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Outbreak Survivalist in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Outbreak Survivalist53 (25)

Complete all U.S.S. missions on Veteran.

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==============SOME SPOILERS================
Don't say I didn't warn you

Veteran isn't terribly hard, follow a few pieces of advice and you shouldn't have trouble.

- Who you pick is important, if you're confident in your abilities, I suggest picking Vector and maxing out his Active Camo skill. This will be useful in many areas (as you can skip through enemies and reach checkpoints without hassle).

If you aren't confident, choose Bertha and max out First-Aid proficiency, this allows you to carry 4 First-Aid sprays and start with one each time you are revived/start a mission. Also make use of her Painkiller skill, it can reduce 90% of damage for 10sec when maxed out.

- Play with a friend, this makes things very easy, as you can use both Vector and Bertha, having the ability to heal multiple times and run to checkpoints.

- Use the Riot Gun, I use this with awesome results. A Hunter can be killed with a single clip (less if your team is helping) and kills zombies with one shell (the Advanced SMG is fun too, but less effective).

- The CPU is a good meat shield, remember though, it works both ways.

Mission 1: Straight forward mission, shouldn't be any area that gives you any issues. I suggest using a automatic for this level, or at least picking one up AFTER HUNK grabs the G-Virus, you'll need it when you have to hold Birkin off during one of the tunnel scenes.

Mission 2: Also, not very hard. You'll encounter Lickers at one point in the level, and plenty of them. It's best to just run through this area (you'll need a keycard, which will be in the center of the room you encounter these bastards). They respawn infinetly, so make haste as they can easily infect you.

Mission 3: The beginning of this mission is pretty easy, you'll start ina hospital, and have to kill dozens of zombies (some of which will explode when killed, they have a red thing sticking out of their necks, easy to spot). You'll get to a part that requires you to find a Black Keycard, the door it opens will be full of Lickers and exploding zombies, but you can run through this part and access the roof fairly easy.

After the cutscene, continue through as normal (the dining hall will have V-ACTs (also known as Crimsons), kill them and continue on. This morgue area will introduce the Hunter, a fearsome foe, luckily they can be dispatched easily with the Riot Gun, will take 1 - 2 clips to kill them.

Advance through the level, you'll come up to the Clock Tower where the EMP charges are, there is one near the crashed helicopter, the other seems to spawn in one of two locations, but it should be easy to spot as it has a blinking light which is easy to see in the fog.

When facing Nicholai, open the weapon chest and grab the Sniper. I found it easiest to go all the way to the left or right of the courtyard, his grenades will rarely reach you (sometimes he ends up blasting himself) and his sniping is easier to avoid (as he focuses more on your team). Continue blasting him until he retreats.

Once you enter the Power Plant, you have a few options depending on who you are, if you're Vector, simply go into Active Camo, plant and retreat and repeat. If Beltway, plant Trip Mines near the enemy spawn locations. Everyone else, you can take your time or hurl grenades at their spawn (I did this with great effect). Nicholai will retreat if you damage him enough, so if he's causing you trouble, grab an Assault Rifle and let him have it.

Mission 4: (If you have the Samurai Edge or Lightening Hawk, it's be helpful) The hard part here is avoiding the Tyrant and the parasites after extracting the NE-a parasite. If you know where the 3 cards are you need to exit the area this is easy, if not, do not extract the NE yet, try to find these locations (although the doors to the areas are locked):

Card 1: If looking at the Tyrants body on the table, turn left 90 degrees, there will be a small corridor you can go down and it will hook right, a bit further is a door, inside is a few parasite zombies and the card.

Card 2: Near the entrance to the large room, when you came in, there was a scene where a zombie was taken over by a parasite, the card is on the table, as well as a First-Aid spray.

Card 3: Go back to the elevator, if looking AT it, turn right 90 degrees, there will be a locked door, inside, the key and some parasites (who emerge after grabbing said key).

Now you just need to subdue that giant monstrosity, best way is to hide near the ammo crate and shoot him with a Samurai Edge or Lightening Hawk. Or you can take cover behind the wooden boxes right underneath your starting local. Once the Spec Ops spawn, let them get killed by Nemesis, they'll do a little damage to him as well, just avoid poking your head out or they'll try removing it from your shoulders. Oh, and your team will die, ignore that.

Mission 5: This is the hardest for me, Hunters, Spec Ops and Tyrants, bullshit. Take your time, this is the best advice I can give. When you go into the garage and fight the Lickers, stay back, and take them out, don't stand in the center of the room, you'll be open. If you need ammo, there are a few small crates near the door Leon runs through.

Take your time with the Spec Ops after the Lickers. Use your Pistol to take out the ones on the ground, and climb up the stairs to get to a Sniper Rifle on top of the building in front of you when you exit the garage and take out the Spec Snipers and other ground forces.

Take your time (again) with the 2 or 3 Hunters that spawn, stay close, but not to close and let loose with the Riot Gun, you can dispatch them fairly easy this way, remember to dive back if they lunge.

When you kill them and drop down the broken fire escape, you can either A) Haul ass to the next checkpoint, avoiding all the Spec Ops and Hunters, once you reach the garage your team will spawn with you and the door closes, so you don't need to worry about them following you (easy with Vec) or B) Slowly and carefully dispatch the Specs and half dozen Hunters that will inevitably try to tear your ass apart, they'll likely succeed a few times, unless your team isn't incompetent.

You'll get to fight more Spec and more Hunters after progressing a bit, super fun. There will be about 3 or 4 Hunters, focus on one, ignore your teams desperate cry for help (unless you have some breathing room). There's a First-Aid spray a bit before the first Hunter drop, in the alley behind a garbage can.

When you get to the Tyrants (there's 2), focus on one, try to keep an eye on him and blast away. If you get trapped in a corner, and both are smacking you around like Chris Brown, scream at your TV, I do this and it somehow causes them to disperse, seriously though, try to avoid backing up against a wall, that's a death sentence. Make use of the herbs littered around the area and just keep blasting.

Mission 6: Pretty easy compared to the last mission, you'll run into a few Hunters here and there, but only 3 at most (and even then they are spaced out by a few seconds). When you come up against Ada and her barrage of Trip Mines, try to shoot them or grenade them (you can also dive through some) and simply run to where Ada is, getting up to her causes her to retreat, don't fire at her, doesn't do anything (at least in my experience).

At one point, you'll come to a second boiler room, this whole area can be avoided by running around to the ladder and climbing it, avoiding the Hunters. From the top of said ladder, run to the checkpoint and you'll avoid most of the V-ACTS (or Crimsons).

When fighting the Super Tyrant, simply avoid his attacks until he conveniently walks to the edge of the elevator, stay away from him, as his shouts prove that he is indeed Dovahkiin (Skyrim joke), and will knock you back. Open fire on his heart and eventually, he'll fall.

Mission 7: Straight forward, progress until you get to Claire and Leon's cutscene, Claire will fire a Grenade Launcher at you, kill the ensuing zombies/Spec Ops, chase Claire, shoot Trip Mines. You'll get a small "cutscene" with Leon, this is the hard part (if you're not Vector, if you are, Camo and run to the destination, a ladder), take your time with the enemies, but they are unlimited, so don't expect them to dwindle. Grenades, Painkiller skill (if applicable to your character), run.

When you get to Leon, it's up to you what you wanna do, it's easier to protect him, this way you can let him do all the work and not have to deal with all the fuckin' V-ACTS (Crimsons) that spawn when you approach him.

Q's or comments, I welcome all.

This is from memory, so I may have mixed up the missions, I'll double check, but let me know if I got something wrong.

Thanks to DeathbyKlansmen for pointing out my mistake.
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