Winner of ALL the championships! achievement in World Snooker Championship 2007

Winner of ALL the championships!

Win all the championships in the game

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How to unlock the Winner of ALL the championships! achievement

  • crowbo 360crowbo 360744,441
    28 Sep 2010 23 Aug 2010 23 Aug 2010
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    Now this is a bitch of an achievement!! It isn't difficult but it is VERY time consuming. If you are prepared to put in 150+ hours on World Snooker Championship 2007 then you may unlock this achievement. (You will unlock other achievements in this 150+ hour stint also)

    Here is my "career" championship route that I followed.

    I started with the Snooker Championship and worked through 2 full seasons - ensuring that I won EVERY single match. To guarantee winning follow these instruction - If you are losing in a frame by an unassailable amount of points and there is no reasonable chance of getting snookers (remembering that the AI opponents are amazingly good at getting out of snookers) then go to PAUSE MENU to stop the AI winning, then press XBOX guide button and EXIT to dashboard and then reload. Make sure you enter Snooker Championship so as not to lose any progress. Now you WILL have to exit regularly, especially in the beginning. Now, after 2 full seasons of winning every tournament you should be in the Top 16 Ranking (very occaisonally a third season will be needed to get this rank) which will unlock 2 final tournaments. Just make sure to maintain your Top 16 Rank and win these competitions using the previous technique.

    After Winning ALL Snooker Tournament achievements I started the Pool Championship. Again 2 FULL seasons of winning EVERYTHING will be required to get a Top 16 Ranking. This will unlock 3 final tournaments. Win these using the same "exit to dashboard" boosting method. At the end of the season make sure you have achievements for all Pool Tournament wins.

    Back to main menu, select championship, then trickshot. None of these trickshots are particularly difficult, and with the skills and control you should have over the cue ball you should get this in approx 2 hours. It is a case of trial and error with the variety of spins, pace and cue elevation on these trickshots.

    After Trickshot start a GOLDEN CUE tournament. This is a knockout tournament. You will play 5 frames of snooker, 1 frame of 9-Ball pool and 1 frame of 8-Ball Pool. Again use the "exit to dashboard" technique to guarantee wins. You need to win at least 4 frames to progress in any mix, eg. 2 frames of snooker, 1 frame of 9-ball and 1 frame 8-ball. Again, do this through EVERY round and win the Golden Cue competition.

    Now, you should have won all Snooker, Pool, Trickshot and Golden Cue tournaments by now - but still no "Winner of ALL the Championships" achievement. Don't worry!! Despite this not being a tournament par se you must now start a Hybrid Championship season. You will be asked to select up to 10 competitions but to make it easy I only chose 2 tournaments - which were World Pool Masters and the US Open. Now play these through and make sure you win for max ranking points. After the 2 tournaments start a new Hybrid season when prompted and play the same competitions again. Now do this OVER and OVER and OVER and you will eventually get in to the Top 16 Ranks. Maintain Top 16 rank until the end of your 2 tournament season and you will unlock the WINNER OF ALL THE CHAMPIONSHIPS achievement.

    At bloody last.......

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    Diesel Foleywhy cant I get the stats cheat to work??? it hasn't been patched as theres no update but pressing lb and rb does nothing.Also by the way ANOTHER PIECE OF SHIT GAME FROM SEGA
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 18 Feb 16 at 02:32
    crowbo 360I also didn't get starts cheat to work and actually did this achievement legit. I believe there is a specific time you have to press LB & RB.
    Posted by crowbo 360 on 18 Feb 16 at 07:09
    havocofsmegAnyone know of a good guide for the trickshot championship? Only one keeping me from this...
    Posted by havocofsmeg on 26 Sep 18 at 08:12
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  • TEL1981TEL1981678,056
    22 Mar 2011 28 Jun 2011 02 Jan 2014
    15 3 10
    Missing Trophy??

    After I had all of the other achievements and had finished everything else that was required for this achievement, it didnt unlock!! I went to my trophy cabinet and for some reason my Trickshot Trophy was Missing!!!

    I searched for a solution and found this cheat code which solved it for me.

    This cheat code unlocked all the Trophies/Events/Players which replaced my missing trophy.

    I had to skip (forfeit) to the end of the Hybrid season, then the achievement popped.

    I couldnt remember if this cheat code disabled other achievements or not. I did use it on a 2nd profile and it unlocked the Winner of ALL the Championships achievement but NO other achievements unlocked, I didn't play any further than that.
    I just needed the last one when i used it so it didn't matter.

    Thanks to *Apexios* for confirmation that other Achievements can still be unlocked after using this cheat.

    CHEAT: Press Y B Y X B Y at the title screen,
    You should here a noise once the code is recognised.

    Thanks to *planting42* for posting the following cheat code:
    The 'Choose Me' cheat
    Create a profile and name it something distinctive (like CHOOSE ME)
    Return to the main menu
    Enter the following: X Y B X B X Y Y X B
    When you go to play a championship you will notice there is now a new menu. Choose your player to win and repeat for 4 full Snooker seasons to unlock every individual championship and 3 (I believe) full seasons of Pool.

    ^Great, wish i knew about that when I played it.

    I hope this is useful to some of you. I found a few posts from people that had the same problem as me.

    If you feel that there could be any improvements made to my solution then please comment with your suggestions.
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    TEL1981maybe try to enter the combo a little slower, or a little quicker? You should hear a sound when the code is recognised.
    Posted by TEL1981 on 18 Feb 16 at 12:28
    planting42Just a note that 'Choose to Win' cheat code is the same in '09 and needs to be entered twice to work in '11 wink
    Posted by planting42 on 10 Mar 16 at 03:45
    havocofsmegAnyone know of a good guide for the trickshot championship? Only one keeping me from this...
    Posted by havocofsmeg on 28 Oct 18 at 18:08
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