Blink Of An Eye achievement in Street Fighter X Tekken

Blink Of An Eye

Connect with 500 EX Special Moves.

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How to unlock the Blink Of An Eye achievement

  • Felipe RamboFelipe Rambo42,366
    01 Apr 2012 01 Apr 2012
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    To complete this achievement you need to connect 500 Super Ex Moves, which are basically your normal moves only tuned, Example: Ryu Hadouken Ex = Down, Foward + (Weak Punch + Medium Punch).
    In my video tutorial I'll show you how to get multiple Super Ex Moves, Super Arts, Pandoras, and Pandoras Finish.

    In 1 fight of infinity time and 7 rounds:

    - 16 Super Ex Moves
    - 7 Pandora
    - 4 Pandora Finish
    - 3 Super Art

    Watch my video to do the things more eazy.

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    Masta Skor 16Nice1 man !
    Posted by Masta Skor 16 on 24 Jul 13 at 00:54
    ThePootermobileWhen I attempt this method, I can only do 3 EX moves before my bar is emptied, yet your's seems to keep going - what's the trick to that? What gems are you using? The onslaught gems all come as DLC, which means this requires further purchases to make work.
    Posted by ThePootermobile on 22 Nov 13 at 02:37
    WRATH 0F PAINGotta love the modded controllers.laugh
    Posted by WRATH 0F PAIN on 18 Jun 14 at 13:35
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  • Avaritia AurousAvaritia Aurous337,059
    10 Mar 2012 08 Mar 2012
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    EX Special Moves are slightly stronger versions of other special moves that use up some of your Special Gauge, they are activated by pushing 2 Kicks or Punch buttons at the same time when you use the move. For example Ryu can use Hadoken, Quarter Circle Forward + Any Punch, or EX Hadoken, Quarter Circle Forward + Any 2 Punches.
    However there is an alternate way to activate EX moves in this game, when you use the move continue holding the button and you will charge it, when your character flashes red for a second you can release the attack as an EX Version without using any of your Special Gauge.

    If you want to farm these the best way I have found, so far, is to use Ken in arcade mode. Begin the battle by using Quarter Circle Back + Heavy Kick, as soon as that move ends use Heavy Shoryuken, this will knock the opponent down. Quickly do Quarter Circle Back and then hold the kick, you should be able to charge it to an EX before they get back up. Use it on them and then immediately use Heavy Shoryuken to knock them over and keep repeating this process until you win. You also can use some EX Shoryukens in place of the heavies since you will be gaining meter from your attacks.

    I assume EX Moves in Local Versus count so that way is probably easier then what I said, but it is only an assumption, not a fact.
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    Pukey UKIt also counts in local versus..

    Best way would be to pick someone like Ryu... then go against Hugo & Zangief (most health).. for a best of 7 match.

    Now just super charge EX's constantly, switching opponent when they are nearly KO'd. Then finish off the other guy.

    Rinse & repeat. This also goes for the other cheevos. (you will get the perfects on the way also)

    You can boost the pandora mode like this, just change your starting health to 25% so you can activate it.
    Posted by Pukey UK on 08 Mar 12 at 16:42
  • StarlinXStarlinX211,406
    08 Mar 2012
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    To complete this achievement you must connect or hit the enemy with EX Special moves 500 times. You can get this simply by playing the game online, arcade, or many others. You will not get credit while doing training, trials, or the tutorial.

    You can get two controllers and play versus mode over and over as a single player to get this achievement as well. Simply spam your Charge Attack to activate your EX Special (Hit start and go to the move list to see your characters Charge Attack). Remember to only charge it to the first charge up. If you go to the second charge it will activate your Super Arts. Then before the opponent is defeated switch to their second character by pressing medium kick and medium punch at the same time. Proceed to do the same to their second teammate. You should be able to get 10-15 (depending on your character and the strength of your EX Special move) per round. Set the round limits as high as you'd like.

    The Achievement will not pop the instant you connect your 500th Special Move. It will pop after you finish your current full match (not single round)


    Be sure to set yourself up with Assist gems and Boost gems that activate when EX pecial moves connect. Try NOT to use boost gems that increase your power. Go for defensive or speed boosts. That way you do not do more damage which will equal less special moves per round. Remember to also set your partner up with similar gems. They can only be activated once per round. By giving your partner similar gems, switching and activating them, you can double the number of gem activations per round. This will aid with the gem activation achievements.

    Remember to make the final blow of the round a Super Art, Pandora, Cross Art, or Cross Assault so that you can work on those achievements at the same time.

    Also, you can go into your Player Record to see your current running tally of special moves successfully connected. This will be under player data not character data.
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