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Subquest Master in Armored Core V (EU)

Subquest Master413 (50)

Complete all Story Mission and Order Mission subquests.

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1. Subquest Breakdown
2. Scrap Guide
3. Story Guide

-Most Story missions consist of killing everyone, finding all scrap, speed-killing bosses, Time limit, Damage limit, Charge Master and Supply limit (dieing negates supply quests, so don't).
-Story missions 1, 4 and 6 also have subquests for the Zodiac AC's, making this an extremely difficult achievement.
-On your first playthrough, go for finding all scrap and killing everyone. This will consist of 50-75% of the whole subquests for that level. So doing this will net you 30% and 50% achievements after completing Story and Orders.
-When you re-enter a mission the 2nd time it shows what objectives you need, the story ones are listed at the bottom. Order missions aren't listed for now.
-Order missions usually consist of 2 subquests, 1 for Damage and 1 for time.
-Subquests don't have to be done in one go, so you can speed through with gatlings for the Time subquests and then go back through with snipers for the Damage subquest.

Scrap A – Follow the primary Route until you get to the point where the overpass is smashed up by a fallen building (and the Route drops off onto the lower road). The Scrap is just under the overpass bit before the collapsed building part.
Scrap C – Right next to helipad of transport chopper after AC boss
Scrap B – Using scrap C as reference, there’s a busted section of highway near C’s helipad. At the end opposite the helipad, there’s a building broken diagonally (looks like stairs). Base of that building, lowest “step” side.
Scrap D - Right after heli boss, left above ramp before tunnel

Scrap C – Under searchlight tower on the shoreline (left) of the start area, just after the ditch.
Scrap B – In the middle of the tiny trainyard, just to the right of scrap C
Scrap A – On the half sunk cargo ship just past the shoreline Garage (after mission objective says to head to tunnel). Now you can head into the tunnel.
Scrap D – Do not immediately destroy the train. Right after the cutscene hits in which the police AC shows up in the tunnel, hit the right wall (opposite wall the train was on) and go into the first gap, then spin around and dash down the closed, one way tunnel. Then you can hunt the train back down.

Scrap B – Before doing any mission objectives, go to the first garage available, then go down the road towards the perpendicular overpass, and you should see it in a parking lot on the side of the road. Should be right before the battlefield limit on the other side of a bunch of containers.
Scrap A – Follow the main route for the first objective until you hit a garage on the left just after a short bridge. On the right should be the scrap.
Scrap C – Right after the cutscene happens that spawns the train, head out of the city to the left (oriented from when you came in off the bridge) and hit the shoreline. Follow this until you find a closed off bridge, the part will be just past it on the right side of the road.
Scrap D – After the train cutscene starts and the limit changes, go back to where you found A. On the other side of the building set A is nestled in is a construction pit. Scrap is in there.
Scrap E – After the train cutscene starts and the limit changes, go back to the bridge from the beginning of the mission. Facing away from it, go all the way down the left side until you hit a 90 degree turn on the very edge of the cityscape. Go around the edge and it’ll be right as you turn the corner (this is OUTSIDE the city, technically). Now go blow up yer train.

Scrap B – After the first facility is done, the next set of routes stops for a second to spawn Ammon A’s in a crater. Scrap is in this crater.
Scrap A – After the second facility is done, follow the route for a bit and on your left hand side will be a coolant filled lake. In the center is a piece of destroyed overpass. Scrap is on top of the overpass.
Scrap C – After the third facility is done, follow the new set of routes until you cross a tiny bridge that leads onto the giant main area. Check under the bridge.
Scrap D – After scrap C there will be a part just after you clear the giant robot on the right side, where you end up near a destroyed highway, next to a tiny corpse of a transport chopper, right before a whole bunch of buildings. Turn to you right and follow the destroyed highway. It’s on one of the segments, very close to the feet of the boss.

Scrap A – At the beginning, before fighting anything. Once the tunnel opens (like five seconds from the start) from one lane to two, look to your right. You’ll get it through the wall.
Scrap E – After killing the first Scavenger, on the left side of the overpass you came in on before the Scavenger and giant multi level roundabout is a garage. Straight past the garage, on the overpass leading out to the horizon just by the pile of oil barrels is the scrap. May /require/ reverse joint legs to get.
Scrap B - After killing 2nd Scavenger, where building has broken in half and fallen over onto the road. Before going under it, drop off to the right and turn right at the building, it's just to the left of the search light pole.
Scrap D – Once you hit the city and Leon says your objective is updated, the battlefield limit changes. Back up a bit onto the broken bridge to the city and look to your right to see a shipyard. Go there. The scrap is on the long dock, right against the limit.
Scrap C – After scrap D, hop onto the main road again but go along the outskirts to the right (farther from the bridge). Scrap C is where it was In mission 02, right before the closed off bridge.

Scrap A – Right after you exit the tunnel, before the first bridge on the initial route. Take a left and head down the road. Scrap is at the T-bone intersection.
Scrap B – After the first tiny bridge on the main route you should see a factory in front of you with four cranes on the other side of it. Scrap is between the cranes and the factory.
Scrap C – After B, follow the route and you’ll see an extremely tall building. The Scrap is in the middle of the building, on the lowest catwalk.
Scrap E – After C, ignore the route. Head towards the only other part of the map until you’re facing out towards a bunch of half sunk platforms with explosives all over them. Scrap is nestled in the Route-side/Sunken-platform-side corner of the much larger platform you’re on.
Scrap D – Go onto the final platform now, the one the Route is pointing you to. On the far left side (facing away from the building you got C in) in the corner, behind a Speer S is the Scrap.

Scrap A – In the first area (before you go into the tunnel network) there is a garage on a middle overpass right in front of a giant blockade wall on the overpass. Go to the garage, turn around, and head down the overpass (under the elbow curve above it). Scrap is directly under the bend on the middle overpass.
Scrap B – As you go through the tunnel, you’ll break into a small yet open area. On the side you came in on, in the corner across the room is the Scrap. For reference, the room triggers a cutscene where they drop in the giant walker boss.
Scrap C – Immediately after the last base you destroy there is an overpass that runs right into one of the legs of the big boss mech. There is a piece of higher overpass that is broken and fell next to this overpass, and just after that broken piece is the Scrap on the side of the road, nestled by the building.
Scrap D – Right in front of the final area (where you fight the Migrant AC boss) there is a small ramp underneath the area just in front of the main “doors” of the target building. Go down there, and in the front right corner, facing the ramp, you’ll see the Scrap.

Scrap A – Oriented the way you’re facing when the mission starts, to your immediate left is a bunch of burning barracks/buildings. The Scrap is nestled in the buildings, on the leftmost side just before the two side by side helipads (with helicopters on them).
Scrap B – Follow the first Route until just before you drop into the tunnels. Above you should be the giant mech you destroyed last mission. The Scrap is on the side of the road that is in-between two short, flat-topped buildings, directly under the mech.
Scrap C – Once you drop into the second tunnel section (the one that looks considerably less pretty, and starts having you fight inside what appears to be a tunnel shantytown) there will be a portion where you go through a destroyed wall into a tiny side tube with red water under you. As soon as you exit the first of these, there will be another opening on your right side again shortly after. Head into this one to the end and you’ll see the scrap against the sluice gate. It will be just before you hit the first boss.
Scrap D – Just after the first boss will be a huge open area with a few columns between many train tracks and a lot of blinking red lights among them. Spin around after you enter and head down the (now on the right side) other path that leads in. Scrap is at the end.
Scrap E – After Scrap D, follow the route until you get into another big open area with tons of crap lying around. Do the same thing with D. Spin around and take the right path. Scrap E is at the end.

Scrap C – On the outermost overpass on the broken highway spiral system. More specifically, on the bend closest to where you came out of the tunnel at the start of the mission.
Scrap A – After the first boss, you’re left in a giant open area in the tunnels. Using the Route direction as forward, Scrap A is in the back right corner of this big room.
Scrap B – After A, as you go through the level, you will get to a dead end and the floor will collapse under you. Once you land, spin around towards the dead end. Scrap is on the left hand side.
Scrap D –Turn right just after leaving the tunnel and entering the city. Go straight ahead, over a triple-section building on the ground, and hit the double decker highway. Follow it away from the battlefield limit until you see a collapsed section. The scrap is under this highway bit, on the road, right at the intersection.
Scrap E – Inside the little nook with a few shield dudes, just under the second armored train, beside some containers. Literally just below the train in front of the freeway.

No Scraps.

Thanks to CirrusStrafe on for almost all the work for the scrap guide.


---Story 00 (15 Subquests):
6 x Destroy quests
Charge Master (10)
Speed Destruction A (Helo in 2 minutes)
Speed Destruction B (Leader in 30s)
4 x Scrap
Time (5m)
Damage (10,000AP)

---Story 01 (17 Subquests):
6 x Destroy
Charge Master (10)
Speed Destruction A (Train 1m)
Speed Destruction B (Police AC 30s)
4 x Scrap
Resupply (1)
Time (15m)
Damage (10,000AP)
Zodiac (Unidentified Enemy)

---Story 02 (18 Subquests)
7 x Destroy
Destroy all guns on Train
Charge Master (10)
5 x Scrap
Time (10m)
Damage (10,000AP)
No Resupply
No detection by Surveillance units

---Story 03 (13 Subquests):
2 x Destroy
Destroy fuel tanks (50)
Destroy land mines (50)
Charge Master (10)
Speed Destruction (Boss 2m)
4 x Scrap
Time (20m)
Damage (10,000AP)
Supply (1)

---Story 04 (19 Subquests)
6 x Destroy
Take Coastal Sector
Take Executive Sector
Charge Master (10)
Speed Destruction (Police AC 30s)
5 x Scrap
No resupply
Time (10m)
Damage (10,000AP)

---Story 05 (12 Subquests):
3 x Destroy
Boss Destroy
Charge Master (10)
5 x Scrap
Time (10m)
Damage (10,000AP)

---Story 06 (16 Subquests):
5 x Destroy
Charge Master (10)
Speed Destruction (Boss 30s)
4 x Scrap
Time (10m)
Damage (10,000AP)
No Resupply
Zodiac 1
Zodiac 2

---Story 07 (18 Subquests):
6 x Destroy
Charge Master (10)
Speed Destruction A (First boss 30s)
Speed Destruction B (Last boss 30s)
Speed Destruction C (Last boss part 2 30s)
5 x Scrap
Time (10m)
No Resupply
Damage (10,000AP)

---Story 08
5 x Destroy
Speed Destruction A (Underground Boss 30s)
Speed Destruction B (Train Yard Boss 30s)
5 x Scrap
Time (10m)
No Resupply
Damage (10,000AP)
Defend 4 Helicopters

---Story 09
Defeat Boss with Charge Attack
Time (5m)

For Zodiac Subquests see the achievement guide for destroying all Zodiac AC's.
Armored Core V (EU)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Armored Core V (EU) worth 233 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
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