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Win 50 matches in the top player difficulty level.

25 January 2020 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Legend achievement

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    Choose Exhibition. Take a strong team, like Netherlands Classic or France and for the computer something weak like Syria.Your goal is to make it to penalty shots at the end. Now in penalty shootout, always just tip the ball and it will shoot straight - you can't miss this way - the goal keeper never stands still - so it's a goal every single time!!! The weak cpu teams will always shoot over the goal or aside at least once, even in top difficulty!! This isn't too hard. Choose rematch after each game to speed things up!


    - 3 mins
    - no extra time
    - penalty shots
    - condition home: Excellent. Condition away: terrible (you are always home!)
    - top player difficulty

    note: sometimes, your players just won't shoot the penalty shot, no matter what. Hit Pause and then resume. Now, if you tip the ball, he will shoot.

    note: if you want to, you can just start the game and let it running until it's over/penalties. More often than not it will end 0:0, so you are good to go. This way, you can watch a film or whatever while the time runs - takes longer all in all though!!

    sometimes you get 2 points in the leaderboard for a win, sometimes 1. Don't know the why yet - but you can keep somewhat track of your wins that way.

    1 match about 8 minutes (2x3 + penality shootout and loading time) - alltogether took me bit over 5 hours!
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    wuki 7 Does penaltys count as a win ?

    I think they did not in last years one ?
    Posted by wuki 7 on 29 May 12 at 22:04
    Cringer85 In this game they count as a win!
    Posted by Cringer85 on 30 May 12 at 07:14
    Uranium Deposit I've noticed when choosing to rematch it seems as if home and away switch. Therefore the CPU ends up with 3-5 goals if I AFK the match. (Playing as Spain v Syria). So it's probably best to quit to the top menu after each match if you are going to AFK.
    Posted by Uranium Deposit on 11 Mar 13 at 21:09
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