Collect 100 Souls achievement in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Collect 100 Souls

Collect one hundred souls from your enemies using the power of the Jackanism sword.

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How to unlock the Collect 100 Souls achievement

  • GadellaaGadellaa428,144
    07 Jun 2009 07 Jun 2009
    82 9 39
    Kee..easy method on Isla Cruces level...
    As Jack, run to the side and climb up the
    rope and use the lever to open up the cave at the corner. Switch to either
    Will or Elizabeth and go into the cave and stay there until it drops so
    they get trapped in the cave. Control Jack again and go up the rope once
    more and open the cave. Quickly control whoever you put in the cave for
    a second and move them to the back of the cave, then switch to the
    remaining character and move them toward the cave. Hopefully you can get
    both in there in time. Switch between them quickly if they come out,
    and hopefully you can lock both in there.

    Then as Jack, the fastest way killing an enemy is the
    AXA combo. Do this until you can do a special move, and do it. Hopefully
    you get a skull (I say there is a 10% chance of it occurring). When you do,
    move out of the way, but not too far, and activate it. DO NOT ACTIVATE IT
    NEAR A GRENADE otherwise it'll explode, and probably kill you. Now harvest
    a few souls. If you are lucky, you'll have a few enemies near you, and with
    one skull you can get a maximum of five, maybe six souls each time.

    With this method alone, you could get all the souls within an hour, an hour
    and a half (excluding the time it takes to get to this point of the level).
    It's boring, but just keep at and stay away from grenades at all times.
    Once you are done, or had enough, kill the leader by the cave to finish the

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    ^^To be honest I wouldn't consider this a glitch.
    Posted on 26 Jan 21 at 19:02
    And also I just did this in mission select after completing the game. So mission select does work.
    Posted on 27 Jan 21 at 06:47
    SirDavi20Great method, those pesky grenades are just so damn hard to avoid!! I've gotten to 60/100 souls at least four times now, only to set one off and kill myself. Definitely taking me longer than an hour. If only activating Jackanism collected souls!
    Posted by SirDavi20 on 24 Jul at 18:16
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  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter887,082
    18 Aug 2008 22 Sep 2008 12 Apr 2011
    31 2 11
    This one can be time-consuming and boring.

    First off to collect souls you must collect at least 1-3 shrunken heads, then as Jack activate Jackanism. Your sword will glow green, now when you attack an enemy while your sword is green it will instant kill them and add 1 to your soul count.

    Note: The more shrunken heads you have when you use Jackanism the longer it will last, you can hold up to 3 at a time.

    The tricky thing is you cant replay one level for all the souls(unless you get them all that first time). This is due to that only your HIGHEST AMOUNT ON THAT LEVEL will count. Example lets say you get 5 on one level, you replay that same level and get 6, your total will now only be 6 NOT 11.

    You can find shrunken heads occasionally in chests, but easiest way is to build up your finishing move and use that on an enemy, there is a low chance they will drop a shrunken head.

    There are a few good areas to get lots of souls (mainly ones where enemies infinitely respawn). One is on the Isla Cruces level, when you get back to the shore at the end of the level, you will be in a huge battle. Simply collect 1-3 heads, run away from the group (due to that the explosion has a radius kill and those don't count towards your souls) and activate your Jackanism, run back and kill as many normal enemies you can (make sure you keep the "boss" enemy alive as this will keep the enemies respawning). Unfortunately on this level you will have 2 npc's with you and they cant die or its game over, so when they get low on health make sure and switch to them and heal them. Rinse and repeat until you get all 100 or at least a large amount to simplify other levels.

    Another area is Port Royal, get to the final area (with the gallows), enemies here will respawn infinitely, do the same thing as outlined above. You can do everything in this final part except fire the cannon which will end the level. If you get up to that point the enemies will only come two at a time, reducing the risk of your npc, Will, dieing.

    Try to get your 100 between these 2 levels as they are the easiest to do so. If you get close you can also net an easy 9-11 souls on the Prison Fortress level.
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    DX PhenomenonI don't think the soul count works that way anymore, cause I was at 8 and I got 10 and my total was 18.
    Posted by DX Phenomenon on 08 Oct 13 at 13:13
    AwakeDeadeyeI found a way to increase the odds of getting head from finishing moves, I'm on the mission where you need to strike a cannon to end it. When it time for the finishing move, don't pick the one with the red circle around it. You will get only one drop instead of two, but you won't get things like money and health, just flintlock ammo, daggers, and heads. My first 3 heads took 2 1/2 hours to get by choosing the highlighted finisher, I got 7 heads in 20 minutes this way so far.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 31 Dec 13 at 18:14
    tjpatterson146Thanks for the help with how to grind the souls on port royal managed to get them all on that level, very boring but easy method :D
    Posted by tjpatterson146 on 06 Jun 15 at 00:08
  • UncouthTruthUncouthTruth189,892
    01 Feb 2011 31 Jan 2011 01 Feb 2011
    21 3 0
    At the time I am writing this, there are a couple of other well thought-out solutions already posted on the subject, however I would like to add a little something you may find easier to swallow:

    1) The achievement "Collect 100 Souls" requires you to do just that. You can collect souls by activating the Jackanism Sword when you are playing as Jack. To activate the Jackanism sword, you need to have collected between 1 and 3 of the "heads" that come from chests or are seen lying around various levels. The more heads you have, the longer the Jackanism sword lasts (it will remain green when active). Once you have some heads, you need to press RT, LT and A at once. There will be a poof of green smoke (which kills enemies :( ) and then you have it activated. With the sword active, as you hit enemies with it, you will collect their soul. This is how you collect souls.

    2) It is important to note that when activating the Jackanism sword you should be away from grenados, as they will explode and kill you. You should also be away from your enemies, as the 'blast radius' will kill them too, and you'd prefer to harvest their soul :)

    3) The other solutions are great, however I found that it was difficult to get both NPC's on Isla Cruces in the cave at the same time, and I found that it was painful to wait for the soldiers to come out on the end of Port Royal getting only 1 or 2 per Jackanism.

    4) To make it more "Interesting", I played through the levels again where you play as Jack and in each level there is usually a scene where jack has to kill a number of enemies and a mini-boss. I used a 3-head jackanism in these levels to collect roughly 10-15 souls per level which adds up after 5 or 6 levels and it's not as monotonous as trying to get all 100 from one level. I did all levels besides Port Royal and Isla Cruces and managed to pick up about 55 souls.

    5) After that, I played Port Royal and picked up souls in two key areas: The first is in the tavern area before you tamper with the hangman's noose. I picked up 10 or so here. Then at the end of the level I picked up another 20 or so to bring my total up to 84/100 souls. (* Note that in this area I DID have to build up by "finishing move" power by defeating enemies using the A X A combination, then when it was filled to the bright red level I dueled and used LT to finish them off (making sure to finish them with the circled button) to have them drop a head every so often. Time consuming and boring.)

    6) With 16 to go, I will captured 1 NPC in the cave at the end of Isla Cruces when you play as Jack, and picked up the other 16. With a 3-head Jackanism to start the fighting, I picked up between 8 and 10 at the start and then grinded on for the others.

    Again, my solution is no different than the others listed here, except I recommend that you replay other levels to pick up some souls which breaks up the monotony and in truth may be as fast as grinding them out. (i.e playing a level only for souls takes only 10-15minutes and nets you 10+ souls) That was better than my rate on Port Royal.

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