Greetings, Earth Citizens achievement in Shoot Many Robots

Greetings, Earth Citizens

Beat a mission wearing the astronaut helmet and backpack!

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How to unlock the Greetings, Earth Citizens achievement

  • Cringer85Cringer85340,054
    03 Jul 2012 06 Jul 2012
    79 5 28
    Items are not completely random!

    They drop based on level/difficulty. That means hard level = high level items only.

    Level 10-15 items drop only in 3: Metal Slag Trail. Since the two required items (Astronaut's Helmet and E.V.A. Pack) are level 12 and 15 items, you will get them in 3: Metal Slag Trail on Normal difficulty, level Factory!!!

    Replay only that level, it has the very highest chance of giving you the items!

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    Octobot SuperI don't really understand where all the information is coming from about playing certain levels for certain loot. It does seem that higher level items drop on later levels, but beyond that I feel like it's all just anecdotal. Unless someone actually has a source.
    Posted by Octobot Super On 05 Apr 15 at 22:09
    PirS92I think the drop is totally random. I found right now a lvl. 20 item in the Level just before the factory.
    I tried several times in the factory but i dropped no items, only bags of Money . Maybe the char. Level you are makes difference? I don' t Know, i m at lvl. 40.
    Posted by PirS92 On 18 Nov 15 at 11:54
    HmizzzThis is soooo frutrating, I've been playing Factory for 5 hours ...
    Posted by Hmizzz On 25 Feb 16 at 12:12
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  • Sera Di SiahSera Di Siah1,275,187
    21 Dec 2013 21 Dec 2013 21 Dec 2013
    53 5 9
    So then my fellow robo-hunters, if you're one of the unlucky gamers and can't get the Astronaut Helmet to spawn try the following ~

    After reading the other Solutions I replayed Chapter 3 - Metal Slag Trail - Level 3 The Factory for 4 hours straight (3 hours solo, 1 co-op) and got a shitload of nut boxes, but no headpiece.

    Since all of Chapter 3 are classed with level 12 - 15 items I started trying the level before the Factory called Highlands, also in Chapter 3 Metal Slag Trail.

    Bam, first try, first box. My friend who I did the co-op with had the same issue and he got it on the first box after hours of the Factory with no luck there on Highlands aswell.

    Hope it helps, and if you have the E.V.A. Suit, equip that with it. I read from some others the other matching piece makes it spawn faster.

    Happy hunting, here's a puppy if you're having trouble with the Achievement so it eases the possible annoyment.

    External image

    If you still have problems... you can always buy it for 99 cents on the marketplace / in-game store.
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    PensFan4Life71-1 for the mutt!
    Posted by PensFan4Life71 On 10 Mar 14 at 17:56
    Killerfox Uru+1 For the puppy and including the fact that you could purchase the helmet if you are unlucky or lazy.
    Posted by Killerfox Uru On 17 Jul 14 at 19:06
    Killerfox Uru+1 For the puppy and including the fact that you could purchase the helmet if you are unlucky or lazy.
    Posted by Killerfox Uru On 17 Jul 14 at 19:07
  • TrypWyre11TrypWyre11161,810
    20 Feb 2014 20 Feb 2014
    8 3 0
    If you've tried the other methods for obtaining the Astronaut's Helmet and the E.V.A. Pack, and still no luck, give this a try: Go to Area 2- Dirtfield Drive, and load up the first level, Grain Processing. There are some loot crates stashed under one of the larger structures.

    Proceed past the second checkpoint, and after a bit you'll come up against two of the monkey-looking robots, along with a bigger version. Once defeated, take the low path created by the bigger bot. In here are two loot boxes, with one more on a ledge once you exit the tunnel. There are also two more boxes right at the end of the level out in the open.

    I was able to get the Astronaut Helmet this way, after several sessions of playing through Area 3- Metal Slag Trail with no luck. After a handful of run-throughs as described above, I finally got that pesky thing. Additionally, I did this with my character at level 41. I hope this helps, and good luck!
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