Globetrotter achievement in FIFA Street


In any game mode win a match/event in every venue as the lead profile

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How to unlock the Globetrotter achievement

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    After completing all the World Tour events you only have to play these venues in custom match:
    Indoor Court (5 A Side Team)
    The Hanger (Futsal)
    Basketball Court (Panna)
    Futsal Centre (custom match, with 3 players incl. goal keeper)
    Placa De Catalunya (Futsal/ 4th stage of World Tour)

    --> (where you can find it)

    The time of the day isn't relevant! Make sure that you played at least the first match of every tournament and don't forget one.

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    Testave@cool pitbull

    you sir are the one who is wrong.

    ralleke is right, football complex was the last for me too. thumbs down to your solution, sir!
    Posted by Testave on 27 Dec 12 at 21:34
    FuzzedUpCookiei didnt say the solution is wrong, only that those 5 maps are not the ones that are left to do for everyone.. i got other maps i was missing, and maybe someone else has also different maps then this or mine solution.... no need to down vote, i didnt downvote this solution because of it...therefore i made a solution with a misc map list....
    sorry if it looked like i was bashing this, didnt mean to ;)
    Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 27 Dec 12 at 21:40
    JJBDude48I can confirm that Football Complex needs to be added to this list, my achievement popped after I played a game there as suggested by ralleke.
    Posted by JJBDude48 on 27 Jun 13 at 13:24
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  • Mephisto03Mephisto0363,128
    17 Mar 2012 14 Mar 2012 20 Mar 2012
    18 3 28
    Just as the Achievement states, Win a match/event in all of the games venues. Not all venues are accessible from the start. You will have to play World Tour to help towards this achievement to play in all the venues*, or if you want them for quick match also; You will have to win certain events for a certain medal.

    In total you have 36 Venues to win in and 29 that you have access to from the Hit The Streets mode (Not including Custom Matches**). Here is a list of the venues for which game type you can play in for Hit The Streets (so some may overlap). I also put down what event and criteria is needed to unlock certain venues from World Tour.

    There are 3 Venues you can only play in from Hit The Streets custom matches and 1 that must be played through a normal Hit The Streets Futsal match. This seems to be the hangup on most people getting this achievement. I noted this after the list in "Primary Notes".


    Last Man Standing:
    - Basket Ball Court
    - Shanghai Rooftop
    - Aberdeen Cage

    - Futsal Centre
    - The Hanger
    - Placa De Catalunya - (Adidas World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 - Gold)
    - Tokyo Futsal Stadium - (Tokyo Futsal Shield - Stage 4 - Silver)
    - Rio Stadium (Daytime) - (Adidas World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 - Silver)
    - Rio Stadium (Night) - (Adidas World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 - Silver)
    - Berlin Stadium - (Berlin Futsal Tournament - Stage 3 - Bronze)

    - Aberdeen Cage
    - Basketball Court
    - Empty Parking Lot
    - Loading Bay
    - Shanghai Rooftop
    - Buenos Aires - (Bueno Aires Panna - Stage 4 - Silver)
    - Skate Park - (Freestylin' Dublin - Stage 3 - Bronze)

    5 A Side:
    - Underpass 2
    - Goals Centre (Daytime)
    - Goals Centre (Night)
    - The Dome
    - Indoor Court
    - Justin Chan Memorial
    - Adidas Z5
    - London (Evening) - (London European Championship - Stage 3 - Bronze)
    - London (Daytime) - (London European Championship - Stage 3 - Bronze)
    - New York Stadium - (New York 6 Tournament - Stage 4 - Silver)
    - Dubai - (Dubai 5 A Side Cup - Stage 4 - Silver)
    - Paris Notre Dame - (Notre Dame 5 A Side Tournament - Stage 3 - Bronze)
    - Venice Canal - (Venice 5 A Side Event - Stage 3 - Bronze)
    - Barcelona Stadium - (Freestylin' Barcelona Tournament - Stage 3 - Bronze)
    - Amsterdam Stadium - (Amsterdam Panna Tournament - Stage 4 - Silver)

    Primary Note - You should play 95% of the maps during world tour. Some maps can only be played by making a Custom Match in Hit The Streets. You will need to make a Freestyle game, with a goalie, 2 players to be able to play in the Gym, and Football Complex. You will have to make a 5 man team with the same settings to play Indoor Court. Also you do not play "The hangar" during World Tour. This can be accessed in hit The Streets by playing a Futsal game.

    Thanks to moroniccow for bringing this up in his solution.

    Secondary Note - You must beat the final Tournament on Hard (Gold) to play in Placa De Cataluny for the championship game (and also to unlock it). I found playing online much easier then playing the AI; and beat it my first time through playing it online. My players are all maxed out with no skills, just play smart.
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    MetalShadow13Shout out to FellCracker8 for his tip, the Placa De Catalunya stage was the last for me
    Posted by MetalShadow13 on 25 Nov 13 at 12:20
    AWC GOTTIFUCKING HUGE SHOUT-OUT to FellCracker8 with his amazing tip. It worked like a charm and I finally got the achievement. Thanks man!
    Posted by AWC GOTTI on 14 Dec 13 at 04:32
    Im Single AgainThis achievement is glitched. Ive been trying for the past 6 hours and still no achievement, all your list from A-Z, every maps, etc. But it's all good. I'm moving on.
    Posted by Im Single Again on 25 Sep 16 at 21:32
  • FuzzedUpCookieFuzzedUpCookie378,204
    29 May 2012 29 May 2012 29 May 2012
    9 1 0
    This is list with every venue on it to play in, with a total of 39!
    In catogories so i hope this helps more then the half completed lists on the solutions here.
    if you downvote please enter a comment why and if you want to add something let me know!

    Venue List can occure in different gametypes!
    Underpass 2
    Goals Centre
    Goals Centre (N)
    The Dome
    London - London European Championship - Bronze
    London (N) - London European Championship - Bronze
    Paris: Notre Dame - Notre Dame 5-A-Side Tournament - Bronze
    Venice Canal - Venice 5-A-Side Event - Bronze
    Justin Chan Memorial
    Indoor Court
    New York Stadium - New York 6's Tournament - Silver
    Dubai - Dubia 5-A-Side Cup - Silver
    Adidas Z5
    Barcelona Stadium - Freestylin' Barcelona Tournament - Bronze
    Amsterdam Stadium - Amsterdam Panna Tournament - Silver

    Aberdeen Cage - Last Man Standing Aberdeen, Europe - Bronze
    Buenoes Aires
    Empty Parking Lot
    Loading Bay
    Basketball Court
    Shanghai Rooftop - Last Man Standing: Shanghi - Silver
    Skate Park

    Futsal Centre
    Berlin Stadium - Berlin Futsal Tournament - Bronze
    The Hangar
    Tokyo Futsal Stadium – Tokyo Futsal Shield – Stage 4 - Silver
    Rio Stadium - World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 - Silver
    Rio Stadium (N) - World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 - Silver
    Placa De Catalunya – World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 – Gold

    Dam Square - 5 to Win Amsterdam - Bronze
    Munich Park - Munich Panna! - Bronze
    Dubrovnik - Freestylin Dubrovnik - Bronze
    St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg 4's - Silver
    London Square - 5 to Win in London - Silver
    Rio Mountain Vista - Freestylin' Rio - Silver
    Rio Coast Park - Rio Panna! - Silver
    Football Complex
    The Park

    Note1: some venue may be different depending on the chosen startlocation. if you miss a venue play it in hit the streets on according gametypes or a custom match!
    Note2: Placa de Catalunya is unlocked without beating the final tournament in stage in 4 on gold, IF you have the preorder code for the venue and adidas team!
    Note3: i can confirm you dont have to unlock them in world tour to get credit for them.
    Note4: You do not have to complete the entire tournament, just win 1 match and on to the next tournament/event
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