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Anything Goes

Activate Cross Assault 500 times.

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How to unlock the Anything Goes achievement

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    To Cross Assault you perform the backwards Hadoken motion and then press Medium Punch and Medium Kick. In other words that's 214+mp+mk, or d, d/b, b+ y + b (default controls.

    #################Another update ##################

    As Yoshimitsus windmill attack seems to gain less meter, here is a suggestion from Jo3y Ban3s:

    Please note that anyone trying this now, will be SOL as Yoshimitsus gauge gain was reduced for sword poke windmill and while I can't find documentation on it, seems Akumas HP is lower now. Unpatch or use onslaught L1 (gain after 3 specials hit) plus super easy input gems and use a bigger opponent. Same overall tactic but takes 9 sword poke windmills to fill the gauge.
    Personally I used Hugo as my opponent.

    Further to this, Zalexzy has confirmed that Hugo has enough HP to gain full meter with the Windmill technique.


    A fair few months late (apologies Dennoman!) here's an alternative method from Dennoman, which appears to be a bit more than twice as quick as mine. I haven't been able to test it as i've not owned the game in some time, but anyway:

    "This solution courtesy of my pal FL Trooper BE.

    Go to Versus with 2 controllers, pick Yoshimitsu, any partner, 75% handicap. Opponent should be Akuma at 100% health, as he has the lowest health in the Xbox 360 version of the game at 850.

    Just spam Swordpoke Windmill (63214 + any punch). It takes 7 to completely fill up your meter. After the 7th, simply activate Cross Art. Akuma should only have the tiniest sliver of health left after the 7th and last Swordpoke Windmill, so the first hit of the Cross Art K.O.'s him. This shaves A LOT of time off your total spent to grind this, should be able to get an average of roughly 3 wins per minute, maybe 150-160 an hour.

    Also, default or no gems equipped for both your and the enemy team. Nothing should be triggered during this. And make that a realistic number of 150-160 an hour if you're doing it very efficiently."

    Here's the quickest method I found.

    With Ken, equip the following gems:
    #207 Onslaught lv.1 - Connect with 3 special moves
    #212 Onslaught lv.2 - Connect with 1 launcher
    #214 Onslaught lv.2 - Your partner connects with 1 launcher

    Set up a versus game, best of 7 rounds, unlimited time (just incase you get sidetracked by watching tv, because this is really boring to do whilst not having a distraction).

    Your team should be Ken first, and Ryu second. The opposing team should be Hugo first, and whoever you want second as they're irrelevant. Make sure Hugo has no defence gems equipped otherwise that might cock things up a bit.

    Anyway, at the start of the fight jump to Hugo, hit him with a launcher, and before he hits the ground, hit him with another launcher to bring Ken back in. That's 2 "Cross Gauge Acquisition Rate + 40%" gems activated immediately. Now start spamming Hadoukens until your cross gauge is full.

    Hugo should be down to about 15% hp at this point. Activate Cross Assault. The beauty of this part (which saves a few seconds each round) is that from the full screen distance, 9 times out of 10, Ken will throw an EX Hadouken or a Hadouken. If you do the same, then Hugo dies most of the time. However, if you've done every hadouken perfectly in the build up, he will have a little bit of hp left so you'll have to throw a 2nd one. That said, you don't have to worry about moving across the screen to land anything, you can just do it while watching tv and not paying too much attention.

    When I did this I could get about 20 wins an hour, maybe a few more, which is 80 Cross Assault finishes an hour approximately. So to get the achievement you're looking at roughly 6/7 hours grinding.

    Please leave feedback if you have anything to add or have found a better method. A thumbs up would be appreciated, and if you leave a thumbs down please leave a comment as to why. Thanks.
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    WeltallAY^Thank you for this. Don't understand why neither of these guides mention HOW to do the Cross Assaults either.
    Posted by WeltallAY on 18 Aug 13 at 20:35
    IHeartParamoreI've not owned the game since March 2012. I have recently purchased the PC version though so i'll be taking that out of the plastic in a couple of weeks i'd imagine so i'll actually be able to test things out on the 2013 version. Anyway, i've amended the guide to add how to perform a Cross Assault right at the top.
    Posted by IHeartParamore on 04 Sep 13 at 19:45
    WeltallAYPerfect, have changed my vote to reflect your dedication to excellence.
    Posted by WeltallAY on 04 Sep 13 at 20:27
    WeltallAYAlso, if you by chance find a good current route for this a PM would be greatly appreciated!
    Posted by WeltallAY on 04 Sep 13 at 20:28
    IHeartParamoreI'll have a quick investigate but i'm not sure what else we could try that hasn't been done already. That said, if i do find anything i'll drop you a PM and update the guide. Thanks for the thumbs up!
    Posted by IHeartParamore on 04 Sep 13 at 21:01
    IHeartParamoreI seem to remember when I did the PC version I used Yoshimitsus windmill attack and things were ok, albeit I can't remember the settings I used. This would have been back in late 2013. Pretty sure I will have used an opponent with a bit more health, ie Ryu or Ken.
    Posted by IHeartParamore on 09 Aug 17 at 20:31
    IHeartParamoreI've updated the solution. If I'm wrong about using Ryu, please correct me and I'll amend it and credit you.
    Posted by IHeartParamore on 09 Aug 17 at 20:35
    ZalexzySolution should be updated, as Yoshimitsu's 7 windmills is not enough to fill meter. As mentioned in comments years ago.
    Posted by Zalexzy on 09 Aug 17 at 20:56
    ZalexzyTakes 9 without boosts, Hugo has enough health for that. Now tested with Ruy with boost (3 & 4 special hits), takes 8 windmill for energy so slightly faster. Ruy has not enough health to take 9 windmills and stay up.
    Posted by Zalexzy on 10 Aug 17 at 08:41
    IHeartParamoreI will have forgotten to do it when I went through the PC version. Honestly can't remember exactly what I did on that ver, I mean, it could be that it wasn't patched as far and Yoshimitsu still had the same meter gain as on the older version. This has now been updated. Thanks.
    Posted by IHeartParamore on 10 Aug 17 at 20:03
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