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Pimped To Perfection achievement in Pimp My Ride

Pimped To Perfection

Pimp every car to perfection.

Pimped To Perfection-0.6
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How to unlock the Pimped To Perfection achievement

  • JayourJayour1,114,185
    15 Oct 2009 07 Aug 2010
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    To nail this achievement you need to score "Perfect" on every car in the game except Xzibits, while in the pimping phase make sure you have lots of money, that you always buy the most high end item and that you get to the secret supplier, if you're running low on time then don't haggle, just hit "RB" and pay the full price, you should have plenty of money during these events anyway.

    Be sure to tackle the locations in a sensible order, drop everything for the Xzibit locations and the secret supplier points, if for whatever reason you feel that you've messed up, don't forget that you can restart the "pimp" phase, this way you wont have to play through the "cash" phase again.

    Here's a list of the suppliers during the cash roam phase, just incase you're having difficulty finding any of them;

    Marcia – In the same parking lot as the southwest blue cash token.
    Andrea - On the north eastern side of the waterfront drive, just south of the tunnel, on the east side of the street.
    Hari – From the southern music event, go west. The supplier is on the left before the first turn.
    Leon - In the container yard south of the starting position delineated by the two triangle intersections, towards to northeast corner. You have to drive through the piles of containers (i.e., not on the marked road) to find him.
    Alix - directly north of the southernmost music event on the dead end road the goes southeast.
    Aiyana - in the west section of the map, when you exit the tunnel turn north and follow the road. It will turn southwest, then a sharp turn to the south-southeast. After you pass the two white roads on the right, the supplier is just past the turn to the east, on the north side of the road.
    Jason - East of the starting position is a cruising event, with a white token north east from there. The hidden supplier is on the opposite side of the street from the token.
    Sandra - 1 and a half blocks west of the northwest cruise event at the top of the map.
    Zeke - At the northernmost tip of the map, east of the blue cash token.
    Na - One block west of the southern music event, on the west side of the road running north-south.
    Jewels - From the eastern cruise event, exit to the east and go south until the road ends. Turn left and the supplier is on the left.
    Vinny - On the road to the north section of the map, right when you exit the tunnel the supplier is on the right.
    Chadborn - At the intersection west of the northern music event.
    Satomi - In the lower section one block north of the blue cash token.
    Lucas - In the lower section, go east from the music event toward the blue cash token. About 1/3 of the way on the left, just before an auto supply store.

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    SchiZoPHreNiikzI HIGHLY recommend picking up the GPS tokens during the cash roam. If you don’t red star suppliers will not show up on your map until after you finish all additions and three Xzibit upgrades. When you pick up the GPS tokens in cash roam, red star suppliers will appear on your map during the pimp phase. Please, take my advice and do it. The first 10 pimps I didn’t get the GPS tokens, and dear lord was it miserable having to get the red star supplier at the end every time.
    Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 09 Sep 18 at 20:40
    tomwood1991I think you should also add the fact that you need to cruise up to the supplier holding LB then press A when prompted to activate the supplier, i just assumed you go up to the guy and that was it but i didnt know you had to interact with him using LB, i literally had no idea about this and lost hours wondering why i couldnt find the last item i needed to get Perfection.
    Posted by tomwood1991 on 18 Oct 18 at 21:49
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  • TimutimuTimutimu162,928
    17 Apr 2012 15 Apr 2012 18 Apr 2012
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    There's a better and easier way to get this achievement.

    As above, during the cash phase
    - Smash ALL the Billboards
    - Knock down ALL the Meters
    - Collect ALL the Cash tokens
    - Hit every Cruise location
    - Get perfect scores on both Hot steppin and Ghost ride (Save em for last)
    - Find the Hidden supplier (Necessary for PERFECT)
    - Wreck lots of pedestian cars

    This will ensure that you have more than enough cash for the Pimp phase and work towards getting the other achievements.
    If you feel like grinding out extra cash, spend a few minutes driving into pedestrians and collecting their cash.
    If you mess up during the pimp phase you can restart with all the cash you collected during cash roam.

    Now heres where you can make it easier on yourself.

    The first part involves the secret supplier. He appears at a random location, usually one of three. If you hit his spot quickly, not only will you get a better part, but it also means you do not have to collect the inferior version as it vanishes.

    The second part allows you to get more time during the pimp phase.
    Whenever you hit a supplier, completing the mini game quickly gives you back time.If you buy the best part (i.e; most expensive) then the supplier disappears......
    However, if you buy the cheapest part and complete the minigame quickly, you'll not only get extra time but you'll also get to go back in and upgrade to a better part and gain more time until you get the best part.

    Finally, When ever you get challenged by a rival Pimp, instead of driving into him you can make him follow you to your next destination by driving just a little bit slower than normal. Your Pimp phase time actually pauses while this mini-game is active. I never bothered with this tip because I had lots of time and money using the above 2 tips.

    So although you'll have to spend more during the pimp phase, by doing everything in the cash roam you'll still have lots of money left over.
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