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Time to Roll the Credits in Silent Hill HD Collection

Time to Roll the Credits134 (50)

Unlock all Achievements in SH3.

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You can get all the achievements in 2 1/2 playthroughs instead of what is commonly believed to be 3 1/2 or more. Please vote up!!!

This one is not as bad as SH2. There are many great guides on the individual achievements and I recommend reading into them. This is intended to be a general advice and path to take towards getting all the Silent Hill 3 achievements. Again, I found this link to be very helpful.

Some similar things to Silent Hill2 are:
-When starting a new game, it reads the info from your previous save/ load. To avoid problems, load the last "cleared" data before starting a new EXTRA GAME. However, SH3 can be tricked into thinking you have beaten the game more than once.
-You must stomp/finish an enemy for it to count as a kill. Whether you stomp/hit or shoot to deliver the final blow determines if is a melee or shooting death.
-Possible freezing. I installed the game and it froze many times. The last time it froze was at the end of my last play-through. The last achievements popped but I have not been able to load a results page or finish the game anymore. Lucky?
-Damage is calculated based on the fact that your full health is 100 points. Ampules will cure up to 100 points, first aid kits 50 and health drinks are 33

-You CAN get this in 2 1/2 play-throughs.
-You MUST get over 333 kill in your first two play-throughs or you will have to do another entire play-through to get them. In Normal mode, I finished with 220 kills. Playing on easy has slightly less enemies but more than enough. My advice, KILL EVERYTHING and make sure it is dead. Even go back in rooms, streets and hallways to search for enemies is a good idea. Be sure everything is dead. In order to do that stomp on them or fire a few extra shots at them. Heather will auto-aim at living things. If you come back to a room, and the enemy reappears, then you did not do it right the first time. There is no way to farm kills. Being thorough will take only a few minutes extra while doing another playthrough will take hours.
-You can unlock beginner mode by dying three times in a row on easy mode. It is found in the options menu and pressing RB. You can turn it on and off at will. It will not effect anything we are going for.
-Use the bullet multiplier. It is available after beating the game once and is found in the options menu.
-Save often. The game froze on me MANY times while Silent Hill 2 only froze once. Create a few different saves.

Basic goals:
1st play-through - Just finish the game and try to beat the bosses quickly. KILL EVERYTHING with a gun
DO NOT READ Dad's/Harry's diary(s),
DO NOT go back to check on the detective
DO NOT even pick up the detective's diary from the Fortune Teller's hut
IF by mistake you miss one of these or do one of these, go back to a previous save.
3rd play-through- KILL EVERYTHING (with the Heather/Sexy Beam)

Set the action level to EASY. You can switch to BEGINNER after dying a few times. It has no effect on anything we are going for. You can set the riddle to whatever you like. Kill as many enemies with a Gun as possible. The ending you will get is the normal ending. I am told that this is the only ending you can get the first time you play and I even went as far as trying it myself and YES, you can only get this one your first time.

Most of the achievement you can get on your first play-through are based on how quickly you can kill the bosses. On EASY/BEGINNER and with any gun this should be no problem. If for some reason you do not get one of them, use a different save file next time you save so you can go back and load that fight and get it then or just get it on your next play-through.
Silent Hill HD CollectionPest ControlThe Pest Control achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 19 pointsDefeat Split Worm in under 2 minutes.

Remember to smash the wall in the construction building BEFORE you use the mattress to get:
Silent Hill HD CollectionWall BasherThe Wall Basher achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 33 pointsAcquire the Silencer.
Silent Hill HD CollectionEye For an EyeThe Eye For an Eye achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 23 pointsDefeat Missionary in under 2 minutes.

Somewhere before getting back home, you should have your 75 kills with a gun. At around the hospital you will get your 100 items.
Silent Hill HD CollectionThis Isn't an FPS!The This Isn't an FPS! achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 32 pointsDefeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH3.
Silent Hill HD CollectionHoarderThe Hoarder achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 21 pointsPick up at least 100 items in SH3.
Silent Hill HD CollectionA Time to KillThe A Time to Kill achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 23 pointsDefeat Leonard in under 3 minutes.
Silent Hill HD CollectionLost MemoryThe Lost Memory achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 25 pointsDefeat Memory of Alessa in under 3 minutes.

Create a new save in Heather's/Allysa's room. You can unlock the tarot card door but do not enter. Go back and save on a separate file. After saving go ahead and finish the game. You can use a gun on the God boss.
Silent Hill HD CollectionBlasphemyThe Blasphemy achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 23 pointsDefeat God in under 8 minutes.
Silent Hill HD CollectionI'm Normal I PromiseThe I'm Normal I Promise achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 15 pointsUnlock the "Normal" ending.

Save your completed game results on a different save file. This is the part that will save you an entire play-through and make the second one easy. Load the save from just before you fought the final boss. Fight the God boss again but this time finish it with a melee weapon. While on EASY/BEGINNER, I shot it 3 times with the shotgun and finished it with the katana. Save your results in a different file. The game now thinks you have beaten it twice and as a result, gives you access to ALL the special weapons.

-KILL EVERYTHING mostly with melee
-Collect many heal items.
-Save often
-Start a NEW EXTRA GAME make sure it is EXTRA
-Set the action level to NORMAL and the riddle to whatever you like.
-Go for melee kills on this one and TRY to take damage.
-In order to insure that you can take plenty of damage, thoroughly search for heal items and never over-heal. Stay in the yellow/gray health zone. Health drinks heal about 33pts of your energy, first aid kits about 50pts and ampules 100pts.
-An alternative to taking damage during the long coarse of this run, you CAN do it all right at the end with a single enemy. It is harder to take damage with BEGINNER mode on. Switch to NORMAL. This was much easier for me but you will still need MANY heal items.
-The only special weapon I used was the Infinite Sub-Machine Gun. The others may or may not count towards your much needed 333 total kills. Some claim they do count though.
-When I was running low on ammo and heal items, I switched to BEGINNER or used the Infinite Sub-Machine Gun. I also switched to BEGINNER for boss fights too.

The ending you are going for is the "possessed" ending and while unlocking the Heather Beam. Together, they have more strict requirements than a rebate offer for a wireless router:
-A 4000 point mini-score requirement. Points are awarded from kills=10pts, damage=1pts and forgiving a woman at confession=1000pts. After killing everything and collecting and using every healing item I had 2200 kill pts + 1780 damage pts + 1000 forgiveness= 4980
-DO NOT read Dad's/Harry's diary(s)
-DO NOT even pick up the detective's diary
-DO NOT go back to check on the wounded detective
-DO NOT examine anything else in Allysa's hospital room(tarrot card+corresponding book, ampule and ammo are OK though)
-If you happen to do any of these things, simply go back to your last save. A simple reset for this game is to logout and sign back in.

Right at the start, after you jump out the bathroom window, take a left and at the end of the alley you find: .
Silent Hill HD CollectionHeather's Got a GunThe Heather's Got a Gun achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 28 pointsAcquire the Unlimited Submachine Gun.

In "Helen's Bakery," where you find the tongues, check the counter to find:
Silent Hill HD CollectionFlame OnThe Flame On achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 79 pointsAcquire the Flamethrower.

At the end of the hallway, past the door of the room where you used the tongs to get the key, check the door to find:
Silent Hill HD CollectionThere's a New Sheriff in TownThe There's a New Sheriff in Town achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 74 pointsAcquire the Beam Saber.

Make sure you grab the pipe from the lower floor diner in the other-world mall. When you get to the water part with the monster in the sewer and hair dryer un-equip the pipe. Before throwing the dryer in the water, check the water. Throw in the pipe and answer, "no, no, yes" to get:
Silent Hill HD CollectionWhat the Hill Just Happened?The What the Hill Just Happened? achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 82 pointsAcquire the Gold and Silver pipes.

You will probably get you 75 melee kills around this point and after getting that, you can switch to gun if you want or even the unlimited SMG. You do not need to finish with more melee kills than gun kills unless for some reason the beam saber did not unlock for you.
Silent Hill HD CollectionThey Look like Monsters to You?The They Look like Monsters to You? achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 31 pointsDefeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH3.

-After getting back to your apartment, remember DO NOT read Dad's/Harry's diary. It is automatically in your inventory after the fight on the roof.
-In the amusement park, DO NOT go back to check on the detective.
-In the amusement park, DO NOT take the diary from the stool inside the fortune teller's hut.
-In the church DO forgive the women in the confessional.
-In the fake hospital room, DO NOT look at the picture or the bed. You can take the tarot card(and automaticaly read the book it is on top of,) the bullets and ampule are OK. This room is the one that is located behind the false wall that is revealed by the bloody footprints on white tile.
-There is another fake Dad/Harry room with another diary on the bed. There are no other quest related items in this room. To be safe, do not take this diary off the bed.
-A good way to "boost" damage is to leave one enemy alive in a room and then save. Make sure it is set to NORMAL and get a beating. Use the ampules only when in the red, use first aid kits when in orange or lower and use the health drinks when at least at yellow or lower. I used 5 ampules, 7 first aid kits and 30 health drinks in one room against one enemy and my total damage was 1780.
Before going to fight the last boss, create a separate save in case you need to come back to self-inflict more damage.
-As long as you have gotten over 200 kills(10x200=2000pts,) healed fully from red to blue over 10 times(1000x1=1000pts) and forgiven the woman(1000pts,) you should have the 4000pts to give you:
Silent Hill HD CollectionIf Looks Could KillThe If Looks Could Kill achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 63 pointsUnlock the Heather Beam.
Silent Hill HD CollectionIt Was All in Your HeadThe It Was All in Your Head achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 37 pointsUnlock the "Possesed" ending.

Save your results in a separate file. It should have told you that you unlocked Heather Beam. If not, then another play-through is necessary to get more kills. In the main menu, go to the extra costume and enter in the password "PrincessHeart" to unlock:
Silent Hill HD CollectionWhere's Luna?The Where's Luna? achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 45 pointsUnlock the "Princess Heart" costume

-Set to EASY/BEGINNER and any riddle setting. You might as well make it easy to save you time.
-KILL EVERYTHING with the HEATHER BEAM/SEXY BEAM. You need 22-30 kills with the Beam to unlock the final ending. I do not know the exact number, I got way more than that.
-To use the Heather Beam, do not equip any weapon, to use the Sexy Beam, equip the Luna costume.
-You are also going for under 2 saves, under 500 damage pts and less than 3 hours if you have not gotten those yet. This is really easy to do.
-You can save twice. I would recommend saving once you finish the mall and once in the office building just in case there are freezing issues.
As soon as you reach your apartment, you have reached the end and you should unlock:
Silent Hill HD CollectionCoolest. Dad. Ever.The Coolest. Dad. Ever. achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 65 pointsUnlock the "UFO" ending.
Silent Hill HD CollectionMakes My Head HurtThe Makes My Head Hurt achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 71 pointsComplete SH3 with 2 saves or less.
Silent Hill HD CollectionAdrenaline JunkieThe Adrenaline Junkie achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 54 pointsComplete SH3 in 3 hours or less.
Silent Hill HD CollectionNinjaThe Ninja achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 46 pointsReceive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH3.
Silent Hill HD CollectionTime to Roll the CreditsThe Time to Roll the Credits achievement in Silent Hill HD Collection worth 134 pointsUnlock all Achievements in SH3.

The game froze for me right here as the first achievement popped. Thankfully, all the achievements saved. I really hope you do not have any issues with that.
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