Master Conan achievement in Conan

Master Conan

Complete the game on King mode

Master Conan+0.2
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How to unlock the Master Conan achievement

  • Sir StratsavvySir Stratsavvy174,293
    08 Feb 2011 08 Feb 2011 19 Jun 2011
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    With a TA ratio above 3.5 this achievement was extremely intimidating to me. Before i even started ..I don't even know why but the idea of "king" mode just sounded really hard....

    BUT to be completely honest it took me longer to beat the game in hard mode than my runthrough of king mode. Using the extras unlocked from hard mode make it actually easier than hard mode and since I already knew the territory and where things were it was much easier than expected. I beat the game in less than 6 hrs on king and it would have been even shorter if i hadn't used the second playthrough as an opportunity to find a few chests/maidens i missed the first time.

    A few tips that i did find tho is strategic use of the unlimited armor abilities. Use Stone Prison on those pesky shield guys and the lions and then usually one melee will shatter them. I found that the Void power was most effective vs the giant statues as you don't even need to engage them just drop a single void and it eats previously one of the more difficult enemies up with a single engulfing. I also noticed that those annoying bat creatures are particularly susceptible to the Raven ability. Ravens also tend to do well helping against bosses; while not doing an incredible amount of damage every little bit helps!

    If u have any comments/questions or if u feel something needs to be added please let me know so i can improve the solution for the betterment of the TA community! If this guide helped you please vote up! Good luck fellow barbarians!

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    Sir StratsavvyUr welcome mummy68! I hoped it would bring to light how easy this achievement can really be...with a TA ratio over 3.5 u would never know.
    Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 11 May 11 at 19:57
    The Lord PeanutI've run into an anoying glitch on the Spire level where a stone bridge isn't spawning, thus preventing me from progressing. Anyone know a fix for this or am I gonna have to restart the previous level?
    Posted by The Lord Peanut on 02 Dec 13 at 00:00
    lB r o IL yIs there a new game plus ? ......
    Posted by lB r o IL y on 08 Apr at 23:34
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  • Metamania2313Metamania2313132,743
    20 Mar 2012 20 Mar 2012
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    This achievement asks you to complete the game on the hardest difficulty of them all for Conan. That difficulty is called King difficulty.

    In order to unlock this difficulty, you must first complete the game on the second to last difficulty, Hard mode. Once you accomplished this, the difficulty is available to play through at anytime.

    From start to finish, your best friends will be three of the cheats that unlock if you complete it on Hard instead of Normal. Make sure those Cheats are on before you attempt to go through all twelve acts. Once you earn magic, constantly abuse it in enemies. For example, with the lions, use the Stone Armor magic. If you are surrounded by a multitude of guards, use Rain Of Fire, as it will eventually kill them all. If some of them are away from it and don't get killed, make sure you go near them and try again until they die.

    As for boss tips, I don't know if it was intentional or just a glitch, but I used Void to avoid Graven's honing attack, since it has invincible frames. He was somehow stuck in the Void magic, so I was able to constantly assault him without losing any energy. In other words, he never moved while Void was turned on, so I drained his lifebar pretty quickly. None of his tactics or strategies he uses, along with the other bosses, changes. The only difference here is that all enemies are a lot of tougher and can hit for a lot more damage.

    Make sure you constantly block, attack with two-handed weapons in each hand (which is what I did throughout the entire game) and use magic all the time. By going through the game, you should be able to complete King difficulty in no time. I was able to complete it in less than 4 hours time!

    Have fun and good luck!
  • angelloveboy25angelloveboy25283,849
    03 Oct 2013 03 Oct 2013
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    Don' let the rating fool you. this IS doable but you may die mainly from bosses . In order to do this you need to bat the game on hard mode. So essentially 2 plays of the game are needed.

    Make DAMN sure you have the armour power and song of death cheats ready and on BEFORE you start your king run. These will make this run quicker and efficient. The only problem that may arise is the bosses they do even more damage and have much health. keep at them and if you need to abuse magic. It will take a while but if you did it in hard mode you can do I for this. use stone magic on common enemies and I would suggest using dual handed weapons for the whole time. block hen needed and don't be afraid to parry as it will give you heath and you can do it when enemies overrun you.
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