Collect 100 Souls achievement in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Collect 100 Souls

Collect one hundred souls from your enemies using the power of the Jackanism sword.

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How to unlock the Collect 100 Souls achievement

  • GadellaaGadellaa429,263
    07 Jun 2009 07 Jun 2009
    82 9 39
    Kee..easy method on Isla Cruces level...
    As Jack, run to the side and climb up the
    rope and use the lever to open up the cave at the corner. Switch to either
    Will or Elizabeth and go into the cave and stay there until it drops so
    they get trapped in the cave. Control Jack again and go up the rope once
    more and open the cave. Quickly control whoever you put in the cave for
    a second and move them to the back of the cave, then switch to the
    remaining character and move them toward the cave. Hopefully you can get
    both in there in time. Switch between them quickly if they come out,
    and hopefully you can lock both in there.

    Then as Jack, the fastest way killing an enemy is the
    AXA combo. Do this until you can do a special move, and do it. Hopefully
    you get a skull (I say there is a 10% chance of it occurring). When you do,
    move out of the way, but not too far, and activate it. DO NOT ACTIVATE IT
    NEAR A GRENADE otherwise it'll explode, and probably kill you. Now harvest
    a few souls. If you are lucky, you'll have a few enemies near you, and with
    one skull you can get a maximum of five, maybe six souls each time.

    With this method alone, you could get all the souls within an hour, an hour
    and a half (excluding the time it takes to get to this point of the level).
    It's boring, but just keep at and stay away from grenades at all times.
    Once you are done, or had enough, kill the leader by the cave to finish the

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    ^^To be honest I wouldn't consider this a glitch.
    Posted on 26 Jan 21 at 19:02
    And also I just did this in mission select after completing the game. So mission select does work.
    Posted on 27 Jan 21 at 06:47
    SirDavi20Great method, those pesky grenades are just so damn hard to avoid!! I've gotten to 60/100 souls at least four times now, only to set one off and kill myself. Definitely taking me longer than an hour. If only activating Jackanism collected souls!
    Posted by SirDavi20 on 24 Jul at 18:16
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  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter890,558
    18 Aug 2008 22 Sep 2008 12 Apr 2011
    31 2 11
    This one can be time-consuming and boring.

    First off to collect souls you must collect at least 1-3 shrunken heads, then as Jack activate Jackanism. Your sword will glow green, now when you attack an enemy while your sword is green it will instant kill them and add 1 to your soul count.

    Note: The more shrunken heads you have when you use Jackanism the longer it will last, you can hold up to 3 at a time.

    The tricky thing is you cant replay one level for all the souls(unless you get them all that first time). This is due to that only your HIGHEST AMOUNT ON THAT LEVEL will count. Example lets say you get 5 on one level, you replay that same level and get 6, your total will now only be 6 NOT 11.

    You can find shrunken heads occasionally in chests, but easiest way is to build up your finishing move and use that on an enemy, there is a low chance they will drop a shrunken head.

    There are a few good areas to get lots of souls (mainly ones where enemies infinitely respawn). One is on the Isla Cruces level, when you get back to the shore at the end of the level, you will be in a huge battle. Simply collect 1-3 heads, run away from the group (due to that the explosion has a radius kill and those don't count towards your souls) and activate your Jackanism, run back and kill as many normal enemies you can (make sure you keep the "boss" enemy alive as this will keep the enemies respawning). Unfortunately on this level you will have 2 npc's with you and they cant die or its game over, so when they get low on health make sure and switch to them and heal them. Rinse and repeat until you get all 100 or at least a large amount to simplify other levels.

    Another area is Port Royal, get to the final area (with the gallows), enemies here will respawn infinitely, do the same thing as outlined above. You can do everything in this final part except fire the cannon which will end the level. If you get up to that point the enemies will only come two at a time, reducing the risk of your npc, Will, dieing.

    Try to get your 100 between these 2 levels as they are the easiest to do so. If you get close you can also net an easy 9-11 souls on the Prison Fortress level.
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    DX PhenomenonI don't think the soul count works that way anymore, cause I was at 8 and I got 10 and my total was 18.
    Posted by DX Phenomenon on 08 Oct 13 at 13:13
    AwakeDeadeyeI found a way to increase the odds of getting head from finishing moves, I'm on the mission where you need to strike a cannon to end it. When it time for the finishing move, don't pick the one with the red circle around it. You will get only one drop instead of two, but you won't get things like money and health, just flintlock ammo, daggers, and heads. My first 3 heads took 2 1/2 hours to get by choosing the highlighted finisher, I got 7 heads in 20 minutes this way so far.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 31 Dec 13 at 18:14
    tjpatterson146Thanks for the help with how to grind the souls on port royal managed to get them all on that level, very boring but easy method :D
    Posted by tjpatterson146 on 06 Jun 15 at 00:08
  • UncouthTruthUncouthTruth189,934
    01 Feb 2011 31 Jan 2011 01 Feb 2011
    21 3 0
    At the time I am writing this, there are a couple of other well thought-out solutions already posted on the subject, however I would like to add a little something you may find easier to swallow:

    1) The achievement "Collect 100 Souls" requires you to do just that. You can collect souls by activating the Jackanism Sword when you are playing as Jack. To activate the Jackanism sword, you need to have collected between 1 and 3 of the "heads" that come from chests or are seen lying around various levels. The more heads you have, the longer the Jackanism sword lasts (it will remain green when active). Once you have some heads, you need to press RT, LT and A at once. There will be a poof of green smoke (which kills enemies :( ) and then you have it activated. With the sword active, as you hit enemies with it, you will collect their soul. This is how you collect souls.

    2) It is important to note that when activating the Jackanism sword you should be away from grenados, as they will explode and kill you. You should also be away from your enemies, as the 'blast radius' will kill them too, and you'd prefer to harvest their soul :)

    3) The other solutions are great, however I found that it was difficult to get both NPC's on Isla Cruces in the cave at the same time, and I found that it was painful to wait for the soldiers to come out on the end of Port Royal getting only 1 or 2 per Jackanism.

    4) To make it more "Interesting", I played through the levels again where you play as Jack and in each level there is usually a scene where jack has to kill a number of enemies and a mini-boss. I used a 3-head jackanism in these levels to collect roughly 10-15 souls per level which adds up after 5 or 6 levels and it's not as monotonous as trying to get all 100 from one level. I did all levels besides Port Royal and Isla Cruces and managed to pick up about 55 souls.

    5) After that, I played Port Royal and picked up souls in two key areas: The first is in the tavern area before you tamper with the hangman's noose. I picked up 10 or so here. Then at the end of the level I picked up another 20 or so to bring my total up to 84/100 souls. (* Note that in this area I DID have to build up by "finishing move" power by defeating enemies using the A X A combination, then when it was filled to the bright red level I dueled and used LT to finish them off (making sure to finish them with the circled button) to have them drop a head every so often. Time consuming and boring.)

    6) With 16 to go, I will captured 1 NPC in the cave at the end of Isla Cruces when you play as Jack, and picked up the other 16. With a 3-head Jackanism to start the fighting, I picked up between 8 and 10 at the start and then grinded on for the others.

    Again, my solution is no different than the others listed here, except I recommend that you replay other levels to pick up some souls which breaks up the monotony and in truth may be as fast as grinding them out. (i.e playing a level only for souls takes only 10-15minutes and nets you 10+ souls) That was better than my rate on Port Royal.

  • Hirogen HunterHirogen Hunter1,257,338
    13 Apr 2011 13 Apr 2011 13 Apr 2011
    14 5 9
    I went from around 60 souls to 100 in around 30 mins max

    I played the last level (Malestrom) up to where you control Jack, carry on with the level until you reach the part with the cannon, forcing you to move boxes in its path to get around it.

    Once you have left that room and enterd a new room there shud be around 2 of Davy Jones's men and 2 Navy guards (The room with the 2nd dice infront of you) now heres what i did.

    I killed the Davy men and left the only Navy guard that you can only kill with a finisher alive (Check which one this is by using A,X,A combo on them and the one that dosnt die is the lets say 'Boss')

    The Davy men will constantly respawn one from the wall oposite were you came in and one just to the right of him infront of the cannon, they respawn as soon as you have killed one so theres no waiting about.

    What you then want to do is use the A,X,A combo on the Davy men until you have the bar turn a fraction red, use the A,X,A combo once more then finish the next guy off with A,A,A,A (Hold down LT) and keep spaming A until Jack uses his finisher, with any luck you shud recieve a head.**

    **Important when your in combo mode make sure you hit the hilighted corresponding button for a skull to drop (A,A,A,A (HOLD down LT) then corresponding button**

    Easy 150 on your road to 1000
  • PsybrnetiCToasTPsybrnetiCToasT179,404
    16 Jul 2012 16 Jul 2012 16 Jul 2012
    7 1 5
    Using this method, I managed to go from 25 souls to the full 100 in about 45 minutes. In fact, this was so easy I did it on my first playthrough, so unlike many this is NOT the last achievement I got!

    On the level Maelstrom (the very last level) when you take control of Jack you will go through a room with a guard manning a small cannon and you must move some boxes to get by. The very next room is where you'll be harvesting souls, so prepare yourself.

    In the next room, you'll be attacked by 3 soldiers and 2 of Davy Jones' men. DO NOT kill the soldier with the golden decoration on the front of his coat. If he dies, the enemies you'll be killing will stop spawning. He is a tougher enemy who must be killed with a special attack, this should help you identify him.

    To make your life easier, before you start harvesting your souls, you can push the tough soldier down the stairs leading to the next area. Get next to him, so that he is between you and the stairs. Use your AXA combo over and over, and he will be pushed back a bit each time with no threat of killing him. Once at the top of the stairs, one or two more AXA combos should knock him down the stairs and keep him out of your hair while harvesting.

    Basically you just want to do what all of the other methods call for: Kill 3 enemies with your AXA combo, use your finishing move (LT + A or B or X or Y) (I did the circled button to be safe), repeat until you have shrunken heads.

    The two standard soldiers will die and not respawn. This is okay. The two of Jones' men WILL continue to respawn, and almost immediately after they die. You will pretty much have an endless stream of Jones' men coming at you, lining up to feed your swordsmanship meter, and the two spawn very close to each other so you won't have to move much.

    I waited until I was full with 3 shrunken heads before I activated the Jackanism sword, and I was able (once I'd pushed the tough guy down the stairs) to get 7 souls each use, consistently. Once you have however many shrunken heads you want, go back into the previous room where the mini-cannon guy was to activate the Jackanism sword. I went straight back from the doorway and between the first set of crates there and found that to work fine. Then run in, get some souls, and do it again!

    I was able to activate with all 3 shrunken heads every 3-4 minutes, so this went pretty quickly. The achievement popped when I got my 100th soul, so I didn't have to finish the level. Good Luck!

    Let me know in the comments if this helped or you have any questions.
  • Pisboy SparxxPisboy Sparxx490,454
    29 Feb 2012 28 Feb 2012
    6 0 0
    The best place by far i belive is Isla Cruces at the end on the beach. I will explain how to get the 2 NPC's both in the cave trapped succesfully cuz no one actually explai ed that.
    When u have control of Jack on the beach switch quicly to Elizabeth and go near the cave up the rope and pull the lever to open the cave. When the animation with the cave opening up switch quicly to Will and go into the cave and then quicly switch to Elizabeth again (she will be now near the cave by it's own) and guid her into the cave and Will will follow her into the wait for the door to close and they will be trapped.
    Now take control of Jack and start combo enemies with AXA buttons until u get the red bar just to make a special move. When that happens press LT and the button that the game points to with a red circle. If u do a few succesions with the pointed button after that u will get for sure a skunken head.
    After the first set of enemies there will be another set with a boss (looking like a cochroach) he will go by the cave and leave u alone. DONT kill him. If u do enemies will not respawn anymoore.
    To know how many to kill u have to know the record of souls u collected on this level before.
    For example : u have 64 souls out of 100 so u need 36 to kill but,
    If in the first playthroug u got 15 on this level.u need 15+36.
    If u have tryed before on this level and in a replay of the level u did 24 (this being out your record for Isla Cruces) then u need 24+36=60 kills. So the game adds up to your total only the difference u made by the previos record on this level.
    Remember to do the special move hitting LT+the pointed red circle button that the game points out and u will have a better chance of harveting skunken heads.

    Its best to gather 3 heads before u start killing for souls. When u activate be awere of the boss no to be near your location cuz the activation will kill him and u will have to restart from the checkpoint.
    When u r done with the kills just finish the level so they will count.
    03 Jun 2010 03 Sep 2011
    5 0 0
    Go to Port Royal and get to the last fight where you have to pull all the levers, just dont worry about em. Use all the skulls around you first then get you special meter up and keep using it over and over till the enemy drops a skull.

    Use A/X/A and your pistol to raise your spec meter fast 3 kills should be enough

    This will be very time consuming but it will move faster then searching threw each level 50 times to grab skulls.

    Please leave feedback if you vote negatively.
  • Bulk PaisleyBulk Paisley217,958
    18 Apr 2020 18 Apr 2020 18 Apr 2020
    3 0 0
    Use this guide:
    instead of punching the captain to get him to the other room, just grab and push him with the button "y". This way it will be soo damn fast than the other way in the video and get this achivo in no time. byee
  • rubber1rubber1239,845
    30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2012
    3 0 1
    Gadellaa has a really good guide! Ive tried a few tactics but I definitely found more voodoo head (or whatever they are called) on Isla Cruce. I almost gave up though because of the difficulty of getting Will and the girl in the cave and staying in the cave at the same time so here is my advice. Keep swapping back and forth on all three characters until you get all of them near the door. Then pull the lever to open the door and switch to either so that at least one is inside.

    For the next part take Jack up to pull the switch for the second time. This time pick the person already in the cave and use your right trigger action to partially climb the wall inside the cave that leads to the ledge with the chest. Do not climb the wall just get them to stick halfway up by clicking on the trigger when it prompts you.

    Then pick the other character you need to get inside the cave and head to the back corner were you can climb out. This will buy you time to get them both in and when done fast enough the first character will not try to leave but will stay near you in the back till the door closes.

    My next advice as noted by Gadellaa also is to watch for grenades and coconuts for the explode and will kill you when you active your sword. I got up to 75 kills when this happened and had to start over so what I did was do all my killing in the water and when I wanted to activate the sword to harvest souls I went to the beach. Trust me the ground will be so littered with drops that it gets hard to tell what is what so keep your kills in the water and strafe back and forth from time to time to pick up any voodoo heads you may have missed.

    Good Luck!
  • DFReaperDFReaper227,185
    05 Aug 2012 05 Aug 2012 05 Aug 2012
    3 0 0
    When you are playing through the game and make it to shipwreck city, don't open the Jackanism chest at the Black Pearl at the beginning of level until you have finished everything else and are on your way back from the slums. Once you have to go rescue Teegan (sp?) you will be right up from the chest. Once you come out of the cave from the slums, turn left and run through the melee and down the pier. You will find the chest and can activate your three skulls unlocking it without having to worry about too many soldiers. Once you open the chest, head back towards the group (some of them will be running towards you) and get your kill on.

    I didn't farm the skulls for long periods but usually got around 8-10 from each level. I finished Shipwreck City with my highest score for an individual level (around 15-20) with no farming. I completed the playthrough at 92 souls and then replayed the first level to get that chest.

    On the replay of the prison level, release all of the pirates and head down to the gate and wait for the inmates to break it open. Once they do head over to the chest and activate it. Sprint back through the gate and move some what close to the door enemies are spawning from. This way you get all 8-9 of them before your skulls wear off.

    One note, if you are replaying levels to get your 100th skull, you will have to finish the level. The counter will start over at 0 within the level since each time you replay a level you only get credit if you beat your old score. I did not try quiting out of the level and as I did not want to have to replay the first part and reget the souls.

    If you have any questions, feel free to hit me on message or add a comment. And as always if you see something to add/edit or needs to be rewritten please let me know. Have a good one and good luck.
  • Lord BaneJLord BaneJ266,105
    30 Jul 2012 30 Jul 2012
    3 0 0
    I just got this achievement today and did it on Isla Cruces level.

    After several tries, I was having trouble getting both NPCs into the cave at the same time. I decided to only get the weaker NPC, Elizabeth into the cave and stay there until it drops.

    When the leader spawned, he will go straight to the entrance of the cave and you can farm as per the first solution without worrying about your NPC dying.
    01 Jun 2012 02 Jun 2012
    3 0 0
    well with my run solution for this one i did it by starting a whole new game and using the jackoinsm on the infite respawn sections mostly on port royal when the marines find you standing over the bodies of a few pirates use the AXA combo to fill the bar and then use the LT and a button to get heads and health they do come up randomly my only real word of advice is be paitent and run away from the soliders when you have at least one head use power and run them down but NOT THE GUY IN Blue i got about 50-60 in about an hour in 1 section then moved on to the last section in port royal keeping both players alive isnt as hard as it looks and using the same solution as before getting another 20-30 heads then just played on till next play with jack and just keeping doing the same thing boring yes but totally do able when i got to davey jones locker i got it all.
  • Silent iz loudSilent iz loud237,885
    06 May 2012 06 May 2012
    3 0 0
    To add to all the above solutions for Isla Cruces, in my opinion it is WAY better to save up until you have 2 skulls instead of using your Jackanism with 1 skull. You have to move away from all of the bombs on the ground and enemies and if you do this with 1 skull by the time you make it back towards all the enemies you will only get about 2 kills. Trust me the extra time you get from having 2 or more is REALLY helpful.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    3 1 0
    Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End - Collect 100 Souls

    Going into this game, I had read various guides online (including the ones here, which were invaluable) on how to do this. Having tried to grind the levels (to moderate success, more later) I found out that doing the levels through again was a much quicker and simpler way to obtaining this. So, with respect to the above guides which will be included here, this is my solution.

    NOTE: The below totals were done in REPLAY and added on to my runthrough total.
    NOTE: To ensure you get the total added to your 100, finish the level and it saves automatically. This also means you can keep track of your total.

    1. Port Royal and Isla Cruces are awesome places to grind. First of all, do these first (the final section of Port Royal and the beach finale in Isla Cruces). Maelstrom did not work for me and I have read it doesn't for a lot of people. I avoided this level altogether.

    2. Port Royal - I racked up 26 souls before growing tired (it takes every 6-7 people to drop one and only 2 come along at once). I made sure to run up the steps to the cannons and kill the people here every once in a while. Also, when you use a finisher, use B as this drops the most heads (well, for me it did). I never used Y. Be aware this takes a while, I had 24 in an hour.

    3. Isla Cruces - Follow the guides above. Even if you don't get Elizabeth and Will away from the water, this is extremely simple. Just monitor their health and swap now and then (there will be plenty of hearts dropped from kills). Heads drop frequently (pretty much every time you kill someone with a finisher). Again, I used B for this. I racked up 33 kills here in half hour. It is easy to kill the 'boss' guy so be careful and run away to use the Jackinism power. If you accidently kill the 'boss' guy (I did several times), just reload your checkpoint to avoid frustration.

    4. This is where the grind stops. I did the following levels and racked up between 8-16 kills per level. This depends on how quick you can swipe everyone but should be quite simple.

    Prison Fortress - Grab the heads at the beginning and either kill the first group of guards you see or the group in the room after you make the long jump. Should get 6-7 here.

    Tortuga - When you have two heads, you have to run back through the beginning of the level (after the fight with Will and Elizabeth). If you time it right and use the 2 heads here you can get 6-7. Check all chests and kill some more with your special move (once the Jackinism wears off) and you should get 2 more heads. Then you use these on the section before the triple duel that finishes the level. I got 15 on this level.

    Kraken - Not many to be had here. In the tentacles section, you can get 3-4 after you emerge from the holding cell part. Then you should find another head in the chest nearby. Once you navigate the balance beams and tentacles, you can use the final head here and get another 3-4.

    Davy Jones Locker - Find the heads in the chests in the beginning. Then, either use the Jackinism on the graveyard (where the ribcage holds a chest) or the steering wheel part. There are unlimited enemies here so time it right. When you get to the Tavern there are sparse enemies and a few heads too if you want a few more. I got 16 on this level.

    After these levels I had the achievement. Obviously I had obtained some kills during my actual runthrough so this may differ for you. You can rack up some kills in the Organ Room on Maelstrom ( I chose not too, but it can be done, I got a few here in my actual runthrough but it takes a while to get to).

    This process took me overall about 2ish hours. Each level is straightforward when you are not collecting collectibles. I found this easier then just grinding. Good luck!
  • PrimalBandicootPrimalBandicootThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    21 May 2011
    7 5 4
    I just got this achievement today, I played the level port royal, at the first fight when you have to defeat the admiral. Don't kill him instead just do the A,X,A combo and build up jacks finisher then just do a finisher on 1 of the unlimited men that spawn, It took me just over an hour this way. I kept building my finisher up and then perform the finisher on of them and then if I got a head I'd run up the stairs and let them follow me then jump off the end and then I'd hold LT + RT then press A and just kill people EXCEPT the guy in blue. Then just repeat yeah it's boring but it's easy enough to get on this level
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