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Finally Full

Acquire all 46 upgrades through Consumes.

Finally Full+0.1
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How to unlock the Finally Full achievement

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    I post this because I wish someone had posted it telling me.
    You all know how you acquire these upgrades if you actually play the game because it tells you before they even show up... but look for the "Strong Arm symbol"... so just keep your eyes out and consume them, nothing really strategical to do or waste time with they just show up.

    This can easy be done through multiple playthroughs (with newgame+ ) so do not get to worried about it. Play the game as you would doing everything and if you do not get it your first playthrough you will easily get whats left in the second playthrough in newgame+ mode. Even if you play this on hard your first playthrough I think its still more fun and easier/faster to just start a newgame+ (because you will have to just to fully upgrade Heller anyway) to finish off any you may have missed instead of reloading checkpoints over & over & over or searching in red zone (boring).. Just play the game and enjoy it instead of getting worried about these upgrades. :)

    I was missing 7 or 8 upgrades at the end of my first playthrough (easy), I stuck to the main story on my second playthrough (hard) and had them all before leaving the first zone (yellow).
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    NeilArnold1987 if you dont complete the storyline and just free roam will they continuously show up till you have em all like if you turn off the game and load up again like i at the point i have 3 storyline achievements left, so if i dont go and do them and focus on upgrades will they show up since i think i killed one guy with the muscle above his head
    Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 03 Dec 12 at 19:14
    Italicpigeon had to negative vote, because its hilarious how much it bothers you.

    i think you need to take a step back and think hard about what really matters to you in life.
    Posted by Italicpigeon on 15 May 13 at 13:14
    White Ranger 75 @Italicpigeon seriously? what matters to me in life? LMAO , I love little kids like you, look at what matters to you? wasting life neg feeding people that are helping other just to make you feel better about your cruddy life.. yea I think you need some of your own advice alot more than I need it haha... You will hit puberty one day kid.
    Posted by White Ranger 75 on 01 Jun 13 at 01:45
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