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Suaviter In Modo

Promoted to Colonel

Suaviter In Modo+15.3
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How to unlock the Suaviter In Modo achievement

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    This achievement basically only contains cumulative challenges. There are no special tricks to collecting 1000 powerups, playing for 20 hours or reflecting 10000 bullets. Just keep playing normally and you'll do it. These are the challenges:

    1) Promoted to Major (previous rank)
    2) Pick up 1,000 power-ups
    3) Clean game time is over 20 hours
    4) Reflect 10,000 bullets
    5) Play with 40 different chronomes
    6) Finish every stage with an "A" (or better) rating
    7) Complete arcade with 2 different pilots
    8) Finish any stage on insane difficulty

    4) If you don't use reflect very often and find yourself needing to boost the 10,000 reflections, an easy way to do it is to load up Kolobok in Boss Training and just wait for him to do his screen-filling attack. You have enough capsule to reflect his laser and other shots too. After reflecting, just hit pause and restart stage.

    5) "Chronomes" are the builds available in any mode but story mode. After you pick your ship, pilot and capsule, you'll see a hex grid with numbers on them. These are the "chronomes," so it's just a weird word for build. It marks them with a different color when you've done them. You can pick a different chronome than the one you just made by hovering over a number and pressing X, which is nice for systematically getting them all done. You can use any mode but Story and you don't even need to finish a level; just load one up and quit out if you just need to grind through chronomes.

    6) "Finish every stage with an "A" (or better) rating" sounds like the hardest achievement in the game until you notice that it's cumulative and does not need to be in one run. Since it's a score attack challenge, you can pick specific levels and practice each until you get it down. The game doesn't let you know which levels you've completed so far, so keep track of that. See Help & Options in the game for a good explanation on how to keep your rank up. It's not as hard as it sounds, and keep in mind that using a subweapon lowers your rank by A LOT less than using your capsule does. The laser subweapon shoots away bullets too, so it can basically act as a slow-down that doesn't completely ruin your rank.
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    XonatronHow do you know those are the requirements for the achievement?
    Posted by Xonatron on 24 Mar 12 at 15:37
    DROGTURISTThe requirements are listed in the Achievements menu in the game.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 25 Mar 12 at 10:23
    XonatronWeird, I didn't see that. I just saw the achievement name itself. You must be able to click on them.
    Posted by Xonatron on 28 Mar 12 at 01:04
    wariomonaI think you're wrong about what you need for an A rating...
    It seems to mostly be based on Hit Ratio. To aim for A's and S's I've been ignoring scoring well and just aiming to hit as many enemies as possible and it works. On other forums people have said similar things. In which case, use as many subweapons and time capsules as you want to achieve this.
    Posted by wariomona on 03 Apr 12 at 00:18
    DROGTURISTI'm wrong about telling people to check out Help & Options for scoring tips? Okay.

    The solution doesn't say not to use subweapons and capsules - the How to Play section says that. I clarified what I did because that's one thing that's NOT noted in there.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 03 Apr 12 at 18:05
    wariomonaIt's just that, in your solution, it sounds like you're getting confused between rank and rating. So I wasn't sure whether you understood what you're supposed to do here. Obviously you do but from what I can tell, score is largely determined by rank. However rating is not determined much by score or rank, but instead by hit ratio, penalties and continues.
    Posted by wariomona on 04 Apr 12 at 06:42
    DreamKnifeWariomona. its absolutely not. It is mostly determined by the time you spend on A rank during the stage, some depending on the hit ratio, and mostly by penalties.Penalties are the times you get shot. Hit ratio needs to be around 90 %.
    Posted by DreamKnife on 15 Apr 12 at 18:58
    toidi diputsI tend to use the rollback capsule a lot in arcade and score attack. It has some major advantages and only one disadvantage.
    1: rollback is the only capsule that doesn't lower your rank, or if it does it undoes it immediately.
    2: one rollback power up can completely refill your capsule, just pick up the power up, rewind, and pick it up again until your capsule is full.
    3: if you hit something, rewinding not only lets you keep your weapon upgrades, but also erases any score penalties that you would receive from hitting something, making it indispensable for the annoying "cave" sections.

    The only disadvantage is that you will frequently need to collect a shield power up and save it for the boss in case of that one attack you just can't dodge.
    Posted by toidi diputs on 06 May 12 at 04:51
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