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Forces of Nature

3.8744,3778,596 (19%)4-5 h
Forces of Nature

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Force Multiplier

Kill a Lambent Berserker with a team comprised of 5 Forces of Nature characters in Horde.

Force Multiplier0
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Achievement Guide for Force Multiplier

  • thekisselthekissel178,172
    19 May 2012 20 May 2012 24 Aug 2013
    45 2 14
    We ran a group on this last night. One of the guys had been trying the night before, and said that they hadn't seen a Lambent Bezerker other than once, and he died during the wave, so the achievement didn't pop for him.

    We set up on casual, with infinite ammo and reload mutators. Start with wave 20, and if you don't have the Lambent Bezerker, let yourself die, and reload the level. If you get the same boss, then quit out to the party lobby and set it back up on a new map. Again, you all need to be Mechanic Baird LE or Commando Dom LE for the achievement to pop, but by dropping back out to the lobby, we found the Lambent Bezerker on the 3rd try.

    So again, the key takeaways:

    * Proper skins
    * Start on wave 20
    * Dump to lobby if you don't get the Lambent Bezerker
    * Don't die during the wave or it won't pop
  • 12 1 4
    Settings: Start at Wave 20
    Host Selects Map
    Mutators Enabled (Super Reload, Instagib and Infinite Ammo) [Not necessary]

    Make sure the host chooses Blood Drive and everybody is either Commando Dom (LE) or Mechanic Baird. Now this where it's different from other solutions. This is assuming you have five players:
    You're going to stop other bosses from spawning in by standing in their spawn zone. Each of the five players should head to the designated area and stay there until the boss spawns. Make the command post that is closest to spawn.
    1. First player stays touching the wall outside of the frag grenades closest to the command post.
    2. Second player stands on the left side of the sniper/torque, facing the weapon.
    3. Third player stays in the hallway of where the grenades on your spawn are.
    4. Fourth player stays in a few inches to the left of the opposite side frags and a couple feet from the entrance to the hallway.
    5. Last person stands halfway between 1 and 2.

    Map for reference:
    External image

    Red is the command post that should be bought. Blue boxes are where the players should stand. From the top blue going clockwise this is: 2, 4, 5, 3, 1.

    If done correctly a Lambent Berserker should spawn. In a boosting session my group and I tried this and it worked both times.
    Make sure you don't die as buyback is $3000 and if you are not alive at the end of the wave you won't get the achievement.
    If you want me to elaborate on a position post a comment telling me what position.
  • Darkness727420Darkness727420323,185
    26 Oct 2016 26 Oct 2016 26 May 2018
    9 1 0
    After trying all 3 of the solutions for this achievement with no luck at all, I can say this achievement is random. There is no way for you to force the lambent berserker to spawn. Me and my group last night tried that at minimum ten times and it did not work. Maybe at some point it did but it did not for us. Given that we tried at least ten times to force spawn with nothing I can confirm that it is completely RANDOM. My group tried all boss waves: 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. We tried all maps that the berserker spawns on (from what I've been told he only spawns on certain maps).

    We finally got him to spawn on wave 20 on depths. This is after trying for literally two hours. We tried different boss waves, maps even difficulty settings.

    For anyone trying and wondering why he's not spawning for you. It's because his spawn is random, when I say random I mean trying for two hours random.

    At any rate when he does spawn play smart. Take out all other enemies first while keeping your distance from the lambent berserker.

    Hope this clears things up and helps some
  • II Blu IIII Blu II75,459
    02 Jan 2013 02 Jan 2013
    11 5 0
    I seem to of found a way for me to get it, not sure if it will work for everyone however.

    We did depth wave 30 on casual, tried at three times in total and got the same. Twice in the spam of three hours and the last the next day. If you have guest accounts signed in, let me verify the guest can die, however your main account logged in cannot die. This worked for us and just wanted to pass it along, if it doesn't work, then I'm sorry for taking your time to read this.

    Good luck.
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