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She Would Be Proud in Silent Hill HD Collection

She Would Be Proud205 (50)

This is a rare achievementUnlock all Achievements in SH2.

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Achievement won on 10 Aug 13
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Posted on 10 May 12 at 20:04, Edited on 09 August 13 at 05:22
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Warning: English isn't my Native Language :).

Because some People Love to Downvote Solutions just because the Site says "Achievement not yet won" i can assure you i've won this Achievement on my Old Profile.

Well the Achievement itself is self explanatory.. now with that's said let's go for the Requirements shall we?

You have to Complete Silent Hill 2 at least 6 Times from Start to Finish,+1 Subscenario Playtrough.. This might Sound daunting at first but the Game is fairly Short if you know where to go and what to do. Make sure to save your Result after each Playtrough ( Saveslot 1 was always my Result Save) Also make sure that you complete the Game on every RIDDLE Difficulty! You have to complete the Game on every Riddle Difficulty Setting (Easy, Normal and Hard) to Unlock EXTRA RIDDLE Difficulty.

Good News is you can get all but one Achievements on Action: Beginner Difficulty.. however i wouldn't recommend it. Use Multiple Difficulties to get used to the Game... besides if you want this Achievement you have to play on Hard anyway.


Before you Start playing make sure you know how the Result Screen in this Game works: Hope this Guide helps.

1. Upon completion of the game you will receive the results screen. Press 'A' to exit this screen.

2. It will then allow you to 'Save Clear Data'. Do this (ANY save slot).

3. MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Prior to pressing 'New Game' to commence your new playthrough, you MUST goto 'Load Game' first and Load you previously saved 'Clear Data'. Doing this will again show you the results screen for that playthrough. Press 'A' to exit this screen.

4. NOW you can select 'NEW Game' and the results will be saved. You can save over your previous 'Clear Data' save or on a new slot, it doesn't matter.

The key thing here is loading that previously cleared game save to bring up that results screen.

Failure to do this may result in the game not recognising that particular ending (from that cleared game save) once you clear the game again with a new ending.


You cleared the game once and got the "In Water" ending.

You then save the 'Cleared Game Data' to Save Slot 1.

You then return to the menu screen.

You press 'NEW GAME' and playthrough the game saving it frequently along the way on Save Slot 2.

You complete the game unlocking the "In leave" ending and save the 'Cleared Game Data' to save slot 2.

However, the results screen will only show 1/4 endings complete. The 1 ending that is recognised is the "In leave" ending.

The "In Water" ending will not be recognised because you failed to load save slot 1's "Cleared Game Data" prior to pressing "NEW Game".

Hope this clears things up for people.

****Credit goes to GSTAR321 from X360a****

Playtrough 1: Leave Ending + Story Achievements

This will be your first playtrough so sit back take your Time enjoy the Game!
Start on Action Level Easy / Riddle Easy. I recommend Easy because it's Easy enough,, play on Beginner if you want to blaze trough.

All you have to do to Achieve the Leave Ending is Frequently look at Mary's Picture and Read her letter and you should get this Ending,also in the Otherworld Hotel at the very End of the Game there is a long Hallway (you can't miss this) before you Exit make sure to listen to the whole Background Conversation ( this is also Important for the Story)...DO NOT LEAVE THIS ROOM before the Conversation is over!

My Advice: Explore the Streets of Silent Hill, take your Time and Enjoy the Game!

Playtrough 2: Maria Ending
Action Difficulty: Doesn't Matter
Riddle Difficulty: Has to be Medium!!! ( not for the Ending but to unlock Extra Riddle Difficulty)

To Trigger the Maria Ending do the following:

- Never look at Mary's Picture and don't read the Letter.
- don't Examine the Bloody Knife given to you by Angela.
- Spend some time with Maria and when she start to feel sick in the Hospital make sure to talk to her Multiple Times.
- Be Gentle! don't Run into her! and keep her save!
- ****IMPORTANT: Skip the Hallway Conversation at the very End of the Game by leaving the Room.

Playtrough 3: In Water Ending

Action: Beginner
Riddle: HARD!! (to unlock Extra Riddle difficulty)

Blaze trough the Beginning of the Game once you reach the Hospital make sure you do the following.

-On the Hospital Roof make sure you Read the Diary.
-After you get tossed down the Hospital Roof by Pyramide Head use 1 small Health Drink and try to keep your Health Low ( just RED, not Blinking Red) for the Rest of the Game.. Save frequently.
-Frequently Examine the Bloody Knife given to you by Angela.
- After you get out of the Hospital ( Dark Silent Hill) go to Neeley's Bar and Read the Message on the Wall (about dying to see Mary again)
- At the End of the Game after Watching the Tape in Room 312 go back to the Reading Room and Examine the Headphones on the Table.
- Hallway Conversation doesn't matter so Skip it.

Playtrough 4: Rebirth Ending:

Action: doesn't matter
Riddle: HARD ( you should get your EXTRA Riddle Difficulty Achievement at the End of this Playtrough)

Now this one is easy. All you have to do is Pick up 4 Items scattered in Silent Hill and if you Picked up all of them in one Playtrough you get this Ending after Defeating the Final Boss.
This is also the very last Time you have to Fight the 2 Pyramide Heads and the Final Boss.

White Chrism: Blue Creek Apartments Room 105. In the Room with the Coin Puzzle it's in the Kitchen on the Counter.

Book of Lost Memories: Texxon Gas Station on the Newspaper Stand right beside the Car with the Pipe.

Obsidian Goblet: Silent Hill Historical Society: 2nd Room inside a shattered display case.

Book of Crimson Ceremony: Alternate Lakeview Hotel 2F Reading Room. After watching the Video Tape in Room 312 pick this up immediately.

Playtrough 4.5: SubScenario Playtrough: Born from a Wish Scenario: Born from a Wish Ending:
This is a short Sub Scenario with Maria as playable Character.
All you have to do is Complete the Scenario and save on your Result Save.

Playtrough 5: UFO Ending.
Action: doesn't matter / Hard if you want to get used to the Difficulty.
Riddle: doesn't matter at all!

The Reason why you can Start getting used to Hard here if you want to is because you don't have to Fight the 2 Pyramide Heads and the Final Bosses.. you also don't have to Fight them on your 10* Run and that makes it a Cakewalk imo :).*** I also recommend that you practice the Eddie Glitch here (watch the added video) this can be a Lifesaver on your 10 Star Playtrough as Eddie can Deal alot Damage***

Now that you've completed the Subscenario the Blue Gem can be picked up at the very Start of the Game!

Pick up the Blue Gem in the Room where the Game starts. You must use the gem at the following locations.

Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital Garden: immediately after the Cutscene after Defeating the Flesh Lips Boss (The Hangmen Boss).

Toluca Lake: Immediately after the Eddie Bossfight on the Pier right BEFORE you enter the Boat.

Lakeview Hotel: Room 312 instead of watching the videotape use the Gem. DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEOTAPE!!!!

The Game will End in ROOM 312.

Playtrough 6: Dog Ending + 10 Stars (optional)
Action : Hard ( if you want to go for 10 Stars as well)
Riddle: Hard ( if you want to go for 10 Stars as well)

If you just want the Dog Ending and you're not going for the 10*... after you meet Maria for the first time Exit the Park and right accross the Street is a small Dog House it contains a Bone (The dog Key) at the very End of the Game after Watching the Videotape in Room 312 use the Dog Key to open the Observation Room next to Room 312.

For those going for the 10 Stars.

If you got this far you should know this Game pretty well and you should know where to go and what to do.. for the Requirements check the Green Hyper Spray Achievement Solution. There are quit a few Guides out there and a Guy on youtube is doing a Video Guide so use whatever you preffer to Bag this Achievement.

Personally i don't like following Video Guides to the letter..if i don't have to... so here is what I did.


Use StarFighters76 Maps on Gamefaq to Navigate trough the Game and Pick up the Items. Remember you don't need to pick up every Item in every Room you just need 150! so don't waste to much time! Go for the Safe / and Trick or Treat Puzzle for a huge Ammo Boost.

Kill all Enemies by Fighting untill you get out of the Hospital!
I got 50 melee kills before i got out of the Hospital.
Use your Shotgun and Pick up all Items in the Dark Silent Streets (use the GameFaq maps) Explore every Corner and Kill all Enemies..I got all my Shooting kills here. Should take ~60 Minutes.

get your Remaining Melee kills in the Sewers / Prison / Hotel

and breeze trough the Rest of the Game.

Basic Tips:

Go to the Option Menu. Press RB for the Extra Menu Set Bullet Adjust to X3. ( unlocked after completing the Game once)

- Use 2D Controlls

- Reverse Running / Walking ... this will also make James row the Boat faster... seriously im not kidding!

- Never ever use a Melee Weapon... they Suck.. I'm Serious! Shoot your Enemy till it falls to the Ground *Handgun Recommended if your going for Melee kills* now just walk next to him and Press the A Button once to kick his Ass , i can asure you it will Count as a Melee Kill.

- For Shooting Kills I Recommend the Shootgun.. Aim and let you Enemy come Close and shoot, when he drops walk next to it and Shoot again... if your Radio Static Stops then you know the Enemy is Dead.
*Sometimes the Enemy dies in 1 Hit* by using the know when he is Dead if the Static stops.


-Save both of your Kill and your Boat Achievements for your 10 Stars Playtrough so you know for sure you got the Requirements.

- skip most Optional Rooms in "Dungeons" and go for Objectives only. Go for the trick or Treat Box in the Hospital because you need the Shotgun Ammo!!!!!!!

- Do the Safe Puzzle in the Apartment for a Huge Pistol Ammo Boost!!!!!!

- before you Enter a Room Turn off your Flashlight (B)

- while you Enter a Room after the Loading Screen the Screen stays Black for 1.5 - 2 Seconds to Avoid beeing suprised or even Damaged. PRESS BACK to Pause , press Back again to Unpause and Press Back to Pause AGAIN now wait 1-2 Seconds and Unpause.

- try to not use a Healing Item before the Pyramide Head Encounter on the Hotel Roof.

- Use the Glitch to beat Eddie (watch the added Video)
or search you tube for " Silent Hill 2 Eddie Boss Fight On Hard No Damage "
*Credit goes to Streakmark for Recording*

- this side covers all you need to know about the game. Items, Bosses, Puzzles , Ranking , walktrough , speed walktrough etc.
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