Master Ninja achievement in NINJA GAIDEN 3

Master Ninja

Clear the game on Master Ninja.

Master Ninja+0.5
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How to unlock the Master Ninja achievement

  • NHK iconoclastNHK iconoclast467,963
    24 Mar 2012 25 Mar 2012 25 Apr 2012
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    This achievement is for clearing Master Ninja mode.


    Some general tips:

    1. ALWAYS finish a Steel on Bone attack with the X button, no matter what the button prompt on screen says. If you mash X through a SoB, it will allow you to keep chaining and insta-kill any nearby enemy. A good strategy for large groups of enemies is to find a weak grunt, damage him until his clothes are covered in blood (XYXXXX works well), slide into him to knock him into the air, and hit Y to combo into a Steel on Bone attack. Hit X to finish it, and hit X again to chain the SoB to a nearby enemy.

    2. The jumping bow attack is a safe and easy way to deal damage. This tactic is especially useful in the acid pit on Day 4.

    3. Try to finish as many enemies as you can with an Obliteration Technique. It adds more energy to your ninpo meter.


    These are the easiest, and safest ways to defeat each enemy:

    Armored soldiers with glowing knives - on-landing 360YXXXY or XX>XY(hold)YXXXY. On-landing 360Y works with the Scythe as well.

    Beret soldiers - X+A, A, Y with any weapon. Works every time.

    Alchemists - Falcon Talons: Y, ->YXXXY. The forward+Y will only lift them when they're flat on the ground, so you'll have to wait a second after the first hit connects. Running + YYXXY can also instakill a healthy alchemist, but it only works when both Y attacks hit them while they're charging their magic. After you get the Blade of the Archfiend on Day 5, you can use running + XXX, >YXXXY for an instakill as well.

    Invisible soldiers - Use shurikens to make them visible. After a shuriken *hits* one of them, they are vulnerable to the flying swallow for a second, so you can kill them instantly. On-landing 360Y with the Scythe and Dragon Sword are good as well.

    Dogs - XYXXXX. If you hit the first five attacks, they will die before the final one, so you don't need to finish the combo.

    Snakes - Scythe: XYXXXY and on-landing 360YXXY. With the sword, running + XX works well.

    Apes - Scythe: XYXXXY and on-landing 360YXXY. With the sword, running + XX works well.

    Scythe Fiend - Stay out of melee range, wait for him to do his jumping splash, dodge behind him, and use YYY. Retreat and repeat until dead.

    Claw Ninjas - On-landing 360YXXXY with the sword or Scythe.

    Dual-sword Ninjas - X+A, A, Y works, but they can block it. XYXXXY and on-landing 360YXXXY are more reliable.

    Imps - X+A, A, Y with any weapon. Works every time.

    For bosses, there isn't much to say about most of them besides learn their patterns and attack when they're open. But for the Regent of the Mask, use the Scythe. XYXXXY and on-landing 360Y destroy him. Fiend Ryu can be Izuna Dropped, so the Scythe and sword are good against him.


    And finally, I've uploaded my first Master Ninja playthrough to youtube, so it can be used for reference if you're stuck on an encounter. The playlist can be found here:

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    Phil0s0pherI just want to say thanks to NHK iconoclast, your video guide helped me a lot! I hope you will create another one when Ultimate Master Ninja difficulty will be released! Respect to you man and great job!
    Posted by Phil0s0pher on 04 Apr 12 at 22:00
    BaneDainI wonder if this stacks if I go to the last achievement (the Free DLC one)
    Posted by BaneDain on 15 Jul 12 at 09:21
    Jamal2807Why iz this game lagging so hard on this difficulty ? Can I do something about it or do I have to deal with it
    Posted by Jamal2807 on 17 May at 18:37
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  • SequentialSwordSequentialSword344,658
    06 Jan 2013 06 Jan 2013
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    I just got this achievement and this guide I used is absolutely incredible it's a complete text and video walk through with very informative commentary. I was struggling so much with some of the enemies and with his strategies it made them laughably easy :D all credit goes to Kagerasimaru from, he also has a similar guide for ultimate ninja mode as well. I'd highly recommend this guide to anyone attempting MN mode. Good luck friends!
  • Grn Lantern1Grn Lantern1528,761
    25 Sep 2013 24 Sep 2013 24 Sep 2013
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    I don't know if this has been said before but there's a way to beat most bosses in the game without being touched. Press X+A at the same time to jump towards them then with the scythe press 360Y but when you go in the air don't press anything. As soon as you touch the ground, 360Y again. You can continue this in an endless loop. Due to the this moves crazy invincibility frames, most bosses won't be able to touch you. I've done this and beaten Regent of the Mask (3 times), Fiend and Regular Ryu, and the God Protoype all without being hit once on Master Ninja. You can also spam this loop in regular battle if you find yourself surround by a ton of enemies, it especially helps against the snake and brute chimeras.
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