Forces of Nature

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Forces of Nature

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Get 25 kills with any of the hidden elementally charged Cleavers in Horde.

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Achievement Guide for Elemental

    27 Mar 2012 28 Mar 2012 11 Apr 2012
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    ***Important Info***

    Do not drop the cleaver. It will lose its powers
    Cleavers can only be earned once per run through. If the cleaver is dropped or exhausted of ammo, return to the main menu and restart the map.

    Aftermath Cleaver

    Surprisingly easy. Look to the sky and shoot the birds. It may take a while to score a kill. When you hit one there will be a spray and then a monstrous groan. Go to the clocktower and stand on the imulsion stain. A tentacle will burst through the wall and lash out at you. It is avoidable if you dive backwards. If you die, restart current wave and go get the cleaver. The tentacle will leave the cleaver on the imulsion stain

    Artillery Cleaver

    Build a base. Wait for Butchers/Savage Therons. Typically Wave 2 or 3. Pick up one of their Cleavers.
    Wait for the storm to start and stand on the "Danger High Voltage" sign. Once you get struck by lightning the cleaver will be charged.

    Jacinto Cleaver

    Shoot 5 rain gutters shown in video to cause water to pour into the imulsion. The cleaver will appear in the imulsion pool in the courtyard. Finish the wave.
    Use Hammer of Dawn on the pool to raise rocks to the surface creating a bridge.

    Raven Down Cleaver

    Best with 3 ppl as this process needs $2900. Or do single player till enough cash is earned to complete the requirements.
    Create both bases and snowmen will appear in the map. Destroy them. Go to garage and open the door, Kill the last snowman and buy the cleaver.

    Cove Cleaver

    Nothing yet. The general consensus is that there are only 4 cleavers. We have already gone through one fake video. I will keep searching the web and trying to find the cleaver on my own.... if it exists. There is an Easter Egg in Beast mode though. The steps are at the end of the video.

    I do not take credit for the videos or the work involved to find the cleavers. Alot of people devoted many hours to finding these hidden secrets. Special thanks to MutantJaws and friends for debunking fake videos. They have my sincerest appreciation.
  • xblOrderxblOrder262,666
    28 Mar 2012 30 Mar 2012 03 Apr 2012
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    Please see below guides I've created.

    •If cleaver is dropped, it is no longer elementally charged.
    •If you have the comet mutator enabled, kills with the comet while holding the charged cleaver count towards the Elemental Achievement.
    •You must return to the main menu, if you wish to get the charged cleaver again.
    •If you try to perform an execution with an Elemental Cleaver it will be dropped.

    My fav is the Ice Cleaver (Raven Down) and its the quickest if you have a second controller and not based on luck.

    Electric Cleaver (Artillery) is kind of luck based as you need wave two to be the butchers and not lambents. Restart if needed.

    Imulsion Cleaver (Jacinto) has alot to do but isn't based on luck

    Water Cleaver (Aftermath) is luck based so far the only known proven way is to shoot a bird. But at least your not being shot at while doing it.
  • BadazzDubstepBadazzDubstep61,514
    01 Apr 2012 01 Apr 2012 01 Apr 2012
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    Aftermath Extra Tip:

    Excellent solutions above. I take no credit because I followed those before me in popping the achievement. I only add some additional details that may help others. On Aftermath I found that you can shoot the birds and buy the Elemental Cleaver before the Horde match even begins while the game waits for you to select a base. Thus, you are under no time limit and you can restart if you cannot hit a bird before you run out of lancer ammo. (I tried using the Longshot on the platform just under the Clocktower, but it was actually harder to shoot them with that. Perhaps most of you are better than I with the Longshot.) The birds are immediately to your right in the air right after you spawn. Add the Super Reload mutator for extra firepower and aim at birds in groups. I was able to hit them with some consistency by leading them into my bullets.

    Once you see the explosion of the birds (you will know when you hit one), you can immedately run up the stairs to the clocktower (immediately behind where you have been shooting the birds), then turn a quick right, then left down another flight of stairs to a base on your right. Just to the left of the base will be the imulsion stain (it is small, only about the size of your character; I expected something bigger). Step on it. Once you hear a sound, roll backward to avoid being hit by the tentacle. Then purchase the cleaver for $900 (you should still have $1000), establish a base there with your remaining money, and wait for the creeps to come to kill.

    The Cleaver has an initial limit so you will have to rinse and repeat (starting completely over from a new lobby to allow it to respawn) a couple of times. I popped the achievement after obtaining the cleaver three times, but I died once and lost it early when a drudge snuck up on me and killed me.

    I found this easier than some of the other maps and I could consistently get the Water Elemental Cleaver here.

    Hope this helps. Props to those who found these solutions. I love TA and those who post solutions here.
  • quester683quester683136,542
    08 Apr 2012 08 Apr 2012
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    Just found out, the Aftermath Cleaver (water) Can spray in a forward direction. When you are about 5-10 feet away, swing the cleaver. It will get a kill and I hav CONFIRMED this does count twords the achievement. The cool thing is, IT TAKES NO AMMO! I got this on my first try.
  • vL DuckvL Duck273,160
    02 Jun 2012 16 Jun 2012
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    This is a quick guide to help you guys get the Elemental Cleaver This is for one of the Achievements that you need to get 25 kills with the Cleaver. Hope you enjoyed don't forget to leave a like!

    Step 1: Shoot Birds In Sky
    Step 2 Go Down To water side
    Step 3: Pick up cleaver
  • MacXDMacXD129,188
    30 Jun 2012 30 Jun 2012
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    Here is a video guide i made to get the water sword on aftermath, shooting at the birds (or whatever they are) and hitting one seems random to me so just keep it up it will happen.
  • UltraMaster RyuUltraMaster Ryu42,519
    25 Apr 2012 25 Apr 2012
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    The easiest way to get this achievement is going for Artillery cleaver.just go through wave 1 (make sure you have comet mutator enabled)in wave 2 there will appear butchers if not go to main menu and try again.kill him get his cleaver then just go the other side of the map(go to the left or you will not get the power for the cleaver) let a bolt hits your cleaver and just keep using comet mutator on the enemies and the achievement is yours.see this video guide to understand better.
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    Aftermath cleaver: the CORRECT way - no glitch

    Credits go to madmanRAB for his amazing video.

    Just wanted to show everyone here that the bird method is just a silly glitch and the supposed method is actually the hardest of the four of them (yes four, there is no cleaver on Cove).
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