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Forces of Nature

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I've Got This!

Kill 10 opponents as the leader in a round of Guardian on a Forces of Nature map.

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Achievement Guide for I've Got This!

  • Ben Online NLBen Online NL49,930
    09 Apr 2012 11 Apr 2012
    54 16 16
    Here is how we did it:
    Get a group of 10 people (no second controllers) and create 2 party's, the leaders best communicate through private chat so they can switch quick from party to private

    Go into ranked match.
    Because ranked is not filled with bots,fewer people play ranked, and the match only starts when it´s full chances of getting paired up are a lot bigger.
    Second advantage is that in Quick match there now is a map cycle with all the maps in there not just Forces of Nature
    A full cycle will take you more than 1,5 hour

    Try to get matched up by start searching about 10/15 seconds after each other
    Match making takes long but we found it works really good
    As soon as you see the status looking for X players go lower than 5 cancel en search again.
    It should now find the other party quick en go straight to the loading screen. Check if you have the other party in there
    We got matched up 2 out of 3 times, making this the easiest and fastest way.

    Once in you get to vote on the map where you obviously select a Forces of nature Map.
    We found 1 out of 3 will be a FoN map
    Now the leaders stay at there spawn points and the rest just run to opposite spawn to get killed.
    When both leaders have 10 kills finish the game by winning
    We made sure that COG won the first two matches and Locust the last 3. This way you have 5 rounds with 2 leaders at the time = 10 people getting the achievement on one map

    thanx to: metalgear2k2 for setting up the session and testing this
    please leave a comment when voting
    25 Nov 2012 25 Nov 2012
    28 6 4
    Here's a trick to improve your chances to get a Forces of Nature map.

    Just get rid of ALL DLCs except for Forces of nature, this will great improve your odds to get a Forces of Nature map.
  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity492,648
    28 Apr 2012 12 Jul 2012 15 Jul 2012
    27 7 8
    I found an easy way for this achievement, but just got around to typing the solution.

    1. Get a group of 5 - 10 people together. If less than 8, then someone needs a 2nd controller. You need at least 8 slots filled out of 10 to make this totally painless.

    2. Everyone search alone or as a team of 4 in Versus > Forces of Nature > Guardian, until you find a game that is empty on your side, and has 1 enemy on the other side.

    3. Read out and message the gamertag of the enemy. Everyone then needs to send the enemy a friend request, and it does not matter if they accept or not. Just send it. From the main menu, press X. Even though friend request is not accepted, it should show them as friends. Half the party should join their game so that you can fill up the enemy side. At the same time, the person that found that match and is on the opposing team of the enemy, invite the other half of your party. This will allow you to fill up both your side, and the enemy side. Works much better than searching.

    Then just get the random to work with you, or troll him out of his game.
  • See u in helllSee u in helll134,194
    11 May 2012 11 Apr 2015 18 Apr 2015
    12 0 0
    ok here is my solution get a group of 10 players, now days is less people playing this game so it shouldn't be a problem finding each other, but if you are having trouble preferred each other and if possible change your gamer zone to Family which is the least used imo. Search for ranked matches (DLC required for achievement) and once everyone is in the game meet up in the middle on the map have each leader kill ten players then kill each leader and 3 other players from each team leaving only one player in each team alive, then the game will go into sudden death let the time run out , the round will finish and a new round will start with a different leader when you do this there are no wins for either team so you can you do the same each time until everybody get the achievement and the will be no need to search again because everybody can get the achievement in a single match.
    here is a list of the maps where you can get this achievement:

    Raven Down
  • 8 0 0
    A little introduction and a little bit of rant

    Alright. I hope you're ready to read because this achievement is a pain. It is harder than "Seriously 3.0" in my opinion because "Seriously 3.0" is all about grinding and do not recquires any multiplayer skills with "real" players. "I've Got This" recquires you to be incredibly good in multiplayer and even if you are, there is too many circumstances that makes it impossible to get it. It is really hard to do this achievement legit because people or bots in your team kill the enemy leader way too quickly which stops the respawns. What I find even more ridiculous about this achievement is that it's only 20G.

    Here's a resume of how I done it :

    I was with a full team and we searched for a Guardian game at about 1:30 - 2am EST time; where not alot of people play to get an empty lobby, basically us against a full team of bots. When somebody was chosen Leader, we made him camp in the spawn and downed all the enemies and let him take all the kills. After he got his achievement, we killed the other leader, made our leader kill himself and all the other allies except one to make a Sudden Death. We basically let him wait 1 minute to make it end as a tie.
    When an other round has begun a new leader was chose so we repeated these steps for everyone.

    Here is the Step by Step solution

    Match Preparation

    1 ) Get a full team.
    2 ) Search for a Guardian match on unusual hours (Late in the night or really early in the morning) to reduce the chances of tryhards joining and ruining your game. This will greatly increase your chances to get a "Bot Lobby".
    3 ) Get in a Forces of Nature map if it's not quit and search again. Maps to do it on are :

    Raven Down

    When the game starts

    1 ) Camp in the Spawn with the Leader.
    2 ) Down enemies for him so he can take the kills.

    Once one person has the achievement

    1 ) Kill the enemy Leader.
    2 ) Make the friendly leader die/get killed.
    3 ) Kill enemies until one is left.
    4 ) Everybody in your team now must get killed except for one.
    5 ) Wait one minute by running away from the last enemy bot untill Sudden Death is over which will make a tie and repeat these steps for the other players.

    The Solo Method

    This achievement is doable alone, but very hard to do.
    I personally got to 8 kills before dying.
    For it, you need to get in a Bot Lobby.
    This method is really time specific and may not work if too many people are playing in the game mode.
    What i mean about time specific is that you need to press cn_B as soon as you see that you're about to join a game with people. To know if you're about to join a game with people or not, you must look at the bottom screen and see that there is 1 out 5-10 matches found after clicking on Quick Match. As long as the number is bigger than 5 you're alright. If you're put in a match with real players after it showed a number bigger or equal as 5, that means that it might not work and you will have to try this method later.

    To get in a Bot Lobby alone you must;
    1 ) Search for a Quick Match Guardian. To increase your chances to get in a Bot Lobby, play early in the morning or late in the night.
    3 ) At first you will see "0 out 1,2 or 3 match(es) found".
    As soon as it changes to "1 out of 1 or 2 out of 2 etc..", Press cn_B
    to cancel the Matchmaking.

    4 ) Search for a Quick Match Guardian again.
    5 ) If you notice on the bottom screen, the "1 out of 1 matches found" turns greyed out and alot of "No suitable matches found" pop. This means that you're about to be matched in a bot lobby, but don't be too happy yet because very rarely, it still give you a "1 out of Match found" after these texts.
    6 ) Usually, it takes 3-4 cancels to get before it works so don't get discouraged until you see "0 out of 5 (or more) matches found". I can guarantee that this solution works because I straight did levels 1 to 100 by doing this method in Guardian only.
    7 ) You will now be in a Bot Lobby, but not necessarily in a Forces of Nature map. If it's not the case repeat Steps 1 to 7.

    Tips and tricks when playing alone

    1) Players are automatically set as Leader for the 1st round, but not in the following ones. Meaning that on the second round, a bot in your team will be the Leader instead of you no matter what arrives. In this case, if you die/don't do enough kills on the 1st round, I suggest you to leave and repeat steps 1 to 7 above. I know that it is very frustrating, but keep trying and oh the sastifaction you will get when you will unlock this achievement smile

    2) Bots in your team are very greedy and rush straight to the Leader meaning that you must rush enemies as being the Leader! I know that this ridiculous, but if you camp, your allies will kill the enemy Leader which will makes it impossible for you to do 10 kills.

    3) My best advice for this is to rush in a spot of the map where you can see the middle, but be careful by doing because you are playing against bots on "Insane" difficulty. They also rush "Power Weapons" (Boomshot, Longshot, Grenades) right at the beginning of the round. That way, you will see enemy bots rushing you in an open area so you can easily kill them.

    4) Best maps to do it on in my opinion are Raven Down and Jacintho as they are Small and Medium maps.

    Hope this guide helps you unlock this very harsh achievement and I thank you very much for taking your time to read my solution.

    Best of lucks wink
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    41 47 20
    The way I found this achievement to be easy is to get a party of five people in the early morning or late at night and try getting someone in your party with a restricted NAT this makes it a lot easier to get.

    With the restricted NAT it should put you in a all bots lobby then all you have to do is protect the person who is the guardian and then down the enemies for him/her then do this for the rest of the party.

    I was able to do this easily for about 10 people around 10 am eastern time when most people are in school or at work this is what I found to be the easiest time to get it.

    *Note* You may have to leave the game a few times and re-group depending on if other people end up joining. If this happens dont freak just re-group and try again. If your lucky you'll get it on your first go around for everyone. Also this achievement takes some time do not try and rush it.

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