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Warp Speed in Silent Hill HD Collection

Warp Speed52 (25)

Complete SH2 in 3 hours or less.

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This is a guide I wrote for myself when successfully attempting my 5 star run for the "Who Needs a Gun?" cheevo. Part of the requirements for a 5 star rating is completion in under three hours, so by default it's a guide for this "Warp Speed" cheevo. It also outlines where 150 items are in the section of the game between the apartments and Toluca Prison, so it can be used for acquiring the "Keen Eye" cheevo as well. Make sure you pick up the key in the doghouse (and the "Man's Best Friend" cheevo if you still don't have it) as it lets you shave off the last 20 to 30 minutes of the game by getting the Dog ending (and unlocking the "It All Makes Sense Now" cheevo if you don't have that either).

Please note, this guide shouldn't be consulted if it's your first run, though God only knows why you'd be going for a speed run on your first crack out of the barrel. It does not include a walkthrough for anything before entering the apartments because the game's straight forward and relatively item-less until then, nor does it include details after exiting the prison since by that point I'd already picked up over 150 items and still had an hour and twenty minutes left on the clock. The catacombs and hotel are a little trickier than the section leading up to the apartments, but with over an hour left on the clock, "Warp Speed" is in the bag for anyone who's followed this guide and has run through the game at least a couple of times.

The game clock won't run on the pause screen, but it will run on your inventory menu. Also, I've heard the game clock doesn't run during cut scenes, but I'm not so sure that's true. Better skip them just to be safe.


Woodside/Blue Creek Apartments:
Enter the Woodside Apartments. Hit floor two, turn east and go all the way down the hall to 205. Inside is a mannequin that gets all whas'up as soon as you take the flashlight in the center of the room. Immediately around the corner of 205 to the north is 210. Inside are two spitters and two boxes of handgun ammo. On hard, perhaps you'll need to grab the pistol from room 301 on the third floor first (this room can and probably should be skipped entirely). Head upstairs, turn west and initiate the scene in which Laura kicks the key, then turn around and head east down to the end of the hall to get the gun from 301. Head back to floor two and enter 208 while Pyramid Head makes sexy eyes at you. Grab the key to 202 off the cabinet next to the suicide. Enter 202. Take the health drink from the kitchenette and the Clock Key out of the butterfly hole in the bedroom and return to the clock in 208 (riddle: turn the needles to 9:08). Pass through to 209, take the health drink from the kitchenette, exit and go up the north stairwell to the level three. Take the handgun bullets off the railing and enter the third floor hallways.

Enter 307 and be traumatized by Pyramid Head making sweet love to a couple of mannequins. Grab the Courtyard Key from the closet in which you hid, watching and touching yourself. Head west to grab the Fire Escape Key. Go directly inside the laundry room and pick up the handgun bullets. Turn around and enter 303. Inside are two spitters in one of the bedrooms, a first aid kit, a health drink in the kitchenette and handgun bullets in the other empty bedroom (it might be best to skip this room on hard as well). Head east to the stairwell and take it down to the first floor.

Go all the way to the end of the north hall and pick up the Canned Juice in front of 107. Take it back into the main apartment complex to the second floor and drop it down the clogged trash chute. Go outside and grab the Old Man Coin from the trash. Then go back inside and pass through the first floor door to the courtyard. Kill or evade the three spitters in the empty pool and take the Snake Coin from the crib.

Turn east and enter the final unexplored section of the apartments. Go to 101 and listen to Eddie having a pizza party purge in the crapper. Get the handgun bullets from the main room and leave. Enter 104, take care of the spitters and get the handgun bullets there too (again, might be best just to skip this room on hard). Enter the north stairwell, go to the second floor, open the fire escape door and hop over to the Blue Creek Apartments.

Fish around in the toilet for the safe code. Letters correspond to the sequential number in which they appear in the alphabet. Add 9 to this numerical quantity. For example, A equals 10 all the way up to K which equals 20. Retrieve the four boxes of handgun ammo from the safe and the health drink from the kitchenette. Exit and kill the spitter to your left. Turn around and enter the stairwell. The map is on the ground to the left as soon as you go through the door. Go downstairs and enter the first floor hall.

Ignore all the rooms (101-104) to the right, which is south even if you have to go that direction to deal with some monsters. Instead turn left -- north -- deal with the mannequins and enter 109 which will be on the left -- west -- side of the hall. Take the handgun bullets from the couch and enter the bedroom to confiscate Angela's waaah-waaah suicide knife. Grab the Prisoner Coin off the nightstand and leave the apartment. Head back toward the stairwell and enter 105 on the opposite side of the hallway on your way. Grab the White Chrism in the kitchenette and put the coins into the Coin Puzzle in this order: Old Man, space, Snake, Prisoner, space. Take the Lyne House Key, go back upstairs to floor two and unlock and enter 209.

Go outside on the balcony, enter 210 from the rear and take the handgun bullets off the chair and the Apartment Stairway Key from the bed. Exit into the hall, use the Apartment Stairway Key at the north end of that corridor, and watch another scene of Pyramid Head getting all romantic with another mannequin. Go ahead and blow some pistol rounds into his dumb head because I think it accelerates the alarm and saves time for the speed run.

Between the apartments and the Brookhaven Hospital:
Exit and grab the first aid kit across the alley. Head down the only path until Laura acts all creepy and ambiguous, teasing you with your dead wife's letter. Go up a set of stairs to the left and grab the two boxes of handgun ammo at the top. Grab the box of ammo on the bench next to the gazebo on your right after you enter Rosewater Park. There's a health drink to your right at the northwest corner of the observation deck where you'll meet Maria, the skanky stripper who's not your lovely, dead wife. Wrap around the park, head south, kill the mannequin at the crook between the wall and building and grab the health drink.

Exit the park, cross the street and snag the Dog Key from the doghouse. Head west on Nathan until you reach the Texxon Gas Station. Pick up the two health drinks and the box of handgun ammo in front of the delivery truck. Take the steel pipe from the hood of the running car and the Book of Lost Memories from the newspaper stand. Cross the street to the bowling alley and grab the health drink immediately west of the bushes in front of the bowling alley's front doors. Enter Pete's Bowl-A-Rama. There ain't jack in here but a boring cut scene with Eddie and Laura. Exit, follow Maria to the backdoor of the titty bar where she shakes her they-ain't-Mary's titties, grab the first aid kit from the chair and leave. Head south to the Brookhaven Hospital.

Brookhaven Hospital:
Immediately enter the Receptionist Office and take the health drink. Go into the adjoining Document Room and get the Purple Bull Key from the typewriter.

Head to floor three to drop off Maria, the third wheel. As soon as you emerge from the stairwell, there's a nurse breathing down your neck and two more out there ready to party. Go pick up the first aid kit by the elevator, turn around and enter the 1328 code (the "T" riddle) into the double doors. Deal with the two nurses and the two mannequins.

Turn around and head to S3 so Maria can take a well earned break to cook up. Grab the Roof Key from the nightstand next to her. Head to the roof, but first make sure you're at full health because you're about to catch a scripted love tap from Pyramid Head. When you wake up in the Special Treatment Room, enter the third padded cell and take a picture with your phone of the code written in blood on the wall because the sloppy penmanship is a deliberate screw you from the programmers. You'll want to be able to pause later and consult the pic on your phone without the game clock tick-tick-ticking along.

Go down to the second floor through the stairwell. Kill the nurse(s), take a left heading north and go to the last two doors down the short hallway. Fetch the shotgun and the Bent Needle from the Women's Locker Room on the left. Across the hall in the Men's Locker Room is the Examination Room Key in a bloody lab coat. Perhaps it's best to ignore this room because all that's in the Examination Room besides some shotgun shells is a code for the double doors on floor three which is 1328 (the "T" riddle).

Go through the double doors next to the stairwell. Take the box of handgun bullets off the stool as soon as you enter. Enter the first door on your right into Examining Room 3 for the first aid kit and the four digit code. Exit, and caddy-corner across the hall in M2 is a box of shotgun ammo and the Lapis Eye key -- all four codes for the box on floor three obtained. In M3 are handgun bullets, a health drink and a nurse guarding them. Two nurses in M6 with a health drink and shotgun shells if you're willing to fight for them -- might not be worth it.

Head back to floor three through the stairwell. Return to the hallway where not-Mary decided to chill. Take the health drink from S11, and unlock the box in S14 with the four codes. Go to the Shower Room and combine the Piece of Hair with the Bent Needle to fish the Elevator Key out of the drain. Take the elevator to the first floor. Caddy-corner from the elevator is C3, and inside is a box of shotgun shells and handgun ammo. Next door is C2; little Laura's inside waiting to feed you to the ceiling hangers.

Evil Brookhaven:
Use the Blue Gem in the Garden if you're going for the UFO ending instead of the Dog ending. Reenter the hospital and take the shotgun shells next to the red save square. Head back into the hall. In C2 is a first aid kit and two nurses. Next door in C1 is a nurse, a health drink and a box of handgun bullets. Turn around and run to the elevator for a ride to floor two. Hang a right out of the elevator toward M6 for a box of handgun bullets, a first aid kit, the Battery and the Basement Storeroom Key after dealing with the nurses, of course. In M4, there's a health drink and a box of shotgun shells, but the two nurses can flank you easily in the tight quarters.

The elevator's almost dead ahead after exiting M4. Ride it to floor three. Hang another right out of the elevator to S11 to grab a box of handgun ammo and an ampoule after dealing with the of courses again. Head through the double doors, handle the two nurses and take the main stairwell down to the basement so Maria can chew you a new one -- she's never gonna keep a man with that kinda sass mouth. Go back down the ladder to get the copper ring off the floor. Don't forget the box of shotgun shells on the ground in the room with the bloody shelf before leaving the storeroom.

Now that you have Maria and her beefy forearms from giving all those champagne room tuggers, take her to the Day Room on the second floor to retrieve the lead ring from the refrigerator. On the elevator ride there, you'll hear the Trick or Treat prompt, so the ammo+poules will be waiting for you on the third floor. Put the rings on the door next to the elevator as soon you exit, then head through the double doors to the Store Room for all the booty (Trick or Treat box code: 3, 1, 3). Stop off in the stairwell to use the red square for your first save.

Switch to 2D controls to keep ahead of Pyramid Head; apparently it's hard for Maria to run in stripper heels. After she dies the first time, go to the Director's Room in the northeast corner of the first floor for the Hospital Lobby Key.

Between Brookhaven Hospital and the Historical Society:
After exiting Brookhaven hospital, head north on Carroll and retrieve the box of shotgun shells in front of the 18 wheeler. Turn around, go south and take a right to head west on Rendell. At the dead end you'll find a first aid kit, a health drink, a box of handgun bullets and an ampoule. Now turn around and go east on Rendell, sticking to the north side of the street. You'll see an opening in a fence. Inside you'll find a box of rifle shells and two boxes of shotgun shells. A few feet from there next to a tree is another box of rifle shells and a box of handgun bullets. Just before you reach the end of the street, you'll find some shotgun shells and a health drink behind the right side of a canvas building cover. Go right, heading south, until you reach a dead end, and you will find two boxes of handgun bullets on the east side of Munson. Just after you turn east on Saul Street, on your right will be two health drinks. Go through that passage which opens up beside the motor home.

Enter the motor home and grab the Hyper Spray. Exit and take the first aid kit by the motor home. Stay on the south side of the street, and you'll almost immediately see two boxes of shotgun shells in front of the sedan. Before you turn off Saul, there'll be two boxes of handgun bullets by the newspaper stands. Go north and at the north west corner of Saul and Neely you'll see a first aid kit. Cross the street to Happy Burger. By the sign on its west side is a box of rifle shells, by the drive through on the east is another box of rifle shells and a first aid kit.

Cross the street and pick up the box of handgun bullets at the north east corner of Neely and Sanders. Across the street under an awning is a first aid kit. Turn around and sprint east down the north side of Sanders and find a health drink on some steps in front of a door. Cross to the south side of Sanders, heading east, and at the very end will be some metal steps with two boxes of shotgun shells on it. As soon as you head south on Lindsey Street there will be a set of concrete steps with a health drink at the top. Go to the flower shop and in the parking lot in front of a car are two boxes of handgun bullets and a box of shotgun shells.

Go back to Lindsey Street and get the letter and the wrench. Head north to Katz. At the south west corner of Katz and Lindsey in front of the door to the Cafe Texan is a pack of handgun bullets. Cross to the north side of the street and at the north east corner of Katz and Neely, grab the rifle shells and health drink below the awning of Big Jay's. Cross to the south west corner to Grand Market which has a box of handgun bullets in front of the door. Just south of that in front of two different neighboring doors on the west side of Neely are two health drinks. Keep heading west until you reach and pass through The Nightmare Door.

On the southwest corner of Katz and Munson, there's a health drink and pistol shells up the steps leading to the second floor of an apartment building. Head west on Katz Street until you reach the fenced in area on the south side of the street to find an ampoule and a first aid kit. There's another first aid kit directly across the street from these items on the north side. Return to Munson and sprint north on the east side of the street. Turn right by the Blue Creek Apartments for a health drink at the dead end. Return to Munson and continue north, and at the south east corner of Munson and Nathan, pick up the handgun bullets.

Now go to Rose Water Park. Once you reach the entrance, two boxes of shotgun shells will be on the ground at the crook between a building and the wall. Head down a few flights of steps, and in the second alcove on the the west side, you'll find an ampoule on the raised brick ledge near its center. Now to find the statue: Head north from the ampoule until you see the next opening on your right, enter and turn at your next right. The statue is to your left. Retrieve the Old Bronze Key and head toward the Historical Society. Before you enter, there is a first aid kit in front of a gate to the right of the building.

Toluca Prison:
Before exiting the Cafeteria, take the two health drinks and the Tablet of the "Gluttonous Pig." Head north and take the handgun bullets off the first table, the map off the second. Turn around and head south and go into the showers between the two tables for the Tablet of the "Seductress" in the northeast stall. Leave the showers and enter the southern row of cells. Grab the box of handgun bullets in the fifth cell. Take the Wax Doll from the ninth cell. Leave through the east door.

On the desk just north of that door is a box of handgun bullets. Halfway up the hall, across from the lynchin' room is storeroom with a spitter and a box of rifle shells. Raid it and head north to the second set of cells. Skip the first cell with all the finger paintings. Go to the seventh cell, take the Tablet of the "Oppressor." Now you're ready to go place the Tablets and take your Horseshoe off the doorknob as you exit the room with the gallows. Back through the hall of cells where you got the final tablet.

Enter the first visiting room caddy-corner from the door you just unlocked and exited. You'll see the Lighter out of reach. Go through the trashed visiting room north of this one and reenter the first visiting room through the other side for the Lighter. Leave and head to the barred gate to the south, but enter the final door to the right on the west side. Kill the spitter and take the ampoule, first aid kit and health drink. Go through the door inside this room, and you get the Hunting Rifle which sucks compared to the shotgun -- yay! Also grab the two boxes of rifle shells and the two boxes of shotgun shells.

Go through the cage. Every door in this room has a busted lock, so melt the Wax Doll with the Lighter over the Horseshoe and make a door handle that would never work in a million years.

You can take it from here kiddos, I trust you. If you're using this guide for your 5 star run, I recommend blowing your second and final save before your fight with Abstract Daddy. A lot of people say before the fight with Eddie right after, but Abstract Daddy usually catches me in at least one struggle-snuggle, so I like to play it safe in case I eat too much damage.
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