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Perfection needs no arms in Rayman 3 HD

Perfection needs no arms1,217 (100)

Complete every chapter with a perfect score.

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This achievement will require patience, practice and memorizing. You'll need to be quick at comboing jewels, killing enemies and remembering where collectibles are. It'll take a bit of effort, but it's a worthy achievement to have. There are a few frustrating problems with this game, but hopefully my guide, it's tips and advice will help to save time and the breaking of your controller... Please read my entire guide if you are wanting to start this game, I know its long, but there are a lot things you need to know. Also beware that this guide contains spoilers. Here we go,

So I wanted to write a guide for this achievement because nowhere could I find a guide telling me the numbers/scores/points required to get 100% in each level. The only guide people have given http://www.raymanpc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4986#... is very long and is more focused on getting scores that are for world record runs and the guide seems to be aimed more at an older version of the game and not really development for this achievement. I just think the descriptions are a bit hard to follow and so here’s my guide. Any constructive criticism and feedback is welcomed, please let me know of any mistakes and I will fix any problems appropriately.

There are major frustrating problems with this game, one is there’s no tracking of your scores, so if you 100% a level there is no way to check. There is also no tracking for your collectibles (only cages) and there’s no level select, just world select so if you need to redo a level you'll have to restart the world.

WARNING---- Someone should have really warned people about this in their guide, nowhere did I read about this issue... This game has a huge glitch that causes the last world to be unreachable. For some reason 'revisiting' a world corrupts the game and glitches the last world (there is no way to fix your game if it glitches). There is a workaround, which I will provide though... When I went through the game the first time I had 100% all worlds except the last one, but by then it was too late and my game was glitched. I had spent around 50 hours perfecting the levels and getting this guide together, just to have it glitch making all that work useless. But at least I already knew the game and wrote my guide. My second run 100%ing the levels took me around 10-15 hours. ----WARNING

The Workaround:
What ever you do, do not 'revisit' a world. The best thing to do is try to get 100% on your first try and if you do not get 100% (which you won't on a lot of the levels) then push the middle button (the guide) and back out to the dashboard. Don't worry about time because when you finish a level it gives you your score (in a percentage). It will take 4+ seconds before it saves, so right when you see your score and if its not 100% then return to the dashboard (the game will pause when the guide is open), just don't let it save. When you load the game up you will start back at the beginning of the level, but at least now you have a feel of the level and where the enemies and jewels are so you could possibly combo better..

There’s 9 worlds and 48 levels in this game. I will post my 100% scores that I got for each level next to each act, the scores in parentheses are the scores that I calculated/estimated to be the bare minimum for 100%. If there isn't a score in parentheses then that means I got 100% on my first try and either the level is short or not hard, or both. I will also post any notes/tips for each level next to the scores. General notes/tips will be posted at the bottom of this guide. If I mention to "refer to video for help" the videos will be posted at the bottom of the page.

You will need to write down your scores for each level and add my score to see what you need in that level to get 5 stars (100%). Keep in mind that this game combines the scores from all the previous levels in that world. So add my score to your total score in that world. If you need to know your specific score for a particular level just subtract your total world score by the total you had at the very beginning of the level.

You will also have to follow this guide for the collectables http://ps3trophies.com/forums/showwiki.php?title=PS3-Trophy-... go down to “Greens so in”, toggle and pick your world. Most levels, if not all, will require you to get all of the collectibles in that level to get 100%. So follow his guide. I would suggest writing each collectible as you obtain them, so you don't miss any (for the other collectible achievements).

+++ Means I made a video for this level, I either had a hard time 100%ing that level or I felt it was difficult and needed more explanation... I'm sorry if the videos are a bit blurry, I used my tablet, but hopefully the videos help . Videos posted at the bottom.

*** Means this level has X2 upgrade(s) that requires you to grab before picking up anything (jewels, enemies)

*+* Means both +++ and ***

The Fairy Council:

Act 1: 0 {Free B}
Act 2: 1890
*** Act 3: 5,038 (4,305) {Skip the jewels and the 4 Matuvus until you get the X2 upgrade}
+++ Act 4: 5,288 (5,192) {Very little wiggle room for 100%, Refer to video for help}
Act 5: 8,360 {Free B, just grab Green Jewel}
Act 6: 5,819 {Free B, disco level, grab everything}

Clearleaf Forest:

Act 1: 5,850 (5,791)
*** Act 2: 15,000 (13,000-14,000)
*** Act 3: 16,000 (15,876)
Act 4: 8,286 {Free B, smash all 3 groups of enemies getting at least 1,000 combo on all 3}
Act 5: 3,667 {Free B, make sure to get Green Jewel}
Act 6: 11,769 {Free B, disco level, grab everything}

The Bog Of Murk:

Act 1: 2,457 {Easy, Short Level}
Act 2: 3,138 {Easy, Short Level}
Act 3: 14,903 {Easy, grab everything with X2 upgrade)
*** Act 4: 7,340 (6,156) {Easy, Short Level, get X2 upgrade first then go back for everything}
Act 5: 4,273 {Easy, collect everything, when the boss runs away keep hitting him}
+++ Act 6: 3,400 (3,394) {Refer to video for help}

The Land Of The Livid Dead:

*** Act 1: 19,185 {Skip Green Jewel, go get X2 upgrade and go back and grab it}
*** Act 2: 11,853
*** Act 3: 13,772 {Grab everything with X2 upgrade}
Act 4: 2,261 (2,240) {Easy, Short, combo jewels}
Act 5: 17,900 {Free B, Grab both Green Jewels}
Act 6: 17,980 <---this score might be wrong {Disco level, grab all jewels and combo them all}

The Desert Of The Knaaren:

*** Act 1: 7,219 {Pretty simple, grab Green Jewel and get all jewels}
Act 2: 11,435 {Simple, one room, grab Green Jewel}
Act 3: 6,050
Act 4: 13,246 {Easy, grab Green Jewel}
Act 5: 3,000 {Just make sure you have X2 upgrade equipped before killing the boss}
*** Act 6: 3,359 {Free B, kill both enemies, grab X2 upgrade combo everything in room}
*** Act 7: 19,776 {Grab upgrade first go back collect jewels, both Green Jewels and enemies}
Act 8: 9,268 (8,964) {Short, 'RB' after killing enemies when they fly towards you, combo all jewels, first the yellow then 2-3 red jewels on the left continue with the last couple yellow, then go around grabbing the reds and green}

The Longest Shortcut:

*** Act 1: 20,463 {Grab all collectibles with X2 upgrade}
Act 2: 5,840 {Grab Green Jewel, combo the crowns next to it before picking it up}
Act 3: 7,769 {Easy, grab all collectibles}

The Summit Beyond The Clouds:

*** Act 1: 9,640 {Easy, Short, grab all jewels with X2, including Green Gem, hit cannons with X2}
*** Act 2: 26,829
Act 3: 8,617 {Combo both sorcerers, kill the enemy and the lums, open cage, open pigpots and grab all jewels, potentially can get a 1,050 bonus combo. Also make sure you grab the Green Jewel, one last thing is while your in mid-air (on the snowboard) pushing 'X' gives you 30 points for every spin, this also continues and adds points to your combo, so try to maximize this}

Hoodlum Headquarters:

Act 1: 11,860
Act 2: 20,804
*+* Act 3: 12,022 (9,965) {Refer to video}
+++ Act 4: 14,407 (14,396) {Here's a video to help, also at the boss make sure to combo both enemies he spawns every time, do so by weakening both enemies and then quickly killing them for the 100 point combo bonus}
Act 5: 1,129 (1,109) {Combo yellow jewels and enemies and also make sure to 'RB' all the lums to get the extra 10 points and add to your combo}

The Tower Of The Leptys:

*** Act 1: 19,348 {Combo those 3 turret guys, get them all weak and X2 upgrade and kill them, also you can combo the last guys in the same room, run around spawn them and kill them with X2 upgrade I had a 1,460 bonus combo}
*** Act 2: 18,679 {Long Level, Grab everything}
Act 3: 8,491 (7,951) {Short level, has two groups of enemies, try to combo as many enemies as possible, especially at the second group of enemies, my combo bonus was around 3,000}
Act 4: 15,240 { Free B, grab all 5 Green Jewels}
Act 5: (2,498) {You need to hurt the boss 4 times, regardless of how many hoodlums you kill during his 'knocked out phase'. You need at least 2,498 points and 1,500 comes from actually killing the boss. So you need 998 points, finishing Andre gives you 10 points and who knows how much he gives you towards your combo because the game ends right when you finish Andre off with 'RB'. The game (your combo tracker) freezes when you kill Andre, so it doesn't register (load) his combo. So you need 988 points from enemies and combos before killing the boss and Andre. Reload your save (by pausing and selecting 'load') if you don't have at least 988.... On the first group of enemies try to combo as many as you can, I was able to get a 400 combo from the first group. Good luck! and Ubisoft wheres Andy?! I want a fourth Rayman.


*Pausing the game selecting 'load' and loading your save back up will put you back at the beginning of the level... So
Essentially you don't even have to wait to get your score to see if you got 100% and having to dashboard. Just add my score to your total world score. If you're not even near what you should have at the end, then pause and load your save back up, you will spawn at the beginning of the level. For example if you screw up a disco level, by missing jewels or messing up the combo you can quickly just pause and load your game again to start at the beginning.
*Jewels that pop out of pigpots and the ones teensies give disappear pretty quick so make sure you prioritize those.
*Pigpots don't need a fully charged punch to break them open. Just hold 'X' for like 1-2 seconds and that should be enough to break em. This will help when comboing the pigpots into your combos. While the red upgrade is equipped you don't even need to charge your punch.
*Always grab the lowest valued jewels in your combo first.
*Try and always keep a X2 upgrade (blue lasts the longest, then green, red, orange, yellow) especially while grabbing jewels and killing enemies.
*Before going after jewels and collectables search around, come up with a strategy. Break Cages, because they don't give any points for breaking them or continue your combo, BUT some cages give a group of yellow jewels or one red jewel or one Green jewel or an upgrade. Kill any enemies first, a lot of the time they will drop a X2 upgrade.
I didn't combo any of the collectibles, just make sure you grab them with X2 upgrade if possible.
*If there’s a X2 upgrade during a boss fight make sure you have it equipped before killing him because some bosses will give you 3,000 instead of the normal 1,500
*Enemies with a gold '$' symbol above their heads will drop an X2 upgrade when killed.
*Killing an enemy will continue your combo (until you kill or pick up a jewel or collectible) for 7 seconds, some rare enemies will be less. Using your 'RB' ability (which unlocks at The Desert Of Knaaren after act 6) will continue your combo for about 5-6 seconds. Jewels continue your combo for about 2-3 seconds.
*Using your 'RB' ability will not only continue your combo for a bit, but also give 10 points, give you a little life and make that black lum a red one.
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