your heavies take them out.

    Health=Regular, enforced with Barriers
    The biggest pain in the Cerberus army, these units have cloak, some tiny gun that packs a punch and the ability to one-off you with their swords. Make sure your Asari uses stasis on them immediately and let your heavies pick them off accordingly.

    Health=Armor, enforced with Shields
    Fire on their canopy to deal loads of damage. Other than that, stand your ground when you're against them, and if there are multiples, it's time to bring out your Cobra ML.

    B3 Versus Reapers:

    Strategy: What are you doing? I told you to play against the other armies instead!


    Easily killable by just about anything, make sure you take out Husks before they end up in your face, leaving you a sitting duck for other more dangerous Reaper units

    Annoying grunt unit with rapid fire weapon and grenade spam. Put these Batarian mutants out of their misery with a well placed shot between their four eyes.

    Health=Regular, enforced with Shields
    With the ability to revive dead units, make sure you take out Marauders out when you can. Similar strategy as Centurions, Energy Drain/Overlord/Stasis does wonders against them.

    With their 3-shot kill combo, make sure you stay in cover against these suckers. The giant circle/mouth is their weakspot, so make sure your sniper fires on that. They leave a puddle of poison, so don't run through that either. It's best to take down Ravagers before they pin you in position, allowing Banshees or Brutes to move in for the kill.

    These come out of the Ravager looking for food. Support cast should take them out, ideally with Stasis or their small arm weapons.

    Ideally your sniper should be able to take down the Brute in a handful of shots. Just stay behind cover and make sure you aren't in their charging lane or else you'll be down to one bar health.

    Health=Armor, enforced with Barriers
    Run away. Adepts can tear their barriers apart, leaving the Banshee easily killable from any of your heavies. Problem is on Gold is that once Banshees start showing up they don't stop showing up. So make sure the team is on the move at all times.

    B4 Objectives Strategy:

    Your team will be faced with three objectives over the 10 waves, spaced out at Wave 3, 6 and 10.

    I: Hacking (4 Locations) – This is the easiest and fastest objective to complete, and hopefully the most numerous one you have in your maps. Whether or not you move as a team or as individuals does not really matter with this objective, but if you are moving as a team, make sure it’s the heavies who are not uploading. If you are against Geth, it's best for your Quarians to be sabotaging rather than hacking. If you are moving as individuals, then it’s a best bet to allow your infiltrators to cloak, and then upload the data.

    II: Hacking (1 Location) – This requires your team to be within a certain area for an allotted amount of time. The more people you have in the area, the quicker the upload will be. The areas will generally not be the area you are already in, so your whole team will have to move. You can generally finish this in thirty seconds/a minute, however you will be swarmed by enemies like crazy. If you are against Geth, it's best for your Quarians to be keen to Sabotage. If you are against Cerberus, make sure you stay away from potential death dealers (Atlas/Banshee). If you are against the Reapers, good luck. If the situation calls for it, you may have to use Cobra Missile Launchers to get out of their alive. Once the upload is done, move back to the suggested location.

    III: Priority Targets (x4) – This is generally a big pain on Gold difficulty. While some maps tend to make the priority targets simply weaker grunts, but sometimes it’s all Primes/Atlas/Banshees, and those don’t exactly go down very fast. The best option is to move as a team and take down the targets together. However after killing one target, you are then rushed or blocked by other enemies from your next target -> then the best solution is for Infiltrator to cloak. They can then move out and take out the target with whatever means necessary (Missile Launcher, etc) .

    IV: Wave 11/Extraction – It’s not the best idea to always rush to the landing zone once your timer starts. It’s actually best to be spread out as much as possible on the map so that enemy spawns are erratic. Only once the timer hits 30 seconds remaining, should the entire team be rushing to the landing zone. This wave is the time you should be dishing out as many Missile Launchers as you see fit. You will still complete the map regardless if you have a Partial or Complete extraction, however if your team fails on Wave 11, you won’t get credit for the map for Unwavering.

    Individual Map Strategies:

    C1 Firebase Giant (Tuchanka)

    Notes: This is by far the easiest map to complete on Gold, and probably the one you want to test out first to see if your team can pull the achievement off. Due to it's large area and large rooms, you'll have alot of space to work with. Obviously with that said, the best option in weaponry is Sniper Rifles. From the map below, you can see that the upstairs room gives the best vision for your team, and the best survivability chance.

    External image

    Strategy: Players 1, 2 and 3 should be equipped with long range weaponry, and at least one of them should be a suport so that the main force straight ahead of you can get sabotaged/stasised. Player 4’s role in this is to be the lookout, to make sure that your team is not flanked at all. Generally, Player 4 should be camping the top ladder. My biggest grief with this strategy is that your lookout/support really has to make sure no enemies are coming to flank your team. Regardless, the amount of time it takes from where the enemies spawn to where your team is located should give you enough time to blast them to bits.

    C2 Firebase White (Noveria)

    Notes: While its size may seem quite small, the downstairs room gives you the best option to complete this. You have a lot of different exit strategies in the room, and enough ammo crates to complement your fire power. However being small in its entirety, you should make sure your team is ready to move in case the situation gets hairy. Your support should be on a sabotage/stasis first, shoot later mentality. You might be thinking "Oh, well in Bronze and Silver my team likes to stay at the top and we did just fine". Well, if you actually manage to execute that in Gold, I commend you. There's no cover in the top area and it's so easy to get flanked. I highly recommend staying at the bottom area as it blankets the enemy.

    External image

    Strategy: Two players (#1,2) should keep a lookout for possible enemies from upstairs, while two players (#3,4) should be on the lookout for enemies outside. Players 1 and 2 should be in cover, and 3 if needed, and ready to grab enemies like crazy. Player 4 should have some sort of long ranged weapon, and lessen the load of enemies that are entering the room.

    C3 Firebase Reactor (Cyone)

    Notes: When I first started ME3 multiplayer, I thought that Reactor would be the toughest to go through on Gold simply because of its chunkiness and the fact that it’s also one of the smaller maps. After completing it, I think my consensus was correct, however it’s really not that bad. If you stay in the suggested area on the map below, the choke points in which the Geth go through just make your life much easier.

    Strategy: Similar to Giant, have three players looking straight down the corridor, while one player is on the lookout for possible flankers.

    C4 Firebase Dagger (Ontarom)

    Notes: Dagger's long hallway provides good vision across the entire map and an easy time if your team is decked out with long range weaponry. The key is to watch your flanks and have good communication.


    C5 Firebase Glacier (Sanctum)

    Notes: Glacier is a hellhole, a map that asks your team to utilize grabs and to constantly be on the move. While it's generally a good idea to stay at the top of the map in the beginning of each wave, be ready to move in groups of two to sweep/survive.


    C6 Firebase Ghost (Benning)

    Notes: Ghost is a large map, but rather messy. Due to the fact that it's so wide open, your team will be transitioning from cover to cover depending on where the enemies spawn, which can be erratic at times.

    Strategy: Ghost's landing zone is a complete flustercuck on Gold. Just move around the map and only come back to it when the timer is < :30.
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    Exia Of WarSabotage was nerfed but it is still viable in the game, you just have to make sure you know who you're using sabotage on.
    Posted by Exia Of War on 30 Mar 12 at 17:24
    Aura of HeroismGood guide, very in depth. Been trying this with a few friends and meeting with sparatic success. Few quick things if I may, in section A3 Team composition and strategy, there isn't anything under Quarian Infiltrator.
    I would consider putting something in to the effectiveness of the human engineer to be honest. Something like a high power AR w/ piercing for geth & the Geth Plasma Shotgun for cerebus (until they crack down on it and kill it's power,) would work for you weapon and having overload is universally helpful against all enemies since every class has a shielded or barrier enemy. Also I've noticed overload gets techbursts much more frequently with biotics than other moves. The incinterate ability is nice against the "boss" units, as it does lasting damage. One last thing I would mention is the piercing mod. Man, that makes those pain in the ass pyros and the Primes a helluva lot easier, especially if you have an accurate AR leveled up like the vindicator or avenger.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 15 Apr 12 at 17:14
    THEpaynexkillerThank you for this guide. Seriously appreciate your write up,
    Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 08 Feb 21 at 23:04
  • KibagameGenjuroKibagameGenjuro166,582
    09 Apr 2012 09 Apr 2012
    37 1 22
    You can change the difficulty to insanity before the mission ends. So play through on narrative, and when the mission is going to end, switch to insanity. I tested this, and it works.
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    KibagameGenjuronot sure, havent played in months, try a mission and let us know...
    Posted by KibagameGenjuro on 01 Sep 12 at 05:28
    HolyHalfDeadGood to see someone posted this. Today I got all the way to the end of the first mission in Vancouver and then set the difficulty to Insanity just before boarding the shuttle (as required for the Insanity achievement) and noticed my Unwavering progress was now 1/27.

    This will be useful to those who already have the Insanity achievement. Wish I had known this on my first playthrough when I completed all the sidequests, as that would have meant I would only need to do the Priority missions on Insanity.

    What I may do is save before starting a sidequest, start the sidequest and then save it, then reload the first save and skip the sidequest. Then after I have the Insanity achievement I can just reload each sidequest save and change the difficulty to Narrative for the mission then back to Insanity just before the end.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 03 Mar 14 at 00:05
    MidnitePizzamonAnyone know if this has been patched?
    Posted by MidnitePizzamon on 18 Jan 21 at 01:59
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